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«Martial Peak (Web Novel) - Chapter 2750, Zhang Family Again

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Chapter 2750, Zhang Family Again

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Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

If Xia Sheng hadn’t appeared today and revealed the truth, then he really may have been led by the nose by Yao Li, and would still feel grateful to him despite it. Even though the difference between the top cultivation rooms and the Heaven Grade ones wasn’t great, that slight difference may be the difference between success and failure for someone hoping to break through to the Emperor Realm.

Every single advantage counted in matters like these.

“Martial Nephew Yang, this Old Master has truly been swamped senseless by work today and actually forgotten that your Azure Sun Temple still had a room left. Please forgive me,” Yao Li said with a face filled with self-reproach.

But how could a mistake like that happen? There were only nine top rooms, so it was simply impossible for someone in the Emperor Realm to not be able to remember such a thing.

Yang Kai’s face was cold as he replied indifferently, “It’s fine as long as Steward Yao remembers now.”

Yao Li followed up quickly, “But it is still true that the nine rooms are reserved only for the Core Disciples of the three Sects, anyone else is simply not permitted to use them. Steward Xia knows this as well. Martial Nephew Yang, if you wish to have your cousin enter retreat in that room, then I’m afraid it’s impossible.”

“I’ll use it myself!” Yang Kai declared before turning to Xia Sheng and asking, “But I plan to bring my cousin in with me to stand guard and observe while I enter retreat and cultivate. That shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

Xia Sheng grinned, “Definitely not.”

He turned back to Yao Li, “Steward Yao, I’ll have to trouble you to make arrangements for this matter.”

Despite Xia Sheng ordering Yao Li around directly, Yao Li didn’t show the slightest bit of displeasure and nodded, “This Old Master will arrange it immediately.”

Saying that, he turned around and walked out.

Yang Kai’s eyes were slightly dim as he watched him leave, and he couldn’t help but feel thankful inside, thankful that he’d bumped into Xia Sheng here today.

“Are you curious as to why that old fart would listen to me?” Xia Sheng asked with a smile, seemingly able to guess the doubts in Yang Kai’s heart.

Yang Kai nodded.

Xia Sheng explained, “The nine top cultivation rooms generally won’t be full as the disciples of our three Sects will generally choose to enter retreat in their own Sects. Since the cultivation rooms are going to be empty anyway though, the Stewards here privately find cultivators in need to rent out the rooms to, or use them privately for their own descendants instead. Just like that, our temple’s remaining room had been occupied by them. Normally I wouldn’t be bothered about something so minor, but since Junior Brother wants to use it, I can’t let them have it for nothing.”

“I understand now,” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

“Let’s go, I’ll bring you over,” Xia Sheng said and walked off.

While the three were walking to the room, they saw two people walking over from the front. One of them was Yao Li, and the other person following him had a Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator who had a face filled with anger and helplessness at the moment. When they saw each other, that cultivator shot Yang Kai and Bian Yu Qing a hateful glare before quickly looking away again.

This man had spent a lot of effort to buy a spot in the top cultivation room from Yao Li, and had gone through many difficulties before he was able to enter a deeper level of cultivation. It had been less than ten days, though, before he was interrupted by Yao Li, telling him that someone wanted to use the room and that he couldn’t cultivate inside. How could he not be angry at that?

But he didn’t dare to direct his anger at Yao Li or Yang Kai. Neither of these two were characters he could easily provoke, so he could only choke down his anger. There was no need to mention how vexing it was for him.

Fortunately, Yao Li assured him that if there was another free room, then he would still allow him inside to cultivate for the allotted time, so his loss wouldn’t be too big.

As they brushed past each other, Yao Li was still smiling and nodding at Xia Sheng and the others as if nothing was wrong.

Soon after, the trio arrived before a stone door and Xia Sheng held out a token while pouring his Emperor Qi into it, waving it lightly to open the door.

Light suddenly emerged from the space inside, quickly spreading around like a prairie fire. In the blink of an eye, the entire stone room was filled with a warm light.

Xia Sheng said, “Generally, the use period for each cultivation room is one month, which is no exception even for Core Disciples of our three Sects, but Junior Brother can use it for two months.”

Yang Kai asked, “Will that make things difficult for you?”

Xia Sheng smiled, “Their asses aren’t clean either, so Senior Brother isn’t afraid of them.” While speaking, he patted Yang Kai’s shoulder and urged earnestly, “Cultivate properly and don’t mess around!”

Bian Yu Qing’s face suddenly became a little unnatural.

How could she not understand what Xia Sheng meant by this?

“Go on,” Xia Sheng smiled.

Yang Kai cupped his fists and entered the stone room with Bian Yu Qing. Soon, the stone door was shut and the entire room became isolated.

“Such rich World Energy!” Bian Yu Qing walked to the centre of the stone room and took a deep breath, her eyes filled with amazement.

She had never in her life felt such intense World Energy before. Not only was it dense, but it was also extremely pure. Looking around, the entire stone room was visibly filled with World Energy, as if they were currently standing in a light cloud. Simply breathing in, Bian Yu Qing felt a sense of pleasure from every inch of her body.

No wonder the disciples of top Sects all cultivated so quickly. Their cultivation environments were simply too different, incomparable to what small Sects could offer.

If she cultivated here for two months, then her fifty percent chance of breaking through would likely increase by another ten percent.

“Here, these are for you.” Yang Kai tossed out a large pile of Source Crystals onto the ground.

Bian Yu Qing was shocked when she saw them and couldn’t help shouting, “High-Rank Source Crystals!”

And, from how large the pile was, there were at least a million of them here.

A million High-Rank Source Crystals, that was equivalent to at least a hundred million Mid-Rank Source Crystals or ten billion Low-Rank Source Crystals! Yang Kai’s gift stunned Bian Yu Qing. It had to be known that previously, she and Kou Wu had taken out all of their resources just to buy a single Sapphire Entry Token, which was worth a measly 20 million Mid-Rank Source Crystals, incomparable to what Yang Kai just offered her.

“That’s too much!” Bian Yu Qing hurriedly said, “Besides, you helped me sell that Sapphire Entry Token for forty million Mid-Rank Source Crystals already. That alone is enough, I don’t have any use for this.”

“Just keep them,” Yang Kai waved his hand, “High-Rank Source Crystals are more effective to cultivate with, and this much is still within my means.”

Bian Yu Qing opened her mouth, but she really had no idea what to say. She simply ended up owing him too much during their encounter this time. She made up her mind that she had to break through to the Emperor Realm no matter what, otherwise she would not be able to live up to not only Kou Wu’s sacrifice, but also Yang Kai’s generosity. As long as she could reach the Emperor Realm, she could join that Sect of his and help out. She had the experience of managing a Sect before, so she just happened to be able to offer some assistance in that regard. It wasn’t a problem that the Sect was small. If they take the steps to develop themselves properly, then there would be a day when they could grow strong.

Silently, she sat down cross-legged before saying, “I’m sorry you have to be stuck with me here for two months…”

Yang Kai smiled, “This place can’t trap me. Just focus on your retreat, I’ll come back again in two months to see you. En, I’ll be going now.”

Saying so, Yang Kai reached his hand out in front of him and Space Principles surged, causing ripples in the air in front of him that spread out gently in all directions.

Yang Kai stepped into the ripples and his body vanished mysteriously. Only his voice was left echoing in Bian Yu Qing’s ears, “Don’t doubt yourself. Breaking through to the Emperor Realm isn’t as hard as you think it is.”

Bian Yu Qing was lost in thought for a while before she exclaimed, “Space Principles!”

After Yang Kai had stepped into the ripples, his figure disappeared mysteriously without a trace. No doubt this was something that only Masters proficient in the Dao of Space could achieve. This was a legendary technique that Bian Yu Qing never thought she would be able to witness one day.

A short moment later, she withdrew the shock in her heart, calmed her breathing, and cleared her mind of distractions before shutting her eyes and beginning to cultivate.


Outside of Spirit Lake City, a space in the air suddenly became unstable. Following that, a figure appeared from the Void.

A cultivator just happened to pass by, and his eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw this sight. He thought he had seen a ghost in the daylight and quickly rubbed his eyes, but when he looked again there was nothing there anymore, as if the person he saw just now was just a figment of his imagination.

That cultivator instantly began to doubt his surroundings and quickly flew off, not daring to stay any longer.

A short distance outside of Maplewood City, Yang Kai’s figure suddenly appeared in front of a tranquil manor.

A young girl about the age of sixteen or seventeen stood in front of the residence, sweeping up leaves with gentle movements while her hair swayed lightly in the wind. At the same time, there were sounds of shouting from inside the manor, as if someone was practising their techniques.

After Yang Kai swept the residence with his Divine Sense to inspect the situation inside, a stone instantly lifted from his heart.

This place was the Zhang Family, Ruo Xi’s home. After leaving for so many years, and with so many changes happening to both Maplewood City and Spirit Lake City, the area nearby was now filled with countless Masters. Bloody fights were constantly breaking out each day, and Yang Kai was worried that something might have happened to the Zhang Family.

If that had happened, Ruo Xi would be devastated.

Now, it seemed that even though the Zhang Family lacked a powerful Master to shelter it, they were still able to live in peace, passing the years calmly as always.

“Who… Who are you looking for?” The young girl who was sweeping the floor was startled to see Yang Kai appear all of a sudden and asked apprehensively while staring at him with her big black eyes, her hands gripping nervously onto her broom.

It had been almost ten years since Yang Kai took Ruo Xi out from the Zhang Family, and this young girl was only around sixteen years old. Even if she could still vaguely remember some things from that time, she couldn’t remember them clearly, so she naturally couldn’t recognize Yang Kai.

Yang Kai immediately put on a harmless smile and said affably, “I’m looking for Old Lady Zhang.”

“Grandmother?” The young girl tilted her head and asked.

“That’s right. Could you please inform her that Yang Kai seeks an audience with her?” Yang Kai smiled.

Even though he could simply walk in to visit a place as trivial as the Zhang Family, this was still Ruo Xi’s home, so Yang Kai naturally had to show proper etiquette.

“You’re Senior Yang?” The young girl’s eyes suddenly lit up and she looked at Yang Kai with both surprise and joy.

“You remember me?” Yang Kai was a little surprised.

The girl shook her head, but then nodded. Yang Kai had no idea what she was trying to express by that, but he could see how happy she looked, and in the next moment, she tossed away the broom in her hands, ran up to him, and grabbed his arm before pulling him into the manor.

“Grandmother, Grandmother!”

The quiet in the manor was broken by the echo of the young girl’s crisp voice.

The manor was not too big, so as soon as the girl shouted, the entire Zhang Family was alerted and a few figures flew over from various directions.

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