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«Martial Peak (Web Novel) - Chapter 2709, I’ll Die Before I Talk

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Chapter 2709, I’ll Die Before I Talk

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Three days later, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes and glanced at the Golden Armour Heavenly Book helplessly.

It had been three days since he started his refinement, but there was no reaction from the Golden Armour Heavenly Book at all. It did not show any signs of accepting his Emperor Qi and Spiritual Energy at all.

From this, he learned that it was absolutely impossible to refine this Golden Armour Heavenly Book within a short period of time.

Given that Tan Jun Hao could freely use the power of this Heavenly Book, he must have refined it for numerous years.

But Yang Kai was not discouraged. On the contrary, he was even more pleased as the harder it was to refine, the more it showed the greatness of this Emperor Artifact. Just like the Mountains and Rivers Bell, which took him more than a year to refine in the Shattered Star Sea.

Although there was no progress in refining the Heavenly Book, he had completely recovered from his injuries after three days of rest. Not only had his Emperor Qi become purer and more vigorous, but his Spiritual Energy had also greatly increased in quality too, which would make breaking through to the Second-Order Emperor Realm easier for him in the future.

After putting the Heavenly Book away, Yang Kai scanned outside of his room with his Divine Sense then communicated with a few people before he waited quietly.

After a while, Hua Qing Si, Chi Yue, Ai Ou, Gui Zu, and Gu Cang Yun gathered in the room, followed by Ying Fei and Zhu Qing, who also came over after hearing the commotion.

“Seniors, although Tan Jun Hao is dead, his Heart-Strangling Insects are still in your bodies. I need to remove the insects, so please cooperate with me,” Yang Kai looked at the crowd solemnly.

Chi Yue was delighted, “Yang Boy, are you able to extract these insects out?”

“I can try!” Yang Kai nodded.

In theory, only the person who implanted the Heart-Strangling Insect could drive it out, but although Yang Kai was not proficient in manipulating Exotic Ancient Insects, and did not even know how these Heart-Strangling Insects were nurtured, he had the Insect Enslavement Bracelet.

This Emperor Artifact was a relic of Insect Emperor, along with the Soul Splitting Saber. Although the Insect Enslavement Bracelet could not be used in battle, it was the bane of all Exotic Ancient Insects in this world. All the Exotic Insects that were listed in the Exotic Insect Record could be controlled by the Insect Enslavement Bracelet.

Fortunately, Heart-Strangling Insects were listed in the record around the top of the Earth List.

If Heaven List Exotic Ancient Insects such as the Soul Devouring Insects could be restrained by the Insect Enslavement Bracelet, a trivial Earth List Heart-Strangling Insect should be a breeze to manipulate.

“In that case, what are we waiting for? I’m first!” Gu Cang Yun answered immediately and moved to sit in front of Yang Kai with a flicker.

Ai Ou quickly stretched out his hand and grabbed him back to the side, snorting coldly, “Second Brother, how dare you go before me? Don’t you understand the rules?”

Gui Zu beamed from ear to ear at the side, “If we go according to seniority, I should go first. Everyone else, stand aside!”

He surged his Ghost Qi as he spoke, showing no mercy by pushing Ai Ou and Gu Cang Yun back before he sat in front of Yang Kai.

Despite it ending after just a short moment, Yang Kai’s jaw dropped watching the dispute between these three. After a single thought though, he quickly understood why they were competing to be first.

Yang Kai only mentioned that he could try, and he did not give them complete assurance. If he failed to drive out this insect, the first test subject would definitely face danger.

As such, these three were actually competing with each other for each other’s sake.

Chi Yue looked at Yang Kai anxiously, “Yang Boy, you have to be careful. First Brother is old and can’t bear a lot of suffering.”

Gui Zu rebuked unpleasantly, “Nonsense! This King is still young! Sect Master, don’t worry and just do it!”

Yang Kai failed to stifle his laughter and responded, “Everyone, don’t be so nervous, it’s just a trivial Heart-Strangling Insect, well within my abilities to handle. If I really wasn’t certain, I still have more than twenty confined test subjects I could experiment on.”

The Mountains and Rivers Bell still remained on the battlefield, confining the twenty or so Emperor Realm Masters. It was not that Yang Kai had no way to retrieve the Mountains and Rivers Bell before now, but he had other plans for these twenty, so he did not want to release them immediately.

Everyone felt relieved after listening to Yang Kai.

“Elder, relax!” Yang Kai looked at Gui Zu who was in front of him and ordered.

Gui Zu nodded and closed his eyes.

Yang Kai turned over his hand, and the Insect Enslavement Bracelet emerged on his palm. He poured a little Emperor Qi to activate the bracelet next, and in an instant, a subtle force emerged from it.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and wrapped his index finger with this force and then tapped his finger on Gui Zu’s body. With the simultaneous activation of his Divine Sense and Emperor Qi, Yang Kai carefully guided this force inside of Gui Zu’s body.

Gui Zu grunted lightly, but still looked fine.

Because of a huge gap between Yang Kai and his own strength, Yang Kai could control the Insect Enslavement Bracelet’s energy deftly. It would not be this easy if Gui Zu and Yang Kai had similar cultivations.

After a short while, under Yang Kai’s control, the subtle force from the bracelet reached Gui Zu’s chest and accurately found the hiding place of the Heart-Strangling Insect.

The insect suddenly became restless, aware that it was discovered and attempted to flee, but Yang Kai simply tapped his fingers hard on Gui Zu’s chest a few times, spreading out a net of force and completely enveloping the insect.

The Insect Enslavement Bracelet’s aura had a potent suppressive effect on all Exotic Insects, and once they were caught by it, they were unable to escape.

Yang Kai slowly moved his finger upwards next, guiding the aura to Gui Zu’s throat, then tapping once again gently.

Gui Zu’s eyes opened at that moment and he coughed up an arrow of blood.

Yang Kai had already been prepared for this and with a wave of his hand, he redirected the arrow of blood to the side towards Zhu Qing as he shouted, “Young Lady Qing, if you’d please!”

Although Zhu Qing did not receive prior notice, her reaction was extremely fast. She opened her mouth and blew out a small jet of flame which incinerated the blood arrow and insect in an instant.

She could not help rolling her eyes after this little incident. Yang Kai must have learnt that she was a Fire Dragon after seeing her Dragon Blood a few days ago, and decided to push the cleanup of these insects onto her.

Gui Zu made a deep sigh of relief after the insect was driven away, feeling like his body was much more relaxed, leaping up joyously.

“Fifth Sister, your turn!” Ai Ou looked at Chi Yue as he gestured.

Since it was certain that Yang Kai could drive out the insect, there was no risk anymore; therefore, they did not need to fight to be the first anymore and started to give precedence to the others.

Nevertheless, Chi Yue’s face turned slightly red, “You all go first, Senior Hua and I will be the last.”

Ai Ou was stunned, but soon he understood and did not say anything more, pushing Gu Cang Yun over to Yang Kai.

After the first trial, Yang Kai became more familiar with the procedure.

In just a short time, Gu Cang Yun and Ai Ou were freed from the insects in their bodies.

“We will wait for you outside.” After Ai Ou said so, he walked out with the others. Everyone understood very well, and left quickly, even Zhu Qing also left obediently at Ying Fei’s signal.

Hua Qing Si and Chi Yue were left alone in the room with Yang Kai.

“I’ll go first.” Hua Qing Si smiled with pursed lips before she sat down cross-legged in front of Yang Kai.

“Close your eyes!” Yang Kai ordered.

Hua Qing Si glared at him with a look that said ‘how advantageous for you’, but still slowly closed her eyes.

Everyone saw the process of Yang Kai expelling the insects just now. He had to point and tap on one’s body with his finger, moreover, he had to touch such a sensitive part like the chest. It did not matter to men, but the two women, Hua Qing Si and Chi Yue, would be quite a bit more uncomfortable with it, and naturally did not want to be seen by the others.

But there was no other way. The Heart-Strangling Insect was, as its name implied, specialized in damaging the heart, so it hid in one’s chest. Yang Kai was helpless to do otherwise.

Yang Kai proceeded with the same method, and soon Hua Qing Si spat out a blood arrow.

Yang Kai stretched his hand out and grabbed the blood arrow before pushing his Emperor Qi fiercely for a moment, using quite a bit more effort than Zhu Qing required to finally kill the insect.

Hua Qing Si straightened up and glanced at Yang Kai with a smile, then pushed the door to leave with a meaningful look.

Knowing that this process was inevitable, Chi Yue could not help sighing before she sat in front of Yang Kai and warned uncomfortably, “Yang Boy, don’t get any stray thoughts.”

Yang Kai felt awkward and quickly explained, “How can I? Senior, don’t be ridiculous. Although I can proceed without touching, it would not be safe. This is the only way.”

Chi Yue remarked, “I know! Let’s get this over with.”

She closed her beautiful eyes and put on a look of resignation, though nervousness was clearly etched on her face.

The person before Yang Kai was his mother-in-law; therefore, Yang Kai felt embarrassed for a while at first and did not know where he should start. But in the end, he decided to just brace himself to focus on expelling the insect.

When his finger brushed across Chi Yue’s body, Yang Kai obviously felt her tremble. Her cheeks were flushed red, as if they were burning, and when his finger crossed her chest, the scarlet flush on her face deepened. Her muscles became tense, and the power inside her body started to resist involuntarily.

If Yang Kai’s strength was not far above her own, the delicate thread of power he was using would have been easily suppressed by her. If that happened, it could lead to serious complications, or worse, a severe backlash.

After going through a lot of hardship though, the insect was finally expelled out of Chi Yue’s body.

Chi Yue got up and turned around to leave quickly, but when she reached the door, she suddenly turned around and warned solemnly, “Never tell Qing Luo about this.”

“En, en, en!” Yang Kai nodded endlessly, “I’ll die before I talk!”

But soon, he regained his senses and thought to himself, [I only removed the insect for her and didn’t do anything that can be considered offensive. Why does it have to be so secretive?]

Yang Kai was frozen in place for a long time before he shook his head and stood up.

Now that the necessary matters had been settled, it was time to take a look at the couple dozen Emperor Realm Masters, because he could not just keep them confined in the Mountains and Rivers Bell forever.

With a flicker, Yang Kai came to the battlefield from a few days ago.

No one was here, but the surrounding structures were all levelled, leaving only an ancient bell.

With a single thought, Yang Kai summoned the Mountains and Rivers Bell back to him. From a giant house size, it rapidly shrunk until it fit in the palm of his hand.

Twenty or so Emperor Realm Masters walked out anxiously from where the Mountains and Rivers Bell had originally sat in the next moment. Some of these people looked unwell, and from their auras, it was apparent that they were somewhat injured, all of them soon sitting down cross-legged to heal their injuries with anxious looks on their faces.

Yang Kai glanced around at the injured Emperor Realm Masters and asked curiously, “What happened?”

He remembered clearly that these people were fine when they were confined in the Mountains and Rivers Bell, so why were they injured now after a few days? Could there have been a fight inside?

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