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«Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 848: Did Uncle Praise Me?

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Chapter 848: Did Uncle Praise Me?

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Grandmother, don’t say that, it’s what I should do anyway.” She said with a smile. When she saw that the baby was not there, she asked: “Where is little uncle?”

“He kept crying earlier, so the nanny took him away.” The Old Patriarch told her before he instructed someone to bring the baby back so that Feng Jiu could take a look.


The nanny came forwards with the baby in her arms and Feng Jiu took the baby from her. The baby was so soft and fragile in her arms that she hadn’t dare use much force holding the baby. Maybe he had just finished eating. He had stared at her, seemingly amused by her and started giggling.

“Wow, he knows how to laugh at such a young age? Little uncle is very clever!” She smiled gently as she played with the baby in her arms. The baby was tired and soon shut his eyes and went to sleep.

“Oh…… Grandpa, look, he’s fallen asleep.” She couldn’t help but carry the baby over to show them.

“Yes, the baby cried when he was born yesterday, and when he was hungry this morning. Other than that, he is a very good baby.” The Old Patriarch doted on the baby as if he was his grandson.

She asked: “What is little uncle’s name? Has Grandpa chosen a name yet?”

“Yes, we’ve chosen a name.” He exchanged glances with Su Xi and said: “The baby was born at midnight, so I have chosen the name Ye for him, he will be called Feng Ye.”

“Uncle Feng Ye?” Feng Jiu murmured and laughed: “His name sounds good.”

She chatted with them in the palace for a while before she left. She bumped into her father outside. He seemed like he was going inside to take a look. She called out to him.


“Little Jiu, you’ve come over so early?” As he looked at his daughter, a smile flashed across his majestic face.

“Yes, I came to visit Grandmother and uncle. Father, are you going in? I think it is probably better if you came back later as Grandmother has just fallen asleep and little uncle is also sleeping.”

“Oh, then I will come back later.” He nodded as he spoke.

“Father, shall we take a walk?”

She hooked her arm around him as they walked around the palace, father and daughter strolling and talking. They chatted till about midday. As they settled down for lunch, Feng Jiu realised that the little guy had been asleep all this time and hadn’t been seen yet. She was just about to get someone to call for him when she saw the little figure dressed in black robes walking out.

“Little Hell’s Lord is here? Come over and eat with us.” As she called to Little Hell’s Lord, Feng Jiu couldn’t help but smile.

He bowed to Feng Jiu and answered with a sound and looked at her before he came over to her side. However, the stool was a little too high for him to sit down on. He was just about the climb up the stool when he felt himself being lifted up.

“Sit down! Eat this.” Feng Jiu held him and sat down on the stool. She then gave him some rice and food.

He looked at her and then picked up his chopsticks and started eating. Feng Jiu and her father Feng Xiao chatted as they ate. After their meal, the three of them drank some tea and took another stroll before Feng Xiao went back to work, leaving Feng Jiu and Little Hell’s Lord.

The two of them looked at each other without speaking.

“Tell me little guy, why do you always like to be with me” She asked, one hand on her chin as she laughed lightly.

Upon hearing this, he stared at her and replied: “When am I always with you?”

“No? Although I am very likeable, but children wouldn’t usually want to be around me all the time when they’ve only just met me. You’re the exception.”

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