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«Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 852: The Old Man Is Missing

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Chapter 852: The Old Man Is Missing

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Upon hearing this, Little Hell’s Lord blinked, so she does think about him. She would stand by the window and look out thinking of him when he didn’t know it.

When he thought of this, a warm current flowed through his heart and his heart became oddly tender. At this moment in time, he really wanted to tell her that he was right here.

“His frost poison is cured, you don’t have to worry about him.”

The immature voice drifted over from behind her and Feng Jiu looked back at him: “Cured? How was it cured? That is a thousand year frost poison, if it were that easy to cure, the poison wouldn’t be in his body for so long.”

He pursed his lips and glanced at her: “Of course he paid a great price to cure the poison.” He paused and explained further: “You didn’t ask me so I had forgotten to mention it.”

Feng Jiu came to his bedside and looked at him covered in his blanket: “You’re really his younger brother? How come I’ve never heard that he has a younger brother?”

When he heard this, he pulled his blanket up higher and yawned: “I’m very tired, I’m going to sleep first.” He closed his eyes and didn’t say anymore.

Seeing this, Feng Jiu smiled shaking her head. This little rascal, it was really hard to get information out of him.

She removed her outer robe and pulled the blanket open, then climbed into bed to lie down wearing only her inner robe. She reached out and pulled the little guy into her arms. She could feel that he had grown quite a lot in the last two weeks and she was puzzled, how did he grow so fast?

Early the next morning, she brought Little Hell’s Lord to the Peach Blossom Ridge.

She had been back for half a month, but had been immersed in refining. She had almost forgotten to ask the old man what was going on to the lotus seed in her dantian. Although she is currently at the Foundation stage peak, but she still had to split part of her spiritual energy to nourish the green lotus seed in her dantian.

What made her frazzled was the fact that she had been nourishing the lotus seed for nearly a year and there was no change. At this rate, she was beginning to wonder whether the lotus seed would actually bloom. Or was there another effect or use?

Who could have anticipated that when she arrived at Peach Blossom Ridge, there was no sign of the old man anywhere. Finally, she asked a family of Ghost Cultivators who had been cultivating here for information and found out that the old man had left shortly after she left last year.

“Was he afraid that I would come back to look for him? How could he leave without leaving any word?” She stared at the cultivators in front of her, she didn’t think that she wouldn’t be able to find him when she returned.

“Master, he only said to tell you not to look for him. He said that it is a good thing and only gifted by fate. It is harmless to master and its use will be known in the future.”

Feng Jiu frowned, of course she knew that the green lotus seed was harmless to her, otherwise she wouldn’t have waited so long before she came back. But she knew little about the green lotus seed in her dantian. Was she supposed to just continue to nourish it?

What if there was still no change?

Black lined appeared across her forehead as she thought about this. If only she could remove the lotus seed, she really wanted to remove the lotus seed. However, it was like the lotus seed had grown roots in her belly, it was impossible to get it out unless she cut it out of her belly.

“Oh, forget it, if he’s gone so be it.” She sighed lightly and waved her hand, she looked at them and asked: “What are you cultivating?”

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