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«Monster Paradise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1575 - Stalling Tactic

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Chapter 1575: Stalling Tactic

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Countless tentacles wrapped around the four-faced individual in a tight, impenetrable cocoon, forming a huge fleshy tumor in midair.

However, this was not the end of things yet. The layers of tentacles on the tumor’s surface continued to increase. They further enveloping the tumor, which was growing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Meanwhile, inside the tumor where the outside world could not see, all external energy and light sources were completely blocked. The interior was an infinite sea of darkness.

It was not only his sense of sight; the four-faced individual could clearly feel that all his five senses were gradually being stripped away.

Countless sticky tentacles assaulted his body from places in the dark that he could not see.

However, although he was gradually being deprived of his five senses, the four-faced individual still possessed an instinct for danger. His body still continued to rely on this instinct to dodge frantically and defend itself.

The first time his body failed to evade in time and the sticky tentacles plastered themselves to him, the four-faced individual was shocked.

His senses were almost entirely numbed, but he could clearly feel that these things were consuming his Divine Power at high speed.

Although he swiftly managed to struggle free from the tentacles’ entanglement, all-pervasive, sticky tentacles rapidly glued themselves to him a second and a third time. Even if they only twined around him for a second before being shaken off, they would take some Divine Power with them each time.

‘This can’t go on. These things will completely consume my Divine Power sooner or later.’

Sensing that his body was losing Divine Power far more rapidly than before, the four-faced individual realized that the longer he dragged things out, the higher the chance that he would lose the battle.

Although he had some trump cards that he did not wish other people to find out about, this was already a life-or-death situation. If he did not use his trump cards, he might never have a chance to use them in the future.

Once he considered this, he hesitated no longer.

His head suddenly turned. The face that was initially on the right turned ninety degrees so that it now faced forward. The single initially closed eye on that face also slowly opened.

Within that single eye, a faint golden flame blossomed.

The moment the eye opened, the Divine Power within the four-faced individual’s entire body began surging violently, and the amount of Divine Power started increasing sharply as well.

Ten percent!

Twenty percent!

Thirty percent!



The four-faced individual’s Divine Power stopped going up only after it had increased to four times its original amount.

The golden Divine Power no longer merely enveloped his entire body. It even seeped out from within him like flames, extending fully to one meter beyond his physical body

His form resembled a fiercely burning golden flame.

In an instant, the initially dark interior of the tumor was illuminated completely.

On the crimson walls of flesh surrounding him, the four-faced individual saw countless thin, flesh-colored tentacles covered with viscous mucus. These tentacles were not as tough and keen as the ones Giant Sarcoma had released earlier. Their texture was more like sludge.

“What a disgusting technique,” the four-faced individual could not help ridiculing out loud.

As he spoke, he attacked like lightning.

Eyeing the all-encompassing mass of tentacles that were coming at him, he abruptly drew a deep breath. The next second, he opened his mouth and blew.

Endless golden flames spurted from his mouth immediately. Within the blink of an eye, they had spread through the entire space inside the tumor.

The moment the flesh-colored tentacles came into the slightest contact with the flames, they swiftly turned to ash and disintegrated.

The enveloping mass of flesh-colored tentacles vanished like snow rapidly melting under the scorching sun.

Very soon, the golden flames spread to the inner walls of the tumor. The walls also disintegrated as if they had been corroded by acid. They turned into puddles of green water that dribbled down, releasing an extremely putrid stench of decay…

Not long later, several holes burned through the layers of tentacles that made up the tumor. A golden figure exited in a flash through one of the holes.

“Tsk tsk, does this count as using your trump card?” Giant Sarcoma’s wriggling-flesh voice sounded immediately. “I anticipated that this tactic wouldn’t be able to detain you; I only thought of draining your Divine Power a bit more. I never expected you to be so decisive and use your trump card right away.”

“If you hadn’t used this tactic, you might have been able to live a little longer,” the four-faced individual snorted with a cold laugh.

He did not bother continuing to waste words on his opponent. Once more, he opened his mouth and took another deep breath, spitting out yet more golden flames again.

An all-encompassing wave of golden fire surged toward Giant Sarcoma like a tsunami…

“Dragon Flame?!” Giant Sarcoma exclaimed.

Naturally, he recognized that this was the Dragon Flame of a True Dragon, which would burn everything in its path.

He immediately realized how the four-faced individual had managed to get out of the tumor.

The real Dragon Flame was the nemesis of almost all Abyssal techniques.

Giant Sarcoma speculated that the four-faced individual was able to spit out Dragon Flame because he must have devoured a True Dragon. The four-faced individual had then borrowed the power of the True Dragon’s bloodline and inherited memory, then simulated it by integrating fire elemental truth. This flame came with some characteristics of Dragon Flame, but it could not be counted as a true Dragon Flame. In terms of power, there was still a gap.

In the face of a tactic that was fairly suppressing to his own technique, Giant Sarcoma did not panic at all.

He was very certain that the four-faced individual must have drained a considerable amount of the Divine Power in his body since he had fought Crimson Eye earlier. Giant Sarcoma was very also sure that the four-faced individual’s hyped-up flame mode would not last for very long. It was not possible to sustain spurting Dragon Flame to cover such a large area for too long a time.

After ascertaining these points, Giant Sarcoma soon came up with a countermeasure. In one word—stall!

All he had to do was stall for long enough, and the four-faced individual would stop spitting out Dragon Flame sooner or later. Eventually, the four-faced individual would also come out of his hyped-up state.

Moreover, if Giant Sarcoma could drag things out sufficiently, Silver Armor might directly fight Nine Gloom and help Giant Sarcoma get rid of these entangling vines.

Not only that, once Giant Sarcoma and Silver Amor managed to keep the four-faced individual and Nine Gloom embroiled, the three-tailed snake lady would have the opportunity to escape and rejoin the battle.

Therefore, no matter what, the Stalling Tactic was the most beneficial plan for him now.

Watching the golden ocean of fire that was surging toward him, Giant Sarcoma did not dodge. He knew very well that, with his speed, he would be unable to evade, so he did not bother at all.

Countless tentacles extended furiously. Very soon, a swamp had consolidated in front of him.

Giant waves rose quickly from within the swamp and swept with no less momentum toward the ocean of Dragon Flame.

Although Giant Sarcoma was not well-versed in water elemental truth, he had mastered soil elemental truth and was an expert in Mud Tactics. On some level, it could be considered a type of suppression for fire elemental truth.

The only thing was that the incineration power of the fire elemental truth with Dragon Flame characteristics was more overwhelming. The flames swallowed the giant mud waves one after another.

However, Giant Sarcoma had clearly made up his mind to keep dragging things out with the four-faced individual in this manner.

He also did not switch to any other techniques. Instead, he continued to exert Divine Power, creating giant mud waves to battle the four-faced individual over and over again…

Both parties went into a stalemate for some time.

Giant Sarcoma became calmer as things went on. This was what he desired most. The longer he could stall this battle, the more beneficial it would be to him.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the four-faced individual could not help frowning…

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