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«Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2335: Breakthrough To Immortal Emperor

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Chapter 2335: Breakthrough To Immortal Emperor

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After another half a year, a surge of spirit energy and profound energy coursed through Feng Jiu’s body, who was sitting cross-legged in space cultivating. The breath of the primal chaos blue lotus in her dantian also overflowed and permeated the entire space.

She knew from the familiar feeling that she was about to advance! After she had cultivated for more than half a year, she was finally about to break through to the Immortal Venerable level and enter the strength of Immortal Emperor!

She took out the pill she had prepared for breaking through the Immortal Venerable level and entering the Immortal Emperor level at once. This time when she advanced to the Immortal Emperor level, she had to break through to the peak stage in one fell swoop!

Only this would her strength be enough to shock the Four Immortal Emperors. Furthermore, the Four Immortal Emperors had been at the level of Immortal Emperor for many years, she was afraid their strength today would be even higher than Immortal Emperor. Only breaking through to the Immortal Emperor level would they even notice her.

Along with the changes in the atmosphere in space, the sky in space also changed. And while she was advancing in here, the people outside had no idea that it wouldn’t take much longer before they could all leave here…

In Phoenix City, Elder Gu and the others were going about their day in an orderly manner. Some were assigned to hunt beasts while some guarded the city and some went and inspected some places outside.

Half a year ago, when Feng Jiu had told them that she would take them out and leave this place, the scent of blood seemed to have lessened. Few people fought over minor things, and those with a higher cultivation level no longer killed those with a lower cultivation level at a whim.

To them, the matters at hand weren’t important. The most important thing was to be able to leave this place. Therefore, they waited, waited for that day to come.

Many people often gathered outside the gates of Phoenix City. They waited there because if there was any news, they would be the first to know. However, the gates of Phoenix City remained closed all this time. It was only opened when someone left or entered. Even if they wanted to know the news, if the person in charge of Phoenix City didn’t allow it, the news wouldn’t reach their ears.

When twelve signal flares were released one after another above the skies of Phoenix City, the people of Phoenix City who were outside rushed back immediately after they saw the signal flares.

Over the next few days, they saw the people of Phoenix City returning to Phoenix City in a hurry. They tried to find out what had happened. However, no one paid them any attention.

“What do you think has happened? Why did the people inside Phoenix City release twelve signal flares in a row to summon the people who are outside?”

“I’m wondering, is the Phoenix City Lord going to open the boundary barriers here? That’s why they have summoned everyone back?”

“Do you really think so? It has been half a year since she had said those words, in only half a year she has figured out how to break through the boundary barriers in this place?”

“Otherwise, what else could it be? Now everyone in here is getting along with each other, in the past six months fewer people have been fighting and killing. Other than breaking open the boundary barriers, I don’t think there is any other matter that she would summon everyone outside with twelve signal flares for.”

“That’s true, maybe she is really breaking open the boundary barriers!”

“That’s great! We can finally leave this place!”

Excitement and expectant smiles filled the faces of the people who were outside Phoenix City and they couldn’t help but whisper to one another in excitement…


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