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«Martial Peak (Web Novel) - Chapter 2705, Did I Hurt You?

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Chapter 2705, Did I Hurt You?

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“Monster King…” Yang Kai called out feebly, hammering his fist on the ground, desperate to create some noise.

The situation was not good. He usually would not have any problems facing this devilish woman, Zhu Qing, but he just experienced a near-fatal battle, and he was extremely weak. It was not safe to be alone with her.

He had to alert Ying Fei to come over and guard him.

“What are you shouting for? He won’t be able to find you for a while.” Zhu Qing looked at the half-dead Yang Kai gleefully, a smirk on her lips as she walked over and squatted next to the top of his head, her feet stepping on the corners of her skirt to avoid exposing her intimates, her face resting on her hand as she peered at him with interest.

Yang Kai glared at her like she was a formidable new enemy and asked vigilantly, “Then how did you find me so soon?”

“Dragon Qi. I’m a Dragon, so if I search for your Dragon Qi, I can naturally find you!” Zhu Qing reached out and poked the Dragon Scales on Yang Kai’s chest.

Yang Kai let out a hiss, his face scrunching up in pain when Zhu Qing poked at his already bone-bearing wound with a force considered neither light nor heavy.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” Zhu Qing stretched her hand to cover her crimson lips, looking at Yang Kai with feigned embarrassment, like a child who did something wrong; but she did not bother concealing the sly glow in her eyes.

“It’s just a scratch, not even worth mentioning!” Yang Kai snorted defiantly, refusing to admit he was in pain. One must not lose composure before their enemies.

“Really!” Zhu Qing sneered menacingly and thrust her slender finger onto the wound on Yang Kai’s shoulder.

“What are you doing?!” Yang Kai was furious as he roared internally, [If this Young Master wasn’t in such a weak state, he would have smacked your behind until it was blood red!]

Zhu Qing smiled without saying a word and continued to poke, poke, poke, poke…

She pretended to ask with concern, “Does it hurt? I bet such a big wound would hurt!”

The changes in Yang Kai’s face were incredibly entertaining to her. He gritted his teeth and said nothing, but anger grew inside of him, vowing that if she didn’t kill him today, he would return her ‘concern’ a hundred times over in the future.

“Does it hurt?” Zhu Qing asked again with the same feigned concern, but the force she used intensified, actually drilling her nail into an open wound, probing it back and forth.

Tears rolled down from the corner of Yang Kai’s eye as the feeling of being trampled on because of his current weakness could not help filling his heart.

He twisted his head and stared between Zhu Qing’s legs, commenting solemnly, “Little girl, your underwear is exposed.”

Zhu Qing was stunned and quickly looked down to check.

At that moment, Yang Kai activated his Golden Divine Dragon Source Strength violently, releasing a golden radiance that covered him and Zhu Qing together.

Zhu Qing snorted involuntarily, as if she had received a terrible shock, and her small face turned slightly pale.

Yang Kai stretched out his arms in that opening and grabbed her neck with all the force he could muster, pulling Zhu Qing down fiercely, directly making her fall to her knees in front of him, unable to resist at all.

With a loud thump, the two heads banged into each other.

Yang Kai felt the world spin for a moment and almost fainted, but still accurately captured her crimson lips with his own, his tongue swimming out like a dragon leaping from the sea, prying her teeth apart and savouring her sweet taste wantonly.

“Ugh…” Zhu Qing grunted, her eyes widening in an instant.

Although it was not the first time, it was still unbearable to have such intimate contact with this hooligan. It was as though an all-conquering spear was sweeping left and right in her mouth, exuding a magical force, overwhelming her mind. A numb and tingly feeling immediately filled her head, and she could not muster any of her strength at all. At the same time, the temperature of her whole body gradually increased to an extreme high.

The two seemed to have frozen on the square full of corpses, blood, and guts, like time itself had stopped flowing around them.

The golden light gradually dissipated, and the Golden Divine Dragon Source Strength gradually faded.

Without the suppression of the Golden Divine Dragon Source, Zhu Qing pulled her head away immediately and got rid of Yang Kai’s reckless entanglement. Her beautiful eyes were boiling with anger, like a volcano about to erupt, and her rich peaks heaved up and down violently as she gritted his teeth, “You… Impudence!”

Her lungs almost exploded in fury from the fact that a trivial Human had indecently assaulted her once again.

“Hahaha…” Yang Kai lay splayed on the ground shamelessly, with his limbs spread out. It was a very embarrassing sight, but he kept laughing wickedly and continued to taunt her, “Go on, do it, I will have a glorious death nonetheless, but after you kill me, I’m afraid you’ll remain a widow for the rest of your life!”

He spoke as if Zhu Qing was already his woman.

Zhu Qing’s face turned so cold that a layer of frost could be scraped off of it. She clenched her teeth, raised a pink fist, and aimed at Yang Kai’s face fiercely.

“You… Da…!” Yang Kai yelled, but before he could finish, his eyes rolled back and he passed out completely.


His head felt heavy, and a throbbing headache haunted him. His body was weak and feeble, as if he had returned to his early years when he was a cripple. It had been a long time since Yang Kai felt this way.

He flitted in and out of consciousness, but vaguely heard some familiar voices and saw some familiar faces appearing in his dim vision during his brief moments of awareness. He wanted to see clearly but was too weak to do so. He tried to extend his hand, but it was like trying to grasp the moon in the well.

At a certain moment, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and his murky consciousness became clear.

“Young Master Yang!”

“Yang Kai!”

“Sect Master!”

Shouts rang loudly in his ears. Yang Kai looked around and saw Ying Fei, Ye Hen, Ye Jing Han and the others gathered around him, their eyes full of concern, only displaying relief when they saw him really awake.

“I’m not dead…” Yang Kai muttered softly.

Ying Fei explained, “Young Master Yang, your consumption was too great from the battle, and you suffered serious injuries. You fell into a coma. Fortunately… Young Lady Zhu Qing was the first to find you and stayed by your side. Otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous if you were taken advantage of by others.”

Just the thought of it was terrifying. Yang Kai was in a deep coma at that time, and if he had been discovered by someone with nefarious intentions, he would probably already be dead.

Even though the Five Elements Grand Sealing Array was deactivated by Yang Kai, the Eight Sides Yuan Shielding Array was still functioning, so Ying Fei and the others had to wait for Gong Tai to crack that Spirit Array before they could rejoin the separated spaces and get out of their room.

“Zhu Qing…” Yang Kai was stunned.

Ying Fei smiled in affirmation, “It was Young Lady Zhu Qing who protected you while you were unconscious.”

As he spoke, he stole a glance to the side with a meaningful smile, probably thinking there was something going on between Yang Kai and Zhu Qing. After all, the two of them were caught embracing one another out in the wild mountains…

Yang Kai looked over and saw Zhu Qing standing there, her expression rather complex.

Yang Kai grinned grimly, thinking that if it wasn’t for this devilish woman, he would not have fainted.

But Yang Kai was surprised that she did not use the opportunity to take advantage of him, or even kill him. It seemed… she really did not hold any malice towards him. Could he have misunderstood her all along?

“Em… even my body was washed and my clothes changed!” Yang Kai realized that the blood on his body was gone and he was wearing a clean set of robes.

Was it Zhu Qing? The simple thought made him a little excited…

“It was me!” Ai Ou seemed to have seen through Yang Kai’s fanciful thoughts and snorted coldly, “Do you have an opinion?”

Yang Kai’s face darkened and he replied hurriedly, “Thank you Sir father-in-law, how can this son-in-law have any opinions?”

“Hmph, you’ve been roaming around outside all on your own and doing such a bad job on protecting yourself. What’s going to happen if Yue’er and the others had to become widows?” Ai Ou reprimanded.

“Yes, yes!” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly as he truly was guilty in this case.

Gu Cang Yun quickly assisted from the side, “We can only blame ourselves for being too weak, forcing Sect Master Yang to help us like this.”

Ai Ou sighed, “Don’t be so reckless next time.” His words were full of concern. He paused and said hesitantly, “Fifth Sister…”

Yang Kai took a moment before he could react, and hurriedly assured, “She is fine, I will let her out now.”

With a wave, Chi Yue was brought out from the Sealed World Bead.

Zhu Qing stared at this unexpected scene in astonishment.

After everyone was reunited, and another round of questioning was had, Chi Yue couldn’t help feeling responsible for Yang Kai’s injuries.

“Everyone, let’s leave Young Master Yang to rest for a while,” Ying Fei quickly suggested when he noticed that the rowdy group was going to continue to pester Yang Kai.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Gui Zu nodded, “Everything else can be discussed when Sect Master recovers.”

With that said, everyone left one after another.

Zhu Qing did not say a word and silently blended into the group to exit the room.

“Wait… Qing’er, could you stay back? I have something to ask you.” Yang Kai stopped her.

Zhu Qing paused when she heard Yang Kai address her so intimately, her brow furrowing in irritation before she nodded reluctantly.

She, too, needed an opportunity to chat with Yang Kai alone.

On the contrary, Chi Yue and Ai Ou turned their heads abruptly to give Yang Kai a meaningful look before turning back and walking out.

After a while, everyone else had left the room.

Yang Kai got up from the bed, sat cross-legged, and began using his Divine Sense to examine himself.

At a glance, Yang Kai was quite surprised.

He found that his strength… seemed to have improved. He examined himself again in disbelief and found that it had indeed improved. Although he had not reached the Second-Order Emperor Realm, he had definitely reached the peak of the First-Order Emperor Realm. He was now much stronger than before this incident.

A few days ago, he had to deal with the attacks of nearly thirty Emperor Realm Masters, followed by the one hundred Emperor Realm Monster Beasts summoned from the Golden Armour Heavenly Book, and then fought against Tan Jun Hao, finally obtaining a hard-earned victory.

He was completely drained of both Spiritual Energy and Emperor Qi, pushed to his limits in a life or death battle, and apparently gained many benefits after emerging the winner.

Although he was not in peak shape yet, as long as he fully recovered, he could definitely exert much greater strength than before, and he would not suffer so much if he ever encountered another battle like that again.

It was something worth celebrating.

He checked his injuries again and found that there were no major wounds left. The powerful Golden Blood had been working well in restoring his physique during the past few days of coma. The wounds on his chest and shoulders were almost completely healed while his over-exerted Spiritual Energy was completely replenished thanks to the nourishment of the Soul Warming Lotus.

He probably would be back to his usual self after another one or two days of rest and meditation.

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