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«Monster Paradise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1753: Encountering A Raider Again

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Chapter 1753: Encountering A Raider Again

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“My name’s Lu Yi. I’m a traveler. My current combat strength is at minor dao-level. I have mastered 55,683 Dao seals. In reality, when I was only a True God, the Raiders recruited me, and I became one of them. After I was elevated to lord-level, I came to the universe and the Raiders arranged for me to join Star Cluster’s intelligence department. For the past 50,000 years, I’ve been a spy in Star Cluster, providing all sorts of intel for the Raiders…”

“What’s your mission in entering the mystic territory this time?” Lin Huang asked the key question as he looked at Lu Yi, who had completely fallen into the illusion.

“Kill everyone who is suspected to be Club members while trying my best not to leave any traces. I can kill the wrong people, but I can’t let go of anyone who might possibly be a member.” What Lu Yi said made Lin Huang frown.

That should be the reason why he was hunting all of the explorers. He did not bother to identify them. Instead, he would attack every time he ran into other explorers.

“Aren’t you guys worried that someone will find out and that your identity will be exposed?”

“This is my last mission as a spy. After this mission, I’ll escape by faking my death and return to the Raiders. Star Cluster would make the follow-up arrangements to prevent my identity as a spy from being exposed,” Lu Yi explained in thorough detail.

“How many of you came here this time?” Lin Huang continued asking.

“I don’t know.”

“Then how do you contact the other spies?” Lin Huang asked without frowning.

“We don’t contact each other,” Lu Yi explained further after saying that, “The mission was assigned before we entered the mystic territory. Every one of us has our own task. We’re only responsible to do our own parts after entering.”

“If there are last-minute changes in the mission or other situations that arise, the higher-up will contact us and give us new orders. We can’t contact our higher-ups, nor do we need to contact our other colleagues.”

“Don’t you know the other spies’ identities?” In reality, Lin Huang already knew the answer when he asked the question. However, he did not want to give up and asked anyway.

“I don’t.” Lu Yi shook his head in determination.

“Do you know the rough distribution of spies in each organization? I don’t need the specific information, just the rough combat strength level and the number of people,” Lin Huang continued to ask.

“I don’t know.” Lu Yi continued shaking his head.

“You’ve been with Star Cluster for many years. You should know those in Star Cluster who are spies from the Raiders like you, no?” Lin Huang asked further.

“I don’t. I complete all my missions alone. There’s no need to work or communicate with others. The only contact person is my higher-up. He can contact me, but I can’t contact him.”

“Then who is your higher-up?” Lin Huang asked immediately.

“I don’t know. I only know that he’s also in Star Cluster, and his authorization level is higher than mine in the organization.”

Lu Yi’s answers gave Lin Huang a headache.

He had already mastered some 50,000 Dao seals, yet he was just a pawn among the Raiders who took orders from someone else. He knew nothing about the Raiders’ overall plan or the spies’ name list.

Since the hypnosis’ result was subpar, Lin Huang searched his memory using the Soul-Searching Tactic before killing him by pointing between his brows. He then casually put away the corpse into his storage space.

The memory he found through the Soul-Searching Tactic was almost the same as the information he spilled while he was hypnotized. However, Lin Huang found more details in his memory.

Including some of the things that he had missed out during the questioning process earlier.

Lin Huang initially thought that Lu Yi had used some unique probing technique to sense the others’ existence in the foggy area to accurately lock on to his targets. Therefore, he had not cared too much about that factor.

However, he suddenly found out from Lu Yi’s memory that it was not as simple as he thought.

The reason why Lu Yi could probe the people’s locations in the foggy area was because his higher-up gave him a Secret Imprint Charm and imprinted it on him before he entered the mystic territory.

The secret imprint was temporary. It would vanish automatically 30 days later.

Its function was that it would suppress a portion of Divine Telekinesis in the mystic territory, as well as conceal his Divine Telekinesis’s aura.

Lu Yi did not use any unique probing technique in the foggy area. It was Divine Telekinesis.

Even Lin Huang’s Divine Telekinesis could cover less than 1,000 meters in the foggy area if he was to extend it to its maximum range.

However, with the secret imprint on Lu Yi’s body, his Divine Telekinesis’s probing range spread over 50,000 kilometers in the foggy area.

The secret imprint concealed the Divine Telekinesis’s aura. That was why Lin Huang could not sense that he was using Divine Telekinesis.

After finding out that information, Lin Huang could not help but spread his Divine Telekinesis into the storage ring to examine Lu Yi’s corpse carefully.

Finally, he found a black imprint the size of a palm on the left side of his chest.

The imprint looked like an image of a monster. However, Lin Huang could not identify what monster it was despite looking at it for a long time.

It was completely encrypted, so he could not analyze it at all.

After giving it some thought, Lin Huang did not take the risk to use the imprint on himself.

One of the reasons was that he did not know the source of this thing, nor did he know its specific function.

Although, according to Lu Yi’s memory, its function was to aid his Divine Telekinesis, and allow one to move around more easily in the mystic territory, that was limited to what Lu Yi knew. There might be other functions that Lu Yi had no idea about.

Perhaps the creator of the imprint could clearly sense the user’s coordinates.

Perhaps the imprint came with the function of sharing senses.

Perhaps the creator of the imprint could control him from a distance, transforming the imprint into a curse or some other thing.

Perhaps the creator of the imprint could control certain things on him through the imprint…

Lin Huang had to watch out for those risks.

Moreover, he did not lack probing techniques in the foggy area after all. There was no need for him to take the risk to use some unknown thing like this.

This secret imprint made Lin Huang think even more that the Raiders had a bigger plot going on during this exploration.

“They’re doing so much and don’t mind sacrificing a bunch of dao-level spies. Are they really doing all this just to hunt down Club members?”

“The order they gave is outrageous as well. They’d rather kill the wrong people than missing any?! They’re clearly asking the spies to conduct a massacre.”

“Even if they could escape by faking their death, the resulting death rate within this exploration team would definitely attract the attention of powerhouses above dao-level from all organizations. They would definitely investigate this…”

Lin Huang frowned. He still could not understand the exact goal of the Raiders’ plot.

Moreover, what worried Lin Huang even more was that Lu Yi, who had mastered over 50,000 Dao seals, was nothing but a pawn in this mission.

It proved that there must be major dao-level powerhouses participating in the Raiders’ mission.

It would also mean that, among the 21 major dao-level powerhouses that entered the mystic territory this time, at least one of them was a spy for the Raiders. There might even be more than one of them…


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