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«Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1878: Overestimating myself?

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Chapter 1878: Overestimating myself?

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“The Phoenix Empire? Hah!”

Feng Jiu sneered and stared at the black-robed man. “I had no animosity with your Shadow Night Palace in the past, but you sent your men to destroy my home and kill my loved ones. How dare you mention the Phoenix Empire today?”

She swept her gaze over those few men who surrounded her with her lips curved up and spoke in a chilly voice. “I’ll leave those people to all of you. Come out!” As soon as she said this, bright lights flashed out. Immediately after, all her three contract beasts Fire Phoenix, Old White, and Cloud Devouring Beast came out of her space.




The three beasts roared. The roars contained mighty pressures that formed three air currents . The currents swept outwards from the centre and attacked the surrounding people.

Cloud Devouring Beast leapt over and stood majestically behind Feng Jiu to come up against a middle-aged man. Fire Phoenix flapped its wings and hovered mid-air, looking down at the ground. And Old White, though a dragon, was also a mutant beast. At this time, it was climbing up a tree staring at another man.

Three beasts went out together. The Ancient Sacred Beast and Super Sacred Beast’s powerful pressure spread out. The formless air currents pressed on those men’s chests like a large mountain. They felt the repression on the crown of their head and the stifling pressure in their chests. Their inner blood and vital energy turned into disarray.

“Ancient Sacred Beast Fire Phoenix!”

“Evolved Sacred Beast One-horned White Dragon!”

“Super Sacred Cloud Devouring Beast!”

They gasped as they looked at the three contract beasts and exclaimed in unison. They stared in horror at the three contract beasts’ powerful combat strengths and let out low curses.

“Damn it!”

How was it possible that Feng Jiu has so many contract beasts? What’s more, those beasts were so powerful. Not to mention there were three in front of them, even one was terrible enough.

“Kill them for me!” Feng Jiu stared at those men.


The three contract beasts responded with a roar. The next moment, the beasts directly pounced at those men. The powerful pressures mingled with their own air currents, giving a boost to their speed in an instant. The moment those beasts made their advance, the fierce ripples of air currents also rushed forward.

When the men saw the three contract beasts attacking them, their facial expressions changed. They retreated quickly, trying not to fight the beasts head-on, so as not to be injured by the blast.

The black-robed man looked at that scene with shock in his eyes. He didn’t expect that Feng Jiu could get so many contract beasts possessing such powerful strength.

While he was deep in thought, he sensed a fierce killing intent in front of him and immediately returned to his senses. A chilly voice came into his ears.

“Your opponent is me!”

The sword potent burst out when she came to attack with Blue Edge in hand. It was very frightening. At an extreme speed, she travelled dozens of metres in the blink of an eye. When Blue Edge was about to pierce between the man’s brows, the masked black robed man turned around.

“You’re overestimating yourself!”

The sinister voice came from his mouth. His arrogance was so obvious that he obviously looked down on Feng Jiu. Also, no matter what, he would have never thought of losing to a woman. Even if Feng Jiu’s reputation was well-known, but to him, the other party was just a woman.

Feng Jiu heard his remark and curved her lips up. “Overestimating myself?”

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