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«Martial Peak (Web Novel) - Chapter 2711, Why Should I Help You

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Chapter 2711, Why Should I Help You

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“Everyone must have heard it too,” The man swung his hand across the crowd, and the other Emperor Realm Masters nodded one after another.

They all had sharp senses; therefore, they heard clearly despite Yang Kai’s voice not being loud.

“Senior Yang, you can’t be biased! If you really have a method to expel it, please help us too!” The man begged.

It was natural that anyone would feel insecure about having an insect inside their body. Even though Tan Jun Hao was dead, no one knew if the insects remaining in their bodies would cause them any harm in the future, or worse, would suddenly become active and kill them.

Now that they heard that Yang Kai could expel it, everyone was like a drowning man who caught a life-saving straw, refusing to let go no matter what.

Yang Kai sighed heavily, and put on a helpless face, “Good, I did say that just now. I have a way to drive out the Heart-Strangling Insects!”

“Really?” Everyone was overjoyed, turned back one after another and landed in front of Yang Kai eagerly.

Previously, they could not wait to leave, but now they probably would not leave even if Yang Kai wanted to chase them away.

“Heart-Strangling Insects are ranked first on the Earth List of the Exotic Insect Record. It is as brutal as it is vicious, even an Emperor Realm Master will not be able to easily get rid of it after being infested. If one ignores it for a long time, it will slowly devour the heart veins, consuming the Blood Essence of the heart. Tsk tsk, by that time, it would be beyond saving, beyond saving.”

Although it was uncertain if Yang Kai was exaggerating, everyone’s face still turned pale and their hearts began pounding.

During their isolation, everyone had tried to expel the Heart-Strangling Insect with their Emperor Qi. Everything was still fine if they did not disturb it, but once they touched it, the insect would begin drilling into their heart veins. As such, they now had to be extremely careful while pushing their Emperor Qi so as not to disturb the insect, much less trying to expel it.

“Fortunately… This Young Master happens to know a way to expel this thing,” Yang Kai smiled faintly.

“Young Master Yang, please save us!”

Everyone quickly bowed and begged Yang Kai for help.

Yang Kai’s face darkened and asked coldly, “Why should I help you? Give me a reason!”

Everyone was stunned speechless. After listening to Yang Kai’s long speech, it showed that he was at least well informed about the Heart-Strangling Insect and even seemed to have the intention to help them, so the sudden change of his attitude caught everyone off guard.

However, on second thought, there was nothing wrong with it. Yang Kai was neither friend nor relative to them, and he did not seem like the kind, charitable type, so why should he save them for no reason at all?

Yang Kai pressed on, “Previously, you and Tan Jun Hao fought against this Young Master. If it weren’t for this Young Master’s capabilities, I would have been killed by all of you. However, I have always been magnanimous. I knew that you all were being coerced, so I did not hold grudges against any of you, even going so far as to use my Emperor Artifact to protect all of you so you could avoid being controlled by Tan Jun Hao. It is already exceedingly generous for this Young Master to not ask you to repay his saving grace, but now you also want this Young Master to help you expel these Heart-Strangling Insects? Isn’t that too much?”

Everyone looked ashamed and had nothing to say.

Although Yang Kai’s speech was like a knife stabbing into their pride, everyone could not refute him as it was the truth.

It was true that they fought against Yang Kai before, and were also saved by Yang Kai later. Now, they still wanted Yang Kai to expel these insects for them. Wasn’t this the definition of being insatiable?

For a moment, everyone glanced around awkwardly.

Hua Yu Lu’s eyes flashed at that moment as she smiled and responded in a gentle voice, “Young Master Yang, everyone here is a Sect Master or Patriarch of a big Sect or Family in the Southern Territory. If these Heart-Strangling Insects are not expelled and were triggered in the future, everyone’s life would be at stake. By that time, a great number of forces would lose their leaders, and the Southern Territory would be thrown into chaos. Young Master Yang, please be kind-hearted and help them.”

She finally understood what Yang Kai was plotting.

If he truly did not want to expel the insects for these people, he would not have stopped her and said those words out loud just now. He clearly wanted to tell everyone about his ability, but he did not want to make it too obvious by openly saying ‘come and beg me.’

The reason Yang Kai was acting like this was that he did not want to do things without benefits.

Hua Yu Lu was incredibly sharp, so she quickly understood what Yang Kai was up to and secretly decided to add fuel to the flames and cooperate with him.

“Palace Master Hua is right. Senior Yang, please help us!” Yang Kai’s intention did not matter to the people, they only knew that right now they had to plead sincerely.

Among the twenty or so Emperor Realm Masters here, only Hua Yu Lu had a little friendship with Yang Kai, so her willingness to plead for them naturally made them feel grateful.

Yang Kai looked like he was in a dilemma, but he actually gave Hua Yu Lu a big thumbs up in his heart. He was thinking that this woman was not just beautiful but intelligent too. He wondered what kind of relationship she had with Xia Sheng, but he knew he shouldn’t let Xia Sheng know about how he would be treating her later to remove the Heart-Strangling Insect.

Seeing that Yang Kai’s attitude was not as firm as before, everyone realized that there was hope, and they pressed on with begging, like a flock of quacking ducks.

“Good, good!” Yang Kai raised his hand to stop their clamour, frowning slightly, “It’s true that I can get rid of the insects inside of you, but the effort required is not small. Moreover, given there are so many of you here who need help, this Young Master will need to sacrifice a large amount of his Blood Essence to finish the task. After today, I’m afraid I will not be able to fight at full strength for three… no, five years!”

Yang Kai was exaggerating, and no one really believed him; however, they did not dare to refute him. For now, they could only listen to whatever he said and follow his lead.

Yang Kai looked sideways at the crowd, and questioned, “Since I have to make such a great sacrifice, you can’t just let me work for nothing, right?”

He finally made his point after beating around the bush for so long, causing Hua Yu Lu to cover her mouth and turn away as she laughed secretly.

Everyone wiped the cold sweat on their foreheads as one of them asked carefully, “Then what do you want, Senior Yang?”

“What can you offer?” Yang Kai asked back.

Hua Yu Lu immediately went forward, took out a Space Ring, and presented it with both hands, “Young Master Yang, this is the twelve million High-Rank Source Crystals that this Mistress prepared for the auction. If Young Master Yang doesn’t mind, this is the compensation I can offer you for expelling the Heart-Strangling Insect.”

“This…” Yang Kai replied with an embarrassed look on his face, “Senior Sister Hua, you misunderstood me. This Young Master didn’t mean to force you to return his kindness!”

Everyone’s face darkened at his words, secretly feeling disgusted. It was clear that Yang Kai wanted to extort them here when he asked them what they could offer him, but now he was actually shameless enough to say that he did not want them to return his kindness.

Hua Yu Lu smiled gently, “This Mistress definitely knows that Young Master Yang is kindhearted and righteous, but this Mistress has nothing else to thank you for your favour, and given your strength, I’m afraid treasures are nothing to you. If Young Master Yang doesn’t want these Source Crystals, this Mistress… can only use her body as compensation.”

As she spoke, a pink hue appeared on her cheeks as she averted her eyes shyly, as if she was about to cry.

Yang Kai’s face froze stiff for a moment before he hurriedly grabbed the Space Ring from Hua Yu Lu and remarked, “Since Senior Sister Hua insists, it would be impolite if I refused. Aha…haha…”

Hua Yu Lu immediately glared at him with a resentful look.

Yang Kai continued solemnly, “I cannot be disturbed while expelling the Heart-Strangling Insect. Elder Sister Hua, follow me.”

After that, he circulated his Emperor Qi and flew towards an intact room nearby, with Hua Yu Lu following closely behind.

“Senior Yang, what about us?” Someone shouted from behind.

“Just wait!”

After entering the room, Yang Kai sealed it, then found a place to sit cross-legged, pointed in front of him, and spoke to Hua Yu Lu, “Sit!”

Hua Yu Lu nodded lightly and landed in front of Yang Kai with a flicker.

Yang Kai handed the Space Ring in his hand back to Hua Yu Lu and smiled, “Many thanks for your assistance this time, Senior Sister Hua.”

Without her cooperation, things would not have progressed so smoothly. Although the Emperor Realm Masters were forced to, they had still been enemies with him earlier; therefore, even though Yang Kai didn’t plan on killing them, he also wouldn’t let them off easily, ultimately settling for extortion. After all, they were all here for the auction, so which one of them did not have ten or twenty million High-Rank Source Crystals?

What surprised him was that Hua Yu Lu was so cooperative.

Him accepting her ring earlier was just an act. Yang Kai definitely did not covet her Source Crystals.

Hua Yu Lu glanced at the Space Ring but did not take it right away, instead saying with a faint smile, “If Young Master Yang doesn’t want Source Crystals, does that mean he really wants this Mistress to give herself to him?” Hua Yu Lu sighed, “This Mistress doesn’t mind, but I’m afraid that Young Master Yang wouldn’t fancy this Mistress’s impure body…”

She suddenly became depressed while speaking.

Yang Kai could not stand it as he secretly thought that this woman was a really great actor. If she continued to persuade, perhaps he would really fall into adultery. He hurriedly wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and forced a smile, “Senior Sister Hua, it’s a misunderstanding. You’ve helped me again and again, so how could I have bad intentions towards you? I only have gratitude in my heart.”

Hua Yu Lu’s eyes watered slightly as she muttered, “Young Master Yang really does mind this Mistress’ unclean body? Never mind, a dragon-like Young Master Yang must be surrounded by many beautiful women, so it’s impossible for him to take a liking to this Mistress…”

“Enough nonsense,” Yang Kai sighed heavily and looked helpless.

Only then did Hua Yu Lu chuckle and reply with a smile, “Okay, I’ll stop the teasing here.”

She found this all incredibly interesting. When Yang Kai showed off his strength a few days ago, he was like a fierce beast that would lash out and devour any who challenged him. It was frightening, and no one dared to even meet eyes with him, but today, she realized that apart from his mercilessness, this young man was actually an interesting fellow.

After putting away her Space Ring, Hua Yu Lu continued, “Then, many thanks, Young Master Yang.”

Twelve million High-Rank Source Crystals was a great amount of wealth for her Sect, so if Yang Kai really accepted it, her disciples would have a problem cultivating soon.

“Young Master Yang, please tell this Mistress what to do.” After she had her fun, Hua Yu Lu’s face immediately became serious.

“Just relax,” Yang Kai replied, “There may be some discomfort and awkwardness later. I only ask Senior Sister Hua to not take offence.”

Hua Yu Lu looked at him curiously, but she did not ask anything, instead just gently closing her eyes and relaxing her mind as Yang Kai instructed.

Yang Kai immediately started the procedure.

A short time later, Hua Yu Lu opened her mouth and spat out a blood arrow.

When Hua Yu Lu reopened her eyes, they were slightly misty and her cheeks were flushed red. Even her fair white neck had been dyed a faint shade of crimson.

She did not expect that Yang Kai’s so-called discomfort and awkwardness would be a result of him touching her on the sensitive parts of her chest. The strength and the heat that penetrated from his fingertip as he guided a strange kind of energy through her body made her feel unbearably shy. If she had not just tested him earlier, Hua Yu Lu would really have thought that Yang Kai was a lecher, using this situation to take advantage of her.

Nevertheless, Yang Kai showed no obscene intentions towards her despite her previous temptations, so it was impossible for him to take advantage of her in this way.

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