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«Martial Peak (Web Novel) - Chapter 2708, The Dragon Clan Has Three Proclivities

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Chapter 2708, The Dragon Clan Has Three Proclivities

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Yang Kai checked the Space Ring carefully with a heart of excitement and expectation.

But soon, he furrowed his brows and his expression became strange. As time passed, his face turned uglier, and pulsing veins surfaced on his forehead. Finally, he could not stand it anymore and looked up at Zhu Qing, “What are these!?”

“What? Is there nothing you like?” Zhu Qing looked back at him in shock as she thought to herself, [Impossible, all of the treasures I’ve collected over the years through hardship and struggle are in that ring! Each of them is incredibly precious to me, it simply can’t be that he isn’t interested in a single one of them!]

“Like your uncle!” Yang Kai lost his temper and took out a jade hairpin from the Space Ring. It was a beautiful, radiant jade hairpin, but it was only a Dao Source Grade Low-Rank artifact, and the energy fluctuations it gave off were on the weaker side, just like a low-quality protective artifact. “Is this what you call a good thing?”

Yang Kai felt cheated, and his heart hurt greatly.

Zhu Qing looked at him nervously, and reminded him, “Be gentle with it. Don’t break it.”

It was as if she really thought of this jade hairpin as some wonderful treasure.

Yang Kai was boiling mad.

Zhu Qing hurriedly comforted, “If you don’t like it, look at the others. There are many more good things.”

Yang Kai casually took out another dozen items from the Space Ring. Some of these were artifacts, while some were objects he could not even identify, while others were nothing more than strange stones.

All of them were sparkled brilliantly, having attractive outward appearances, glittering so brightly they could dazzle one’s eyes.

Nevertheless, these things were totally worthless to an Emperor Realm Master like Yang Kai. They had no value as cultivation resources or as artifacts, but Zhu Qing actually put them into her Space Ring like true treasures.

Yang Kai could not believe that this was actually a Dragon’s Space Ring. He really wanted to pluck out his eyes, polish them, and check if he wasn’t seeing things.

“Is there anything you like or you want? I can trade any one of them with you.” Zhu Qing did not seem to be aware that her things were all trash and looked at Yang Kai with bright eyes, putting on a face that told Yang Kai she really thought ‘it’s a steal.’

“Are you really this foolish or are you just pretending to be?” Yang Kai sneered.

“What do you mean!?” Zhu Qing became a little irritated, sensing the mocking tone in Yang Kai’s voice.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment, then suddenly mentioned, “I heard that the Dragon Clan has three proclivities. Is that really true?”

“Three proclivities, what are they?” Zhu Qing asked curiously. She had lived on Dragon Island since she was born and this was her first time leaving to travel the Star Boundary. Therefore, she had never heard of this ‘three proclivities’ saying.

Yang Kai sighed, “Sleep, shiny objects, and… well, you know!”

“What?” Zhu Qing stared at him zealously, “Say it.”

Yang Kai glared at her angrily, “Don’t ask so much, child.”

“You’re the child! Your whole family are children!” Zhu Qing fumed.

Yang Kai was too lazy to argue with her and simply laughed, “Anyway, all your things are trash to me. I don’t think there’s a point in trading with you.” Then he threw the Space Ring back.

The problem was that this Dragon Girl did not even have a single Source Crystal in her Space Ring, making him wonder just what she usually used for cultivation. Perhaps the Dragon Clan did not require Source Crystals to cultivate; after all, Dragons were Divine Spirits, or more bluntly, Monster Beasts, and Yang Kai had never seen any Monster Race need Source Crystals to cultivate. The Monster Race always cultivated by absorbing World Energy directly, or through consuming different kinds of precious treasures or Monster Cores of other Monster Beasts.

“How is that possible!?” Zhu Qing was infuriated, showing a face that screamed ‘you can insult me but not my treasures.’

But when she remembered that she was currently asking a favour from Yang Kai, her anger instantly halved as she continued, “If you don’t like these, what about these things?” She stammered.

Saying so, she suddenly stretched out her hand and turned it over. A basin-sized scale immediately appeared on one of her little snow-white hands, while a small jade bottle appeared on the other.

“A Dragon Scale!” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he felt the rich Dragon Qi exuding out of the scale.

He reached out and picked up the Dragon Scale and jade bottle, gently caressing the former as he examined it.

He once obtained a Dragon Scale back in Heng Luo Star Field. Later on, he refined it, and now it enhanced the power of his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique.

If he could refine another Dragon Scale, the power of his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique would surely increase again.

As he caressed this Dragon Scale, Yang Kai sensed a familiar lingering about it. He quickly understood that this should be Zhu Qing’s own Dragon Scale and it had probably been shed by her not long ago. Thinking so, he glanced at her thoughtfully.

He found that Zhu Qing’s face was flushed red, looking quite uncomfortable. Yang Kai was confused by this and wondered why she was acting shy all of sudden.

In fact, just as Yang Kai expected, the Dragon Scale was indeed a shed Dragon Scale from Zhu Qing. It was once a part of her body, so seeing Yang Kai gently caressing it gave her a feeling as if he was touching her body.

The scenes where she was molested by Yang Kai involuntarily resurfaced in her mind, so it was unavoidable for her to feel embarrassed.

Fortunately, Yang Kai did not continue for long. After a short moment, he put down the Dragon Scale and opened the jade bottle.

A faint dragon roar came out of the jade bottle and a dense, hot red light suddenly burst out from it.

Yang Kai looked inside the jade bottle and saw a drop of crimson blood that morphed into the shape of a dragon, trying to rush out like a burning flame.

“True Dragon Blood!” Yang Kai shouted and quickly closed the jade bottle.

“How about these two things for your Dragons Island Token?” Zhu Qing looked at Yang Kai uncomfortably.

Yang Kai pondered for a while, and nodded, “They are indeed good things, but… in your opinion, is a Dragon Island Token only worth this much?”

Zhu Qing pursed her red lips and replied in a low voice, “Impossible.”

She was honest to a fault, giving Yang Kai a better impression of her, but he did not know that this was just part of the Dragon Clan’s innate nature, so proud that they absolutely disdained to lie or cheat others.

“But didn’t you refine a number of Dragon Artifacts? If you refine these two, the power of your Dragon Transformation Secret Technique will definitely increase,” Zhu Qing tried to convince him.

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “When you first saw me, you mentioned that I refined something that I shouldn’t have. Did you mean those Dragon Artifacts?”

He only figured this out after learning of Zhu Qing’s identity.

Any Dragon Artifact was originally a part of a Dragon’s body, so as a Dragon Girl, Zhu Qing naturally had to punish a mere Human who dared to refine a Dragon Artifact to protect the dignity of her Dragon Clan.

But she did not expect that she would be subdued instead.

If this wasn’t the case, why would she have caused him trouble as soon as she met him when she had neither grudge nor grievances against him?

“Since you know that I have refined several Dragon Artifacts, how much strength will I gain by adding these two things?” Yang Kai grinned before tossing the Dragon Scale and jade bottle back to Zhu Qing. He then played with the Dragon Island Token in his hand and saying, “This thing is really a rare treasure, definitely worth holding onto.”

“But…” Zhu Qing frowned, “Aren’t we friends?”

“Friends are friends, business is business; the two are separate matters!” Yang Kai replied solemnly, “Good, good, I need to rest. You can leave.”

Zhu Qing did not want to agree and stared at him with her pair of big eyes.

Yang Kai’s face darkened, “If you don’t go, I’ll activate my Dragon Clan Source. A man and a woman alone in a single room… you can’t blame me for what will happen next. After the fact, don’t say I didn’t treat you as a friend!”

Zhu Qing was taken aback for a moment, then quickly stomped her foot and disappeared.

The Ancestral Dragon Source had an absolute suppressive power on her and she would still be unable to resist it even if her Bloodline improved a few levels. If Yang Kai really activated the Ancestral Dragon Source, she was the one who would surely suffer a loss.

After sending away Zhu Qing, Yang Kai grinned.

After checking the loot earlier, he realized he gained a lot. There were hundreds of millions of High-Rank Source Crystals, not to mention other treasures.

These were not the most important though, as they could not help him in becoming stronger. However, the Golden Armour Heavenly Book that he obtained from Tan Jun Hao was quite interesting. If he could refine it, it would definitely boost his combat capabilities greatly.

Yang Kai took out the Golden Armour Heavenly Book and wanted to have a good look at it, wondering just how many abilities it had. Unfortunately, without refining it, he realized that he could not even open it no matter how hard he tried, so he decided to start with that. Erasing Tan Jun Hao’s Soul Imprint, Yang Kai began slowly pouring his Emperor Qi and Spiritual Energy into it to refine this Emperor Artifact.

In the meantime, Zhu Qing returned to her room and immediately took out her Dragon Talisman. After activating it, an old voice sounded, “Is it done?”

Zhu Qing replied respectfully, “Not yet.”

“Since you’ve yet to succeed, why contact me?”

Zhu Qing answered, “Qing’er has found the last Dragon Island Token.”

The old voice responded, “You’re quite lucky. Four others have gone out to search for it, but you are the first to have any luck locating it. Did you obtain the Dragon Island Token?”

Zhu Qing replied shamefully, “Also no…”

The old voice sounded again, “Quickly acquire it. It is a treasure that cannot fall into the hands of an outsider. Get it back by any means necessary, even if you have to take it by force. With your strength, there are not many people in the world who can be your opponent.”

Zhu Qing answered, “This is the difficult part for Qing’er. The owner of the Dragon Island Token is none other than the person Qing’er mentioned to you before. Therefore… taking it back is not going to be easy.”

“The Dragon Island Token is in his hands too?” The Dragon Clan Elder was flabbergasted, wondering if this was luck or destiny.

If it was anyone else, Zhu Qing could simply snatch it with her strength. Unfortunately, this person possessed the Ancestral Dragon Source, so even if Zhu Qing was technically stronger than him, she would be rendered powerless by the suppression of the Ancestral Source.

“Qing’er invited him to Dragon Island, but he declined. Qing’er doesn’t know what to do now. Elder, please give me your guidance.”

The Dragon Talisman went silent for a long time, as if there was no simple solution to this problem, but eventually the old voice asked, “Has he done anything of note recently?”


“Tell me the details!”

Zhu Qing then reported about the battle between Yang Kai and the Emperor Realm Masters to the Elder.

After she finished, the Dragon Talisman asked with some surprise, “Is he really so incredible? Able to kill Second-Order and Third-Order Emperors with just a First-Order Emperor Realm cultivation? A Star Soul Palace Elder no less?”

Zhu Qing replied, “It should be true, though Qing’er didn’t witness it with her own eyes.”

“Then it’s simple,” the voice from the Dragon Talisman said, full of confidence, “Just tell him this…”

Zhu Qing listened carefully while nodding from time to time.

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