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«Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2336: Ready To Break Through

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Chapter 2336: Ready To Break Through

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Inside Phoenix City, everyone was standing side by side and looking at the majestic red figure who walked out slowly. Everyone’s eyes fell on her, the respect and admiration they held for her in their gaze was obvious, as she moved, so did their gazes.

Feng Jiu walked out slowly and stopped in front of everyone. As she looked at everyone in the city standing respectfully in silence, her voice came out of her mouth with a breath of spirit energy and spread clearly into everyone’s ears.

“I’ve asked you all to come back because I have something to tell you.”

Feng Jiu looked at them and said slowly: “Tomorrow I will prepare to break open the Great Formation Boundary Barrier here. But you have to know that the Great Formation Boundary Barrier was formed by the Four Immortal Emperors, so once the restriction here is lifted, they will surely be alerted. I’m telling you this today so that you can be prepared.”

Upon hearing this, everyone’s eyes lit up. They said loudly: “Rest assured Master! We will get ready at once! We are not afraid even if we have to fight when the time comes!”

Feng Jiu nodded when she heard this and said: “Wait to see what the situation is like tomorrow and listen to my orders! If we can avoid battle, it’s better. Otherwise, fighting against the Immortal Emperors will have severe casualties. Today you will all have a good rest and await tomorrow!”

“Yes!” Everyone responded in a deep voice. The excitement was hard to conceal in their voices. It was likely that no one would be able to calm down and rest today.

“You can disperse!” She waved her hand and gestured. After everyone had gone, she looked at Cang Qing on the side and said: “Go out and let the devilry cultivators know the situation so that they won’t act recklessly tomorrow.”

“Yes, I understand.” Cang Qing responded and nodded before he stepped out.

After Feng Jiu had given instructions to Elder Gu and the others, she returned to her courtyard. She was going to sleep well today as she awaited the arrival of tomorrow…

The devilry cultivators outside had all rushed to Phoenix City when they saw the twelve signal flares. Everyone was excited after they heard the words of Insociount Venerable Lord.

“We understand, please tell Phoenix City Lord that we will follow her instructions tomorrow and we will definitely not act recklessly!” The Immortal Venerable cultivators said immediately.

“Mmm.” Cang Qing responded, then he told them to inform the devilry cultivators below them before he turned around and returned to Phoenix City.

On this day, other than Feng Jiu, everyone in here was in so much excitement that they were unable to close their eyes to rest. When the sky brightened the next morning, everyone stared at the sky of Phoenix City.

The next morning, Feng Jiu awoke between the hours of seven and nine. After she had washed herself, she rose directly into the sky and went up towards the sky.

The people underneath, whether inside Phoenix City or outside, only saw the red figure flying in the sky. Her red dress fluttered in the air, it was absolutely beautiful.

Feng Jiu who had soared into the sky had a breath of spirit energy that permeated out of her body that was visible to the naked eye. When the breath of her Immortal Emperor strength was released from her body, everyone below felt the mighty and fierce Immortal Emperor’s coercion and momentum. They couldn’t help but gasp and exclaim.

“How is this possible? Phoenix City Lord is an Immortal Emperor level strong exponent! Wasn’t she an Immortal Venerable level strong exponent? How is she an Immortal Emperor?”


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