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«Mechanical God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 894 – Plan

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Chapter 894 - Plan

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Translator: Xaiomoge

Hongshi Zhen uttered coldly: “This man is a great enemy of my race. I want him to die here.”

Dulan Monarch frowned slightly and said unhurriedly: “The Battle Demon Sect’s Sect Master is not a nobody. If I kill him here, the human Warlocks won’t live it be.”

If it was a rogue cultivator without any background, the Dulan Monarch would have killed him. Even if it was a human Infinity Warlock rank rogue cultivator, he would have slayed him without hesitation.

However, Yang Feng is the Battle Demon Sect’s Sect Master and has many allies and subordinates. Even though the Dulan Monarch is a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, but he doesn’t dare to kill such a bigwig.

There are countless experts among human Warlocks, including more than one Holy Spirit Warlock. Furthermore, many more experts are still slowly awakening.

As for merfolk, they only have the Devil Sea Great Holy standing guard, who still hasn’t fully awakened. If human Warlocks find an excuse to make trouble, then despite their home advantage, merfolk won’t be able to resist them.

“If there is no excuse, then make one. Dulan Monarch, don’t forget that it was with our help that you were able to get rid of your brothers and ascend the throne of the Dulan Imperial Court. It was also with our help that you advanced to a Warlock Monarch.”

“If the news of your collusion with us comes out, not only the human Warlocks will come after your life, but even other merfolk won’t let you off.” Hongshi Zhen said with a cold smile.

When Yang Feng heard this, he felt a chill in his heart: “The Dulan Monarch colluded with the other universe’s powerhouses! That’s terrible!”

The Dulan Monarch is not only one of the three Monarchs of the Cangzhi Plane’s merfolk, but also wields the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Sea God Royal Court. He possesses terrifying power. If such a fearsome force becomes a turncoat at a critical time, the defensive line of human Warlocks will suffer heavy damage.

The other universe’s powerhouses have planted who knows how many spies in this universe. If you think about it carefully, it will make your hair stand on end.

In the process of annexation between two universes, most of the life forms of the annexed universe will either die or become slaves of the other universe. However, there is also a small number of traitors who will be sheltered by the other universe’s powerhouses.

Taken advantage of this point, the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses planted spies in this universe. Who knows how many powerhouses were bought by them and became their lackeys.

The Gumana Universe, which has three Eternals, has unfathomable underlying strength. Were it not for the wall that separates the universes, the Gumana Universe would have already crushed everything with absolute power and annexed this universe, where the strongest powerhouses are only Warlock Emperors. Under such circumstances, it is not surprising for the Gumana Universe to be able to rope in many traitors.

The eyes of the Dulan Monarch flashed with enigmatic light, and he said slowly: “It is absolutely impossible to deal with Yang Feng openly. However, I can ask him to go to the Dark Star Realm to retrieve a Dark Star True Dragon Stone. When he enters the Dark Star Realm, you can hunt him down.”

Hongshi Zhen’s eyes flickered with queer light, and he said: “The Dark Star Realm? Okay, let’s go with that. As long as you have him enter the Dark Star Realm and arrange for us to go in, then the rest can be left to us.”

With a flash of red light, Hongshi Zhen disappeared from the hall.

As soon as Hongshi Zhen disappeared, the Dulan Monarch shed all humility, then took a deep look at the place where Hongshi Zhen disappeared, and his eyes flickered with abstruse light.

“The Dark Star Realm, where is that?”

Yang Feng began to search information on the Dark Star Realm in the database. In the end, he found the information in an ancient book of the Star River Sect.

The Dark Star Realm is a battlefield of Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses. During the archgod era, the Dark Star Realm was a plane comparable to the 36 primary material planes that gave birth to a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse, the Dark Star Emperor.

Due to unknown reasons, four Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses attacked the Dark Star Emperor together. Because of the unbridled display of power of the five Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses, the plane origin of the Dark Star Emperor’s plane was severely damage and nearly collapsed.

Due to the fight between the five Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses, the Dark Star Realm was wrecked, and its laws became chaotic.

At the last juncture of the battle between five races eons ago, the Dark Star Emperor burned the power of the plane origin, combined it with his own, and inflicted heavy injuries on the other four Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses.

In that battle, the Dark Star Emperor died and the other four Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses sustained hard to heal, serious injuries. Since then, no one paid the Dark Star Realm any more attention.

The Dark Star Realm was discovered at the later stage of the Eighth Warlock Dynasty, the Dawn Dynasty. At the time, the human Warlocks were too busy with internal strife to explore the Dark Star Realm. Many human Infinity Warlocks have since entered the Dark Star Realm and died. In the end, the planar passage leading to the Dark Star Realm was seized by the merfolk and now fell into the hands of the Dulan Imperial Court.

“Dark Star True Dragon Stone, that is a treasure formed from a drop of the Warlock Emperor rank Primordia Black Dragon Emperor’s blood essence. At the time, the Primordial Black Dragon Emperor was one of the experts who besieged the Dark Star Realm.

Although many human Warlocks who have gone to the Dark Star Realm have died. But at the same time, a lot have brought back treasures from Dark Star Realm.

Dark Star True Dragon Stone is one of the most valuable treasures that human Warlocks brought back from the Dark Star Realm.

A Dark Star True Dragon Atone is enough to let the Dulan Monarch’s bloodline evolve and him gain great power. It is more valuable than the archaic kun dragon stone Yang Feng offered. The archaic kun dragon blood essence can only enhance the Dulan Monarch’s evolution potential. The Dark Star True Dragon Stone, on the other hand, can not only upgrade the potential of the Dulan Monarch’s bloodline, but also greatly enhance his strength.

Yang Feng’s eyes glowed with a peculiar shade: “This old fellow’s scheming is really something. As long as I enter the Dark Star Realm, whether I live or die, he won’t make any losses.”

Yang Feng toured all over the Dulan Imperial Court and enjoyed the scenery. When no one was paying attention, countless robots invisible to the naked eye flew out from all parts of his body and disappeared into the Dulan Imperial Court.

Three days later, the Dulan Monarch finally summoned Yang Feng into the royal palace.

The Dulan Monarch took a deep look at Yang Feng and said with profound meaning: “Yang Feng, the Desolate Holy Vessel is a Holy grade secret treasure of the Dulan Imperial Court, it is not supposed to be sold to anyone. However, as long as you are willing to go to the Dark Star Realm and bring me back a Dark Star True Dragon Stone from the depths of the Dark Star Realm, then I’ll give you the Desolate Holy Vessel.”

“Dark Star True Dragon Stone!”

“If it’s a Dark Star True Dragon Stone, then it’s indeed qualified to exchange for the Desolate Holy Vessel!”


Upon hearing this, the important officials of the Dulan Imperial Court discussed in hushed tones, approving of the Dulan Monarch’s decision.

There are more than 10 Holy grade secret treasures in the Dulan Imperial Court. The Desolate Holy Vessel is only an auxiliary Holy grade secret treasure with low fighting strength. Every 10 years, it can condense Desolate Holy Wine. The Desolate Holy Wine is a peerless wine, a glass of which can upgrade the soul aptitude of a human Warlock to superior grade 6 from inferior grade 5.

Although Desolate Holy Vessel can also improve the soul aptitude of merfolk powerhouses, but the effect is not as pronounced.

The Dark Star True Dragon Stone is a treasure that can be used immediately to greatly improve the combat power of merfolk powerhouses. The merfolk powerhouses are naturally willing to exchange a Dark Star True Dragon Stone that can enhance their strength for a Holy grade secret treasure, the Desolate Holy Vessel, that is of nonuse to them.

Yang Feng’s eyes shone with enigmatic light, and he replied with a smile: “Your Majesty, I would like to go to the Dark Star Realm and get you a Dark Star True Dragon Stone.”

“Very well, I will now open the passage leading to the Dark Star Realm and send you there!”

The Dulan Monarch took out a black staff, silently recited an incantation, and tapped with the staff. Black ripples surged, and an abstruse, blurry passage appeared in front of him.

The abstruse and blurry passage is the projection of the planar passage leading to the Dark Star Realm. The specific location of the planar passage itself is a secret of the Dulan Imperial Court. Through the projection, Yang Feng can enter the planar passage and go to the Dark Star Realm.

Yang Feng swept the projection of the planar passage with his tremendous soul force. After ascertaining that there are no abnormalities, he smiled and stepped into the projection of the planar passage.

With a blur, Yang Feng appeared in a sky full of dark clouds perpetually shrouded in endless darkness. The sky is fragmented, with huge gaps everywhere. From the huge gap, elemental particles of different elements poured into this strange world.

“So this is the Dark Star Realm, it’s indeed a broken world. A fight between Warlock Emperors is really terrifying. Only a superior grade 1 plane like the Cangzhi Plane can regenerate itself and erase the vestiges left by a fight between Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses.”

Yang Feng gazed at the Dark Star Realm, which looks like a world that has gone through the apocalypse, with a queer shade in his eyes.

Holy Spirit Warlocks can destroy grade 4 planes, while Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses can destroy planes such as the 36 primary material planes. The Cangzhi Plane is the sole plane that Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses cannot fully destroy.

The Cangzhi Plane has a powerful regeneration ability. Many traces left by fights between Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses have been wiped out by the passage of time. Only the vestiges left by Eternals can stand the test of time, never to disappear.

Since the Dark Star Realm’s plane origin will was severely damaged, the plane’s grade has dropped. It is impossible to repair the damage caused by the fight between Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses, making this plane that nearly collapsed extremely dangerous.

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