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«Mechanical God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 689 – Six Great Geniuses

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Chapter 689 - Six Great Geniuses

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Translator: Xaiomoge

“These few are monsters among monsters! It seems that the peerless experts cultivated by other planes should not be underestimated!”

The holographic projection flashed, and the images from another direction appeared at once. In the other direction, there are three people who are displaying impressive fighting strength.

One of them is a beautiful female Warlock with long black hair, a slender figure, a dragon horn, a crimson trident in hand, a green armor engraved with countless mysterious runes. The beautiful female Warlock blurred and brandished the crimson trident, and a crimson spear ray shot out and slashed an ancient freak into pieces. Effortlessly evading the siege of dozens of ancient freaks, she eliminates them one by one.

Another person has a secret treasure Transcendent Diagram in hand. Dozens of Glorious Sun Warlock rank Transcendents flew out of the Transcendent Diagram, engaged in a fight with dozens of ancient freaks, and tore them to shreds one at a time.

The last person has transformed into an 500-meter-tall archdevil that rather resembles the Fifth Sky Devil Che You. He has three eyes, and is covered in black runes. The black light emitted from his third eye crushed the souls and smashed the cores of ancient freaks.

Ba Xun, Lan Ba, Jiang Qi, and these three powerhouses from other planes crushed the ancient freaks blocking their way and headed towards the Sun God Empyrean Flower.

Despite how strong Ba Xun and them are, they don’t dare to fly and withstand the attacks of countless ancient freaks.

“With the ancient freaks guarding here, it seems that the Sun God Empyrean Flower is destined to be mine!”

The corners of Yang Feng’s mouth rose slightly, then he blurred, turned into a Devour Black Moon, and flew towards the Sun God Empyrean Flower like a meteor.

As a peerless treasure that can enable you to break through the god-man boundary, the Sun Divine Empyrean Flower is extremely hard to come by. Despite having the resources of Li Gui Province and the treasuries of two kindred archdukes at his disposal, Yang Feng still hasn’t come across such a treasure. He cannot miss this chance.

In a few breaths of time, Yang Feng flew into the center of Sun God Shrine.

Dozens of ancient freaks suddenly rushed out of the nests and unleashed various innate abilities and magic attacks flying towards Yang Feng.

When these attacks hit Yang Feng’s incarnation the Devour Black Moon, they were crushed and turned into pure energy that entered the nine small worlds inside him.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Yang Feng urged the essence of devour and flew into the center of Sun God Shrine.

“Who is that?”

“What an arrogant guy!”

“Damn it! Judging from his speed, the Sun God Empyrean Flower will fall into his hands!”

“Is that guy crazy? There are more than 1,000 ancient freaks in the center of Sun God Shine!”


The geniuses of different planes gathered in Sun God Shrine are freak-level Glorious Sun Warlocks. When Yang Feng took action, they all sensed the change, and their eyes focused on the Devour Black Moon.

Nangong Wumie is entangled with dozens of ancient freaks. Relying on the unpredictable Stars Descend, he dodges the attacks of the dozens of ancient freaks easily. At the same time, he weakens the fighting strength of the ancient freaks step by step.

Nangong Wumie suddenly looked up into the distance, countless star runes shone in his eyes, and he sighed slowly: “This is law materialization! No, it’s the essence of devour! That’s Lei Ming! He’s taking action!”

Nangong Wumie grasps Stars Descend and is a divination grandmaster. He has divined that Sun God Empyrean Flower is a turning point for his fate. If he can get the Sun God Empyrean Flower, he’ll still have a trace of hope of becoming a Warlock Emperor. If he misses this chance, he’ll no longer be eligible to participate in the competition over the position of Warlock Emperor.

At that time when the Star Lord competed with the Nine Realms Lord for the position of Warlock Emperor, there was a critical turning point of fate when he received tremendous benefits and finally climbed to the throne and advanced to a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse.

“If I use my hidden trump card and fight desperately, how high are my chances of winning? Star Deduction!”

Nangong Wumie silently recited an incantation and pointed with a finger, and countless specks of starlight shone and formed all kinds of weird runes. Those weird runes suddenly turned into numerous twisting lines that only he can understand.

“The odds not even 50%, and if I fail, I will die!”

Nangong Wumie’s face paled and his eyes shimmered for a while before he finally released and long sigh and lost his fighting spirit. He practically has no chance of winning, and if he fails, he will die. This rate of success is too low, pouring cold water on his adventurous heart.

“I’m still too weak!” Nangong Wumie blurred, turned into specks of starlight, and disappeared. He retreated from the center of Sun God Shrine.

Standing on a tall mountain at the edge of the center of Sun God Shrine, Bai Yuxian gazed at Yang Feng from afar with an enigmatic gleam in her beautiful eyes: “That’s Lei Ming! To dare to charge into the center of Sun God Shrine, he got guts! What a monster!”

Although Bai Yuxian is also one of the former Moonlight Seven Stars, a genius among geniuses. But she has just promoted to a Glorious Sun Warlock after all. She stands no chance against the siege of dozens of Glorious Sun Warlock rank ancient freaks. After weighing things over and over, she chose to watch from the sidelines.

In addition Bai Yuxian, many other Glorious Sun Warlocks chose to withdraw from the center of Sun God Shrine, watching the goings-on from outside.

“Fuck, someone acted first! It seems that I can’t continue to conserve my strength!”

There was a flash of cold light in Ba Xun’s eyes, and tremendous world force emerged from his body. He operated the essence of ice and turned into a stream of blue light shooting towards the Sun God Empyrean Flower.

When the attacks of the ancient freaks reached Ba Xun, they froze, and then strangely floated in the air, shattered, and disappeared.

“They got serious! I can’t let them leave me in the dust!”

Jiang Qi wandering between the ancient freaks undetected. However, his movement speed isn’t fast. After all, those ancient freaks are extremely powerful, and some of them can even break his secret method. After he sensed the movement of Yang Feng and Ba Xun, he unleashed the essence of illusion, turned into a being that exists in the crack between illusory and real, and flew in the direction of the Sun God Empyrean Flower.

“Really! It seems that I have to step up!”

A cold gleam in his eyes, Lan Ba stood up and surged with quasi-Glorious Sun Warlock rank life force field. He turned over his hand, and a black level-9 secret treasure Evil Ogre Dragon Armor inlaid with an Infinity Warlock rank evil ogre core appeared on his body.

Lan Ba’s figure fluttered, and he turned into a ray of black ray shooting towards the Sun God Empyrean Flower.

When the spells of the ancient freaks blasted into Lan Ba, they were shattered by ogre qi enveloping the Evil Ogre Armor.

The innate abilities of some ancient freaks have broken through the Evil Ogre Dragon Armor’s ogre qi and blasted onto the Evil Ogre Dragon Armor itself. Only trembling slightly, the Evil Ogre Dragon Armor absorbed 70% of the force. The remaining 30% of the force can’t even shake Lan Ba.

“Scoundrels! The Sun God Empyrean Flower is mine!”

The eyes of the beautiful girl with a dragon horn flashed fiercely, and then suddenly turned into dragon-like vertical slits eyes. Countless gold dragon scales covered her delicate body. Her figure blurred, and she turned a dragon-like existence and rushed towards the center of Sun God Shrine.

Spear rays flashed, and the ancient freaks standing in front of the beautiful girl with a dragon horn were easily chopped into pieces.

These ancient freaks have lost most of their mental faculties due to being sealed for too long. However, they do have Glorious Sun Warlock rank power and very powerful physiques. For the beautiful girl with a dragon horn to be able to slay them easily, it is incredible.

“An abominable bunch of lunatics!”

The Warlock holding the secret treasure Transcendent Diagram frowned, then silently recited an incantation and pointed with his hand, and Transcendents specialized in defense flew out of the Transcendent Diagram, formed a powerful barrier, and guarded him who turned into a stream of light flying into the distance.

The Warlock who has turned into an archdevil that looks similar to the Sky Devil Che screamed, and a pair of huge fiend wings grew on his back. With a flap of the wings, he turned into a black stream of light shooting towards the Sun God Empyrean Flower.

When Yang Feng reached the centermost part of Sun God Shrine, he saw a 100,000-meter-tall temple in front of him.

Only, half of the magnificent temple seems to have been wiped out by some immense power, with only the intact half towering into the sky.

There are countless giant stone statues around the huge temple, many of which exude fluctuations of power above the Infinity Warlock rank. But they are all fragmented, with only a bit of residual power left behind.

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