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«Martial Peak (Web Novel) - Chapter 2712, A Long Way To Go

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Chapter 2712, A Long Way To Go

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“Is it done?” Hua Yu Lu asked.

“Indeed!” Yang Kai nodded.

Hua Yu Lu was surprised. Previously, when Yang Kai mentioned that it would require much effort on his part to expel the insect, she thought that it would be a troublesome and lengthy procedure, but it only took him a few dozen breaths of time, and Yang Kai did not seem to have consumed any strength at all.

“Young Master Yang, this business is really profitable,” Hua Yu Lu was extremely impressed. Considering that there were twenty or so Emperor Realm Masters waiting for his treatment, Yang Kai could earn two to three hundred million, or even more High-Rank Source Crystals this time.

This was an outright robbery.

“It’s just a small fuss to collect some hard-earned fees,” Yang Kai grinned, and raised his hand and gestured, “Senior Sister Hua, please call the next person in. Ask them to follow proper order. This Young Master will not give face to those who try to jump the queue.”

“Understood.” Hua Yu Lu stood up, thanked him, turned around and walked towards the door; however, after a few steps, she turned to Yang Kai and remarked, “If Young Master Yang is free in the future, please be sure to come to my Hundred Flowers Palace to be my guest. You will have Senior Sister’s warmest welcome.”

The Hundred Flowers Palace! It was Yang Kai’s first-time hearing about it, but that was normal because there were many Sects in the Southern Territory. On the contrary, he had seen many Hundred Flowers Pavilions. It seemed that every city in the Southern Territory had a Hundred Flowers Pavilion. As for what went on inside those pavilions… tsk tsk…

After sending Hua Yu Lu off, Yang Kai sat in place and pondered for a moment before he suddenly lifted his hand and hammered his chest.


A mouthful of blood spewed out, and Yang Kai suddenly appeared withered, as if he just fought a great battle.

A man pushed the door and entered with a flattering smile, but just as he was about to speak, he saw Yang Kai’s appearance and asked in shock, “Senior Yang, what… what happened to you?”

Yang Kai replied weakly, “Nothing. Sit down and I’ll help you to drive out the insect.”

The man was delighted, but he was still a little worried, “Do you want to take a rest first? This one can wait.”

Young Kai was fine earlier, but now he had coughed up blood and looked dispirited. It was obvious just how much it cost him a lot to expel these insects.

“It’s fine. I asked you to sit, so just sit.” Yang Kai waved his hand, “You will not be at ease with the insect inside your body. It’s better to get rid of it as soon as possible.”

After hearing this, the man immediately thanked him with immense gratitude and obediently offered his Space Ring with over ten million High-Rank Source Crystals. Yang Kai stored it before carrying out the treatment.


Half a day later, Yang Kai reappeared in his previous room with a flicker, looking high spirited, his face ruddy, nothing like his feeble earlier self.

Everyone was waiting.

Seeing his arrival, they all approached him.

Yang Kai swept his eyes across them, eventually landing on Ye Hen, “Sect Master Ye, what is your plan now?”

Ye Hen sighed, “Return to Thousand Leaves Sect and make further plans later.”

“Good,” Yang Kai nodded.

Although Thousand Leaves Sect had been destroyed, it was the home of Ye Hen and the others after all. They had been imprisoned for more than one year, and now that they had regained their freedom, it was natural for them to go back and have a look at what remained, not to mention that there were still hundreds of surviving disciples waiting in Emperor Heaven Valley.

“Monster King and I will give you all a ride. Moreover, I have something to discuss with Sect Master Ye.”

“Then we shall have to trouble Senior Yang and Sir Monster King.” Ye Hen revealed a grateful face, thinking that Yang Kai was purposely escorting them. With these two escorts, there was no need to worry about any danger along the way.

They immediately departed, leaving Flowing Shadow City, speeding South.

“Yang Kai, I have something to talk to you about.” Halfway through the journey, Zhu Qing suddenly sent him a Divine Sense transmission.

The Dragon Girl had been following Yang Kai, but he had no idea what her purpose was. Since she did not seem to hold malice towards him and it felt inappropriate to chase her away, Yang Kai did not stop her from doing as she pleased.

“What?” Yang Kai turned and looked at her.

Zhu Qing stopped flying and stood where she was.

Yang Kai furrowed his brow slightly but gestured for Ying Fei and the rest to continue while he stayed behind.

When everyone had left earshot, Yang Kai asked, “What is so important that you have to act so mysteriously?”

Zhu Qing replied, “Are you not worried about killing an Elder of Star Soul Palace?”

Yang Kai beamed, “Are you worried for me?”

Zhu Qing curled her lips, “We aren’t that close, so what does it matter to me whether you live or die?”

“Then why do you ask?” Yang Kai stared at her with great interest.

Zhu Qing looked a little uncomfortable, looking away while responding, “No matter what sins that Star Soul Palace Elder committed, his status remains. Now that you’ve killed him, I’m afraid that Star Soul Palace won’t let this go easily. Furthermore, this matter involves many complicated factors and many people, so you can’t hide even if you want to. Star Soul Palace will definitely find you.”

“I didn’t plan to hide.” Yang Kai smiled lightly.

The main reason why he did not kill the twenty or so remaining Emperor Realm Masters was that he wanted them to give testimony to facilitate the investigation of the Masters from Star Soul Palace. Otherwise, if those people really died, it would come down to Yang Kai’s word against Tan Jun Hao’s, and the one who held less credibility in that situation was obvious.

Now though, with testimony from over twenty Emperor Realm Masters, even if Star Soul Palace really investigated this incident, they would not blame Yang Kai.

Of course, he had no choice if they wanted to cover the whole thing up.

“Are you not worried at all?” Zhu Qing turned back to Yang Kai, as if she could not believe him, and wanted to check if there were any insincere traces on his face.

Yang Kai burst into laughter, “People like us live in a constant swirl of gratitude and grudge, if I have to worry about this and worry about that, what would the purpose of living be?”

Zhu Qing stared at him in shock, not knowing what to say.

After a period of silence, she continued, “I still suggest you find a place to hide for a while.”

Yang Kai chuckled, “Someone told me something similar before.”

Hua Yu Lu had advised him to hide in the Frozen Earth, the Forbidden Zone in the Northern Territory. Now, Zhu Qing gave him similar advice.

“Star Soul Palace is a Great Emperor Sect after all. If Bright Moon Great Emperor really wanted to find trouble with me, I’m afraid there would be no place in the vast Star Boundary where I would be safe. No, I won’t hide, I won’t!” Yang Kai waved his hand continuously.

“How could there be no place to take shelter?” Zhu Qing smiled slyly, “I know of a place in this world where you can hide. Even the Bright Moon Great Emperor would not be able to make trouble with you there.”

“Let me guess, Dragon Island?” Yang Kai looked sideways at her.

Zhu Qing nodded, “Yes, Dragon Island.”

“Tsk, tsk…” Yang Kai clicked his tongue, stroking his chin as he suddenly began circling around Zhu Qing.

“What are you doing?” Zhu Qing felt uncomfortable with his wandering eyes moving over her, involuntarily gripping her dress.

“I’m just curious…” Yang Kai stood in front of her and grinned, “You’ve been trying to lead me to Dragon Island again and again. What are your real intentions?”

Yang Kai did not care that much last time because she did not make it too obvious in asking him to go to Dragon Island, but this time, when she mentioned it again, Yang Kai started to sense something was off.

Could she have wanted to persuade him to go to Dragon Island so that her brothers and sisters could team up to beat him up together because she could not do it herself?

Sure enough, there was nothing more poisonous than a woman’s heart!

“What intentions could I have!?” Zhu Qing blinked her eyes a few times but quickly shifted her gaze away from Yang Kai’s. Her obvious actions, however, only convinced Yang Kai even more of his doubts.

“Maybe…” Yang Kai furrowed his brow and postulated, “Maybe you fell so deeply in love with me that you want to abduct me and take me back to Dragon Island to have your way with me!”

“You… you…!” Zhu Qing’s nostrils flared, she had never seen such a shameless man before.

Yang Kai laughed out loud, turned around and flew after Ying Fei and the rest.

“Wait!” Zhu Qing was anxious and confused. How come the method taught by her Elder didn’t work at all? She thought that Yang Kai would be grateful for her invitation and follow her to Dragon Island to avoid the coming troubles, but she did not expect that this guy did not take the killing of a Star Soul Palace Elder seriously at all.

It seemed she had a long way to go before she could complete her task.


Thousand Leaves Sect, a blasted wasteland full of ruins everywhere.

Hovering above this land, Ye Hen and the rest looked down with deeply aggrieved faces, unable to utter a single word to express their despair.

After a short while, everyone reached the hidden valley and Yang Kai activated the Space Array to connect to Emperor Heaven Valley.

Ye Hen burst into tears upon reuniting with the hundreds of surviving disciples. He felt that he had disappointed the high hopes of his ancestors, and could not help blaming himself. Of all the foundational pillars of the Sect, only Emperor Heaven Valley was left intact. Even with the nine Heaven Grade puppets in his hands, Ye Hen was at a loss about how to rebuild his Sect.

Yang Kai wandered around Emperor Heaven Valley while Zhu Qing followed after him like a shadow, one he could not shake off. She would advise him to go to Dragon Island from time to time, which was now truly annoying Yang Kai.

If it were not because she did not mean any harm to him, Yang Kai would have long knocked her out and then done this and that to her!

“You keep wandering around, what are you actually looking for?” Zhu Qing followed Yang Kai for half a day, covering the whole of Emperor Heaven Valley several times, and finally could not help asking.

“While men are working, women should be silent!” Yang Kai ignored her as he focused his sight on the mountain valley before nodding lightly.

Zhu Qing’s face turned white with anger. She stomped her foot, turned around, and flew off, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“Such a fiery temper,” Yang Kai glanced at her back and chuckled.

He then released his Divine Sense, and located Ye Hen. With a fluctuation of Space Principles, Yang Kai instantly emerged next to Ye Hen.

“Senior Yang!” Ye Hen hurriedly got up.

Yang Kai waved his hand lightly, gesturing for him to remain seated. Then, he spoke, “Sect Master Ye, have you finished thinking about your future plans?”

Ye Hen let out a long sigh, he replied, “It’s complicated. I don’t know where to start. But after this encounter, this Ye is clear about one thing.”

“I would like to hear about it!” Yang Kai looked at him intently.

“An ordinary man is innocent, but his treasures make him guilty!” Ye Hen remarked bitterly, “Although our Thousand Leaves Sect has nine Heaven Grade puppets, unfortunately there is no Emperor Realm Master in the Sect, so we cannot even bring out the full potential of our Heaven Grade puppets. Even though this Ye wishes for nothing more than to rebuild Thousand Leaves Sect, given our current manpower and situation, I’m afraid that it would only bring us another disaster.”

Yang Kai nodded, “So, is Sect Master Ye planning to improve his strength first?”

Ye Hen answered, “I do have this plan. Fortunately, the World Energy in Emperor Heaven Valley is rich, so given three to five years, this Ye should be able to break through to the Emperor Realm. When that time comes, I should have enough power to protect the sect.”

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “Sect Master Ye has thought things out well.” After a pause, Yang Kai pressed on, “But I have another suggestion. I wonder if Sect Master Ye is willing to consider it.”

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