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«Martial Peak (Web Novel) - Chapter 2707, I’ll Trade You Something For It

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Chapter 2707, I’ll Trade You Something For It

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“Of course it’s real!” Yang Kai grinned then put away the Dragon Island Token. After a pause, he asked, “Oh right, I heard that with a Dragon Island Token, I can go to Dragon Island and make a request from your Dragon Clan as long as they can meet it. Is that true?”

Zhu Qing answered, “Of course it’s true.”

“Can I make any kind of request?” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he finally realized the value of this Dragon Island Token.

“Indeed, as long as we can meet it without violating the principles of the Dragon Clan.” Zhu Qing nodded.

Yang Kai nodded lightly, wondering if he could go to Dragon Island and ask for permission from the Dragon Clan to exchange Zhu Qing with this Dragon Island Token. Of course, if he did that, it would likely be seen as a huge insult to the Dragon Clan.

Yang Kai shook his head and stopped thinking about it, then continued to check for other possessions Tan Jun Hao might have.

“Do you… want to go to Dragon Island?” Zhu Qing got excited and asked softly.

If she could persuade Yang Kai to take the Dragon Island Token to Dragon Island, her mission would be completed. The last Dragon Island Token was found, and if the person who possessed the Ancestral Dragon Source could be invited to Dragon Island too, she would earn enough merits to enter the Restricted Area to improve her Bloodline Power.

“Go there for what?” Yang Kai shook his head as he sorted through the treasures.

Zhu Qing blurted anxiously, “Don’t you have any wishes? Use this Dragon Island Token, our Dragon Clan will grant any request you might have that we are able to.”

“Actually, there is one thing I want!” Yang Kai suddenly lifted his head, as if he remembered something.

“What is it? Let’s hear it,” Zhu Qing asked.

“I came from a Lower Star Field named Heng Luo Star Field. I wanted to take a trip back there. Can your Dragon Island send me there?” Yang Kai asked as he looked at Zhu Qing. Now that he had settled in the Star Boundary and had his own territory, he could bring his friends and family over here to enjoy a better and safer cultivation environment.

However, he had no idea how to return to Heng Luo Star Field. Initially, he wanted to find Yang Yan to ask her, but since he had a Dragon Island Token, perhaps he could ask the Dragon Clan for help.

The Dragon Clan had existed for so many years and were familiar with almost every matter in this world, so they surely knew of a way for him to return to Heng Luo Star Field.

“Send you to a Lower Star Field?” Zhu Qing frowned at his words.

“Is it difficult?” Yang Kai saw her face and understood that this would not be as simple as he imagined.

Zhu Qing answered, “It’s indeed difficult. You should know that since the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor destroyed many Lower Star Fields, all the channels between the Star Boundary and those Star Fields were sealed, making it all but impossible to travel between Star Fields and the Star Boundary.”

Yang Kai had heard of this before. Tens of thousands of years ago, it was not a difficult task for a person from the Star Boundary to visit a Lower Star Field, though it was not cheap either. However, ever since the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor’s reign of terror, all the channels connected to the Lower Star Fields were sealed because there was a fear that powerful Masters would break into these Star Fields and wreak havoc again. The strength of the cultivators in those Star Fields was not high, with the strongest just being Origin Kings, some not even having Origin Kings at all.

Any Dao Source Realm cultivator from the Star Boundary could wipe out billions of people if they wanted to. The Heaven Devouring Great Emperor was the best example. Countless Star Fields had been destroyed at his hands back then. Wherever he went, he would devour all the Star Sources he found, smashing Cultivation Stars and killing trillions.

“Now all those sealed channels are guarded by the Star Court. There is also a Great Emperor assuming command there year-round. No one can break through such a heavy guard.”

“Star Court?” Yang Kai furrowed his brow.

Zhu Qing explained, “The Star Court is an exceptionally powerful organization in the Star Boundary. It’s not a Sect per say; rather, it was jointly created by the current Ten Great Emperors. They each take turns guarding its headquarters where the entrances to the sealed channels are. As far as I know, Iron Blood Great Emperor is the current guardian of the Star Court! Among the Ten Great Emperors, he is also the strongest in battle.”

“I’ve never even heard of such an organization,” Yang Kai revealed a surprised face, feeling greatly enlightened.

Zhu Qing smiled lightly, “The Star Court is a very mysterious entity, and it is impossible for the common people to hear about it. Perhaps the Seniors in your family or Sect would know. You should ask them if you want more details.”

A realization dawned on Yang Kai at that moment.

The other Emperor Realm Masters with profound origins might hear about the Star Court from their Elders; however, Yang Kai had always been a loner and it had not been long since he came to the Star Boundary, so who could have told him about this?

“The majesty of the Star Court cannot be challenged. It is not only created by the Ten Great Emperors, but it is also said that other hidden Great Emperor level Masters belong to it, so even our Dragon Clan can’t afford to provoke them easily.”

“Other Great Emperors!” Yang Kai was startled, “Aren’t there only ten Great Emperors?”

Zhu Qing laughed, “Who told you there were only ten?”

Yang Kai was speechless.

It was true. No one told him there were only ten Great Emperors, it was just that he kept hearing others mention ‘The Ten Great Emperors’ and subconsciously thought that there were only ten of them.

“Great Emperors have very long lifespans, and although they are not immortal, with lives as long as the Heavens themselves, they wouldn’t die easily. Over the years, although it is very hard to reach the level of a Great Emperor, there are always some amazing and talented people who reach that height successfully. However, no one knows about them. Take our Dragon Clan’s Great Elder, he is comparable to a Great Emperor, but not counted among the Ten Great Emperors.”

“How about you?” Yang Kai questioned.

Zhu Qing smiled with a pursed lip, “I’m still far away from that level. A Great Emperor… is a special existence that no ordinary person can become.”

“Then I’ll have to work hard,” Yang Kai put on a serious face.

Zhu Qing glanced at him doubtfully, but found that he was not joking, instead seemingly highly motivated to challenge the mountain known as ‘Great Emperor’. Seeing this, she scoffed silently. If ‘Great Emperor’ was a title that could be achieved by merely working hard, there would be many more Great Emperors in the world now.

But on second thought, it may not be impossible… for the person in front of her.

Despite being heavily outnumbered, a First-Order Emperor actually killed so many enemies with higher cultivations.

This was an unbelievable feat. How many of those Great Emperors could achieve a similar victory when they were as young and weak as Yang Kai was?

Having a vision could make one strive with goal and motivation. For a moment, Zhu Qing was moved.

“So, if one wants to go to the Lower Star Field, they have to pass through the Star Court first?” Yang Kai asked humbly.

“Indeed, but that is no simple task. Don’t be reckless.”

Yang Kai acknowledged it casually, feeling somewhat troubled. Initially, he wanted to find a chance to see if he could return to the Heng Luo Star Field on his own; after all, he was skilled in the Dao of Space, so once he confirmed the location of Heng Luo Star Field, he might be able to break through the world barriers and reach it.

But now, knowing that a mysterious Star Court was guarding the boundaries of the world, Yang Kai would definitely need to overcome them if he wanted to return.

“Then do you want to go to Dragon Island?” Zhu Qing stared at Yang Kai eagerly.

Yang Kai looked up at her, “Does Dragon Island have any way to make the Star Court open the channel and send me back?”

Zhu Qing shook her head. There was no need to ponder at all. Although Dragon Island was outstanding, the Star Court was an existence that involved the entire Star Boundary, so it was unlikely they would do Dragon Island a favour like this. Otherwise, the sealed channels would be opened every other day and there would be no point in having the Star Court.

“Then why should I go?” Yang Kai waved his hand.

“You can ask for something else,” Zhu Qing looked worried and quickly came up with an idea, “Right, you are just a First-Order Emperor Realm Master now. If you go to Dragon Island and cultivate there, it could increase your cultivation speed greatly and you could reach the Third-Order Emperor Realm in less than a hundred years.”

“A whole hundred years!” Yang Kai could not help rolling his eyes, thinking, [I haven’t even been cultivating for a hundred years yet, and I’m already a First-Order Emperor. Moreover, I’m already at the peak of my current realm and could easily break through to the Second-Order as long as the opportunity presented itself. If I needed a hundred years to reach the Third-Order Emperor Realm, I would rather just die.]

“A hundred years is considered short. Just look around the Star Boundary, there are not many places for cultivating as good as Dragon Island. As long as you present the Dragon Island Token, I can assure you that our Elder will arrange the best cultivation paradise for you to use,” Zhu Qing tried her best to persuade him.

“Maybe next time. I’ll go to your Dragon Island to have a look when I’ve figured out what request I’d like to make,” Yang Kai responded casually.

“Then… how long will you take to figure that out?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “Not sure. Maybe I’ll never go if I don’t ever need your help.”

Zhu Qing’s face darkened. After hesitating for a moment, she asked, “Then… Can you give me the Dragon Island Token?”

“Give it to you?” Yang Kai could not hold his laughter, secretly thinking, [Our relationship cannot even be considered close, right? This girl really doesn’t have any manners and dares to say whatever she wants.]

Zhu Qing pressed on, “Of course I won’t ask for it for nothing. I’ll trade you something for it. To be honest, the reason I left the island this time was to trace the whereabouts of this Dragon Island Token. Now that I finally found it, I can complete my mission as long as I can collect it. Can you… help me please?”

It was really hard for a Dragon like her to beg someone, so her cheeks burned with dreadful shame.

Yang Kai frowned, and replied after pondering for a while, “For the sake of you saving me last time, I can give you a chance.”

Zhu Qing’s face turned happy, but before she could speak, Yang Kai raised his hand, “Remember, just one chance. If you don’t have something I want, then forget it.”

Zhu Qing nodded repeatedly, took down the Space Ring on her hand, and threw it directly to Yang Kai, “I have a lot of good things. See what you want and take anything you like. I just want the Dragon Island Token!”

“So generous!” Yang Kai was stunned. A Space Ring usually contained all the most valuable treasures and private possessions of a cultivator, but Zhu Qing actually tossed her Space Ring to him without a second thought. Obviously, the Dragon Island Token was very important to her, and she was ready to pay any price to obtain it.

[This girl definitely doesn’t know the truth that everyone wants to gain the most in every deal. Since she just exposed her capital like this… she can’t blame this Young Master for being merciless.]

Besides, Yang Kai also wondered what good things a Dragon Girl like her could have.

He scanned the Space Ring with his Divine Sense and was immediately dazzled by the piles of sparkling objects as he probed.

[Wow, it seems like there are many good things here,] Yang Kai was ecstatic and began checking things more carefully.

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