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«Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss (Web Novel) - Chapter 933: Borrows The Biological Computer

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Chapter 933: Borrows The Biological Computer

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Huo Yao’s lips twitched as she glanced at the data on the computer screen. She raised her head to look at Zhao Lian solemnly and said, “Prof Zhao, I am just a freshman.”

Zhao Lian raised his brow. “You were even capable of taking out the second year senior, so I doubt you will have any problems with this data.”

He handed the computer to her as he spoke.

Huo Yao was able to create a 3D model in just three minutes without doing any draft work, no less. In the end, her 3D model achieved 100% success in the comparative test. Just from this alone, it was clear the young woman was far more knowledgeable than an average first year or second year student.

Zhao Lian was able to become a professor because he was a master of data analysis. He was naturally capable of judging someone’s ability on the subject.

Huo Yao rubbed her forehead worriedly. She suddenly felt sorry for herself. Why couldn’t she just act stupid and enjoy a peaceful life?

Huo Yao sighed before taking the computer from his hand.

Biological computers were different from other computers. Its biochip was a million times faster than the human brain. Biology and Physics academics had been working hard to develop this technology.

Although it was not being used widely currently, it was already doing very well.

Huo Yao tapped on the keyboard before raising her head to look at Prof Zhao. “Can you lend me your computer for a couple of days?”

The moment Zhao Lian heard her request, he almost instinctively wanted to take the machine back. However, he looked at the data on the screen before he gritted his teeth. “One day!”

“Deal,” acknowledged Huo Yao decisively.

Zhao Lian did not know what to say.

He should have suggested letting her use it for two hours instead!

Zhao Lian felt he was losing out, so he contemplated and added. “On the condition that you finish all the data computation for this.”

Huo Yao gestured okay without even raising her head. She glanced at the data on the screen and started working on the computer with a serious look on her face.

Zhao Lian stood beside Huo Yao and watched as she worked. She was operating the computer so quickly that his eyes felt blurry after watching her for less than two minutes.

Zhao Lian rubbed his eyes, but he was afraid he might miss out on some part of the process. However, everything happened in such a blur that he hurriedly went over to his desk to retrieve his spectacles and put them on.

After he came back with his glasses on, Zhao Lian was still at a loss.

His glasses were unable to solve his problem.

She was simply working too quickly!

Huo Yao clicked on the confirm button ten minutes later and the final results appeared. She handed the computer to Zhao Lian. “Here you go.”

Zhao Lian was stunned. He did not expect her to finish the computation so quickly. “… Are you done already?”

He lowered his head to look at his watch.

“Uh huh. This computer feels a little different than the one I used at the laboratory. I had to figure my way out around it a little.” Huo Yao pursed her lips before she replied.

Zhao Lian’s cheeks twitched. What did she mean by that? Was she upset that she took ten minutes to do it?

She was oblivious to the fact that it took his entire research team two whole days to come up with these results!

Zhao Lian suppressed his annoyance and looked at the result.

The numbers were right. The final result Huo Yao had produced was exactly the same as the one computed by the research institute.

Zhao Lian stared at the result for an entire minute. He had no words to express the shock in his mind.

Was she a first year student? No, she was more like a genius.


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