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«Mechanical God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1099 – Nefarious Ghost Holy

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Chapter 1099 - Nefarious Ghost Holy

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Translator: Xaiomoge

On the 6,666th floor of the endless Abyss, a rift suddenly appeared on a remote mountain of bones. Within 100,000 kilometers, the earth shook violently and countless cracks extended in all directions.

Tremendous abyssal origin force gathered from all directions and poured into the frightening rift.

A black sea formed from a massive amount of dark abyssal origin force gushed out from the ground. In the middle of the black sea, there stands an abyssal holy (Holy Spirit Warlock) with goat horns on his head and strange runes inscribed all over his body.

“Come out! My men!”

The eyes of the abyssal holy flickered, and he erupted with mysterious runes from all over his body, faced the sky, and shouted.

On the 6,666th floor, in a desert land, the earth cracked open, and a black magic tower emerged.

A lich king exuding warped breath together with a group of liches flew towards the abyssal holy.

In a land full of bones, stones burst, and a dark knight king together with a group of dark knights emerged. Their eyes flickered with soul fire, and they urged their mounts and galloped towards the abyssal holy.

On the 6,666th floor of the endless Abyss, a total of 13 dangerous places split open, and 13 abyssal kings (Warlock Monarchs) emerged and, together with their subordinates, came to the abyssal holy.

“That’s the Nefarious Ghost Holy!”

“He is the Nefarious Ghost Holy! At the time, he was known as the abyssal son most hopeful to advance to an abyssal emperor!”

“This is the Nefarious Ghost Holy who once fought with the Star Lord in his youth! He’s still alive!”


Powerful wills from other floors of the endless Abyss rushed over as the respective floor lords used various spells to spy on this place.

When the floor lords saw the Nefarious Ghost Holy, their countenance changed greatly. Fear flashed in the eyes of many floor lords as they remembered the past achievements of the Nefarious Ghost Holy

“Greetings, my Lord!”

The thirteen abyssal kings led their troops to the Nefarious Ghost Holy, bowed, and saluted him respectfully.

The Nefarious Ghost Holy’s eyes fell on the void, and two beams shot out of his eyes, tore the firmament, and shoot towards other floors of the endless Abyss.

In the wake of the Nefarious Ghost Holy gaze, floor lords fell silent, cast spells, and hid themselves on their floors.

The Nefarious Ghost Holy smiled coldly, took a step forward, crossed the void, and came to the 139th floor of the endless Abyss.

A voice echoed in the void: “Mighty Nefarious Ghost Holy, this is my territory. What brings you here?”

The Nefarious Ghost Holy glanced at a castle and said ruthlessly, “This floor must be integrated into my floor. Hand over your floor lord authority and submit to me, or die!”

“Mighty Nefarious Ghost Holy, I can submit to you and serve you. But please allow me to retain the floor lord authority of this floor.”

A helpless voice came from the castle.

“You want to bargain with me, ant?!”

The Nefarious Ghost Holy smiled coldly, his eyes flashed frigidly, and he spread the fingers of his hand, and a giant hand shot towards the castle.

In the castle, the face of a fiend grand duke (Infinity Warlock) fell, and he frantically operated his floor lord authority. He instantly mobilized the floor’s abyssal origin force and formed a black defense boundary outside the castle.


When the Nefarious Ghost Holy’s full strength attack hit the black defensive boundary, it smashed the boundary.

The giant hand caught a lich grand duke and pulled him out of the castle.

The lich grand duke shouted madly: “I am willing to submit to you! Mighty Nefarious Ghost Holy, I am willing to hand over the floor lord authority! Please spare me!”

The Nefarious Ghost Holy smiled ferociously and squeezed hard, and the lich burst: “Too late! Die! Ant!”

The lich grand duke’s floor lord authority turned into a key, and the Nefarious Ghost Holy swallowed it.

Boom! Boom!

Along with violent vibrations, the 139th floor fell rapidly, knocked into the 6,666th floor, and fused with it.

“The 139th floor lord has fallen!”

“The Nefarious Ghost Holy wants to unify the endless Abyss!”

“What now? Who can oppose him now?”


When the floor lords saw the Nefarious Ghost Holy crush the 139th floor’s floor lord, they felt their blood run cold.

As a fiend grand duke, the 139th floor’s floor lord was at the top of the endless Abyss in terms of strength. For such a powerhouse to be crushed by the Nefarious Ghost Holy on the floor he controlled, this means that even if they stay on their floors, floor lords of grade 9 floors and above won’t be able to resist him.

The thirteen abyssal kings and their troops divided into thirteen squads and attacked other floors of the endless Abyss. There are many floor lords in the endless Abyss who aren’t fiend grand dukes. These floor lords are the target’s of the Nefarious Ghost Holy’s subordinates.

“Succubus empress, how fascinating! I didn’t expect such an existence to appear in this era!”

The Nefarious Ghost Holy swept the endless Abyss with his gaze. When his eyes fell on the 777th floor, he revealed a ferocious smile.


When the succubus empress locked gazes with the Nefarious Ghost Holy, she turned pale, feeling like she was submerged in a bucket of cold water. She cast a spell, turned into a stream of dark light, and flew to the 666th floor.

“Interesting, do you already have a master?”

The Nefarious Ghost Holy smiled ferociously, flickered with light, and disappeared.

On the 666th floor of the endless Abyss, in a lavish palace, sitting quietly on the throne, Yang Feng’s abyssal king avatar gazed at the succubus empress in front of him and asked indifferently: “Succubus empress, what can I do for you?”

The succubus empress replied, “Abyssal king Warren, I wish to seek the Firmament Holy’s protection.”

In the past, the succubus empress and Yang Feng’s abyssal king avatar joined forces and destroyed the Gumana Universe’s vanguard. In that war, Yang Feng stepped in with his true body. Consequently, the floor lords have already guessed that Yang Feng and the abyssal king Warren must have a close relationship.

Yang Feng asked placidly, “What will I get in return? What will the Firmament Holy get?”

The succubus empress smiled sweetly and uttered, “I can give the floor currently under my control. As for the Firmament Holy, he can get me and my subordinated succubus queens and succubi.”

Yang Feng said with a faint smile, “What good conditions. I can’t think of a reason to refuse. But, why haven’t you gone to the Nefarious Ghost Holy instead? He is an abyssal holy, a legendary figure in the endless Abyss, and the being most promising to advance to an abyssal emperor.”

The enchanting succubus empress shivered and uttered with a flash of fear in her beautiful eyes: “The Nefarious Ghost Holy is indeed the being most promising to advance to an abyssal emperor. But at the same time, he is a ruthless, unscrupulous, and ambitious character. If I submit to the sir Firmament Holy, then with my ability, I can still get his favor. But if I submit to the Nefarious Ghost Holy, I will only be used as a pawn by him to win over powerhouses, I will be reduced a cheap tool for amusement! I don’t want to live like that!”

The succubus empress is devastatingly beautiful. In the endless Abyss, few people can resist her charm. Even though Yang Feng won’t be enthralled by her. But he has to admit that she is indeed very charming.

The Nefarious Ghost Holy is an extremely cruel and ambitious individual. Previously, many top beauties of the endless Abyss have fallen into his hands, all of whom were reduced to pawns for him to rope in powerhouses and had a miserable end.

The succubus empress is proud and arrogant and naturally doesn’t want to be the pawn of the Nefarious Ghost Holy. Moreover, although the Firmament Holy Yang Feng is lecherous and has a vast harem, but he doesn’t inhibit the light of his women, allowing them to shine in different fields. After comparing the two, the succubus empress decided to take refuge with Yang Feng.

Yang Feng silently weighed things for a while, and then said, “Sir Firmament Holy has decided to protect you! However, remember your promise!”

The succubus empress released a sigh of relief and smiled: “Thank you, sir!”

A powerful demonic breath suddenly diffused from afar, suppressed the heaven and earth, and arrived at the 666th floor of the endless Abyss.

“Abyssal king Warren, come out and greet me!”

The Nefarious Ghost Holy’s overbearing voice echoed in the entire endless Abyss.

“Abyssal king Warren, he went to abyssal king Warren!”

“But there’s that person backing abyssal king Warren!”

“The Human Supreme Council’s Firmament Holy and a legendary abyssal holy of the endless Abyss, it seems like these two bigwigs will confront each other!”

“But this is the endless Abyss and the Nefarious Ghost Holy is an abyssal son after all! The Firmament Holy is going to suffer a great loss this time!”


Powerful wills reverberated in the endless Abyss and gazes focused on the 666th floor.

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