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«Mechanical God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 690 – Complete Suppression

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Chapter 690 - Complete Suppression

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Translator: Xaiomoge

Yang Feng looked at the temple with half of it erased, and he recalled a piece of history of the Sun Gods.

The Sun Emperor was an invincible figure when he was alive. In his later years, in order to enable the Sun Gods to dominate the world, he sneak attacked the remaining few Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses and slayed them.

After the Sun Emperor reached the end of his life, the still arrogant and domineering Sun Gods became hostile with many archgods. In the end, countless archgods joined forces to fight the Sun Gods.

In the early days of the war, the Sun Gods possessing Empyrean grade secret treasures the Sun Emperor refined from the other few Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses quelled and eliminated countless enemy archgods.

However, in the later days of the war, a peerless genius was born from among the many enemy archgods. After advancing to a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse, he led countless archgods to attack Sun God Shrine and wipe out the Sun Gods completely.

In the central area of Sun God Shrine, there are wreckages everywhere. Although there are no guards here, but the place contains far more danger than the outside world.

In the central area of Sun God Shrine, there are various traces Holy Spirit Warlock rank power, and even Warlock Emperor rank power. Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses already possess a trace of eternal immortality. Unless they are erased by power of the same rank, traces of their power won’t vanish even after hundreds of thousands of years.

Sun God Shrine is filled with sun force, which serves as a source of power for the traces of Warlock Emperor rank power.

Even if it is an Infinity Warlock, but once the traces of Warlock Emperor rank power get stimulated, the Infinity Warlock will be seriously injured, or even wiped out. Only Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses can resist the attack of traces of Warlock Emperor rank power.

“Transcendent Pupils!”

Numerous strange runes appeared in Yang Feng’s eyes and formed a pair of gold Transcendent Pupils, and he looked towards the central place.

All traces of Holy Spirit Warlock and Warlock Emperor rank power appeared before Yang Feng’s eyes.

If you use Transcendent Pupils to study the Holy Spirit Warlock and Warlock Emperor rank power, it would be of great benefit to an expert with Glorious Sun Warlock rank cultivation base.

Yang Feng’s figure fluttered. He turned into a stream of light, entered the central area, and flew around these traces of power.

After dozens of breaths of time, a Sun Pool appeared in front of Yang Feng.

Sun God Fires float in the Sun Pool. From time to time, a small sun would form and fly outside.

The Sun Pool is the most famous secret treasure of the Sun Gods, and it is integrated with the entire Sun God Shrine. In this special space, it can absorb the sun force and bear Sun God Fires.

In the past, adult Sun Gods would possess Glorious Sun Warlock rank power or higher after absorbing Sun God Fires. This is how they were able to quell many archgod races in Cangzhi Plane.

Above the Sun Pool, there floats the beyond rare and precious treasure Sun God Empyrean Flower.

“It turns out that this Sun Pool is a vessel for cultivating Sun God Empyrean Flowers. There is a barrier set up by a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse here. Unless a powerhouse of the same rank takes action, you cannot damage this Sun Pool.”

Yang Feng glanced at the Sun Pool and sensed a strong barrier covering it. His figure fluttered, and he appeared before the Sun God Empyrean Flower in an instant.

“You dare to have designs on what has caught my eye right in front of me, go to hell!”

All of a sudden, there was a flash of coldness in Yang Feng’s eyes, countless runes appeared on his right fist, and he punched at an empty space.

Under the bombardment of his fist, the void distorted and collapsed.

Enveloped by that force, a Glorious Sun Warlock suddenly appeared, and then instantly exploded into countless pieces of flesh that crumbled inch by inch, leaving only a Glorious Sun Core that fell to the ground.

“So strong!”

“Who is he?”

“Who is this human Warlock? How can he be this strong?”

“Undying Mountain’s Lei Ming, why is he so powerful? Even though he defeated Nangong Wumie, but isn’t this too much?”

“This Undying Mountain’s Lei Ming is a terrible monster!”


Outside the center of Sun God Shrine, Glorious Sun Warlocks observing the goings on over here are stunned, unable to believe their eyes.

Each Glorious Sun Warlock who dared to enter Sun God Shrine is a genius among geniuses far stronger than others of the same rank. Although these Glorious Sun Warlocks may not be able to defeat monster-level geniuses such as Great Cloud Dynasty’s Glorious Sun Seven Stars, but they are not ants who can be instakilled by the others.

A flash of shock in his eyes, Nangong Wumie sighed faintly: “So strong! Lei Ming, he is actually this strong! It seems that even if I use all my cards, I am not his opponent!”

Bai Yuxian looked at Yang Feng with a resplendent shimmer in her pretty eyes and mused: “Amazing! Undying Mountain’s Lei Ming, he’s really amazing! How shocking! He should be the most outstanding genius of his generation in Undying Mountain, the man who is expected to take charge of the entire Undying Mountain!”

After slaying a Glorious Sun Warlock genius with a punch, Yang Feng grabbed the Sun God Empyrean Flower in midair, put it in a jade box, and sealed it.

Once the Sun God Empyrean Flower is ingested, Yang Feng will break through the god-man boundary, and his soul aptitude will promote to inferior level-9.

If you want to refine the Sun God Empyrean Flower’s medicinal power, you need a place where you won’t be disturbed. If Yang Feng consumes the Sun God Empyrean Flower here, he’ll become the prey of other Glorious Sun Warlocks.

Human Warlocks are proficient in countless abstruse and mysteries secret methods. If they capture Yang Feng who has just consumed the Sun God Empyrean Flower, they can refine him into an elixir.

“They’re here? That’s fast, no wonder they are peerless genius!”

Yang Feng put the Sun God Empyrean Flower in a storage ring and, standing proudly in the air, looked at the people who have just arrived like a god.

Ba Xun, Jiang Qi, Lan Ba, and the other three monster-level Glorious Sun Warlocks who have arrived at the Sun Pool are staring coldly at Yang Feng.

Ba Xun looked at Yang Feng with killing intent in his eyes and said coldly: “Lei Ming, hand over the Sun God Empyrean Flower! I can let you go for the sake of Undying Mountain’s face! Otherwise don’t blame me for playing rough!”

In Great Cloud Dynasty, Undying Mountain is already well-known in the top powerhouse circle. Everyone already knows that it is a formidable force that has an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse, occupies Li Gui Province, and is proficient in alchemy.

Even Great Cloud Dynasty is a bit apprehensive of Undying Mountain occupying Li Gui Province, and thus sent people to rope them in. Ba Xun is also unwilling to offend Undying Mountain’s Young Ancestor for no reason.

Although Ba Xun can barely contend against some weak Bright World Warlocks, but he still cannot withstand a single blow from an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse.

Yang Feng smiled and said: “The miraculous treasure Sun God Empyrean Flower, I can’t give it to anyone! You’ll have to fight with me for it! Come at me together, let me test how strong I have become.”

“You’re overestimating yourself! Let me show you how tall the Heavens are!”

A flash of cold light in his eyes, Ba Xun urged the essence of ice. Blue breath that can easily freeze Sun God Fire and violate various laws emerged.

Everything in the wake of the blue breath was frozen into ice.

In the center of Sun God Shrine, the temperature is above 8,000 degrees. As soon as the blue breath appeared, except for the Sun Pool, snow started falling in the surroundings, and the temperature dropped to below absolute zero.

Even the feeble divine force rank Goddess of Ice would be frozen by this blue breath.

The other five Glorious Sun Warlocks all frowned slightly and cast secret methods to resist the terrifying ice force.

“This guy is very strong!”

When the five Glorious Sun Warlocks felt Ba Xun’s essence of ice, a dignified gleam streaked past their eyes.

Faced with the blue breath that seems to be able to even freeze time, Yang Feng silently chanted an incantation, and a Devour Black Moon suddenly appeared. Standing in the center the Devour Black Moon, it’s as if he is the origin of the universe.

The blue breath blasted into the Devour Black Moon, and then was silently devoured and dispelled.

As if an undefeatable god, Yang Feng standing inside the Devour Black Moon gazed at Ba Xun and said coldly: “Former Moonlight Seven Stars Dubhe Star Ba Xun, is this all you got? If so, then count me disappointed!”

Ba Xun’s face fell, and he bellowed through clenched teeth. Tremendous world force poured out of him and turned the blue breath into a blue beam slamming in the Devour Black Moon.

As soon as the blue beam sank into the Devour Black Moon, it was devoured and turned into the purest power that was channeled into the nine worlds inside Yang Feng.

Gazing at the remaining five monster-level geniuses, Yang Feng uttered flatly: “Okay, Ba Xun has already attacked. Who’s next? Do you want to come together, or one by one? If you don’t defeat me, you can’t get the Sun God Empyrean Flower!”

“Incredible! Undying Mountain’s Young Master Lei Ming is really incredible!”

“Scary! Ba Xun is a powerhouse who found his own path and condensed the essence of ice. Such a powerhouses cannot even break his defenses, that’s really scary!”

“Is he the strongest Glorious Sun Warlock? We’re not in the same league!”


Seeing this scene, the hearts of the Glorious Sun Warlocks watching from afar shook, filled with bitterness.

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