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«Martial Peak (Web Novel) - Chapter 2034, Bidding War

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Chapter 2034, Bidding War

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Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

The man surnamed Han was a Second-Order Dao Source Realm master, a man who could stand shoulder to shoulder with City Lord Duan Yuan Shan, so even if he was warned by Drunkard just now, he still didn’t care about it. Obviously, he wanted to repeat the same threat he just used to put a little pressure on the bidder in the next room, forcing him to retreat.

Swiftly, the powerful Divine Sense of a Second-Order Dao Source Realm master broke through the barrier of the private room.

But what the man surnamed Han didn’t expect was that before he could exert any kind of pressure, a burst of Spiritual Energy that was in no way inferior to his own immediately surged out of the room, blocking his Divine Sense.

The man surnamed Han’s pupils instantly constricted. but he was still too late to withdraw his Divine Sense so he could only grit his teeth and meet his opponent head-on.

An invisible clash happened inside the auction hall as the Divine Sense of the man surnamed Han was pushed back, causing him and the other master to let out stifled grunts.

This collision of Spiritual Energy had ended in a draw.

“Second-Order Dao Source Realm!” The man surnamed Han’s face turned black as he now understood why the man who had just placed a bid, sounded so arrogant. It was because he had the protection of a true master. Obviously whoever was in this room did not have a small background.

The man surnamed Han couldn’t help looking gloomy.

“Haha, this Young Lord had already bid 4.5 million, is there anyone willing to offer more? If not, then this Artifact Spirit will belong to this Young Lord,” the man who made the last bid didn’t seem to care about the contest between the two Dao Source Realm masters and began shouting arrogantly.

Inside that private room, a middle-aged man slightly furrowed his brow as he gently rebuked, “Young Palace Master, this Fire Attribute Artifact Spirit isn’t worth 4.5 million Source Crystals. Buying it for that much will only result in a loss. What’s more, you do not cultivate a Fire Attribute Secret Art and you don’t own any powerful Fire Attribute Artifacts, so why do you want to buy it? If this matter came to be known by the Palace Master, I’m afraid…”

“You only know sh*t!” Opposite the middle-aged man was a handsome young man holding a folding fan. He was dressed like a Young Lord and when he heard the middle-aged man’s rebuke, he just pursed his lips and said, “This Young Lord indeed doesn’t cultivate a Fire Attribute Secret Art, nor does this Young Lord have a Fire Attribute artifact, but… don’t you think that this Artifact Spirit is very beautiful? Besides, this Young Lord is curious about one more thing, what will she feel like? Would she feel any different from a human? If that’s the case, heh heh, no matter how many Source Crystals are spent, this Young Lord is willing.”

The middle-aged man momentarily frowned upon hearing this, but he knew he couldn’t interfere much in the end. All he could do was shake his head and smile wryly as he knew this Young Lord of his was obsessed with women, especially the cold, mature beauties. In other words, this Artifact Spirit’s figure was perfectly in line with his Young Lord’s tastes.

“5 million!” Yang Kai in room B9 raised the bid without a change in his expression.


As soon as Yang Kai made his bid, the Young Lord quickly stood up and shouted, completely discordant with the occasion, “Do you dare to try to snatch something that this Young Lord is interested in? Are you trying to oppose my Flying Saint Palace? This Young Lord bids 5.1 million!”

Everyone immediately understood his identity when he said this.

The bidder was impressively the Young Palace Master of Flying Saint Palace, Ning Yuan Cheng!

Yang Kai was also taken aback. [No wonder I found this guy’s voice a little familiar, so it’s that Ning Yuan Cheng.]

Yang Kai had dealt with this arrogant young master more than once. The first time was when he helped Mo Xiao Qi escape from Ning Yuan Cheng’s encirclement and the second was in the Five Colored Treasure Pagoda. But as his mind was completely preoccupied with Liu Yan, Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to him and as such had failed to recognize his voice immediately.

[In that case, the Divine Sense that clashed with that man surnamed Han must be Ning Yuan Chen’s guard, Liu Yi Zhi.]

“What thing is Flying Saint Palace? If your father Ning Bo Yang was here, this Han might give him some face and give up on this Artifact Spirit, but you… hmph, you’re not worthy! 5.2 million!” The man surnamed Han shouted from his private room with a sneer.

“And who might Your Excellency be?” Ning Yuan Cheng’s face turned gloomy as he interrogated.

The man surnamed Han simply cackled, “Go back and ask your father, he will tell you who I am.”

“Damn you, how dare you look down on this Young Lord!?” Ning Yuan Cheng’s face turned livid in anger.

“Young Palace Master, this is someone else’s territory and that man surnamed Han is not someone to be taken lightly, we should… give way,” Liu Yi Zhi persuaded.

“Give way!? Why should I!? This Young Lord cannot swallow this insult. So, he dares to look down on this Young Lord? Good, we will see who has more Source Crystals then, he must be seeking death to try competing with this Young Lord!” Ning Yuan Cheng appeared to have lost his mind and immediately lashed out, “5.5 million!”

“5.6 million!” The man surnamed Han calmly raised his bid.

“6 million!”

“6.1 million!”


Unlike before, Yang Kai couldn’t even find the chance to intervene in the later bids, and when the price soared past 6 million, he knew that he had no hope.

Kang Si Ran only had 5 million Source Crystals, and Yang Kai only had a few hundred thousand, so in total he had less than 6 million. Unless he really took out some Heavy Earth as leverage, he didn’t have enough.

However, the Heavy Earth was far too precious and would only attract endless trouble if he brought it out now, so upon realizing he had no hope of winning this bidding war, Yang Kai simply fell silent.

Kang Si Ran snuck a glance at Yang Kai and couldn’t help but sigh as he tried to comfort, “Brother Yang, please accommodate change.”

Yang Kai gently nodded but didn’t speak anymore.

At this point, anyone could tell that the current competition had become something more than just trying to secure interests. If the man surnamed Han was bidding to use Liu Yan for his Black Jade Furnace, then Ning Yuan Chen was bidding to not lose his face.

And even if the man surnamed Han had amazing financial resources, he had just spent 6 million Source Crystals to buy the Black Jade Furnace, so he might not have too many left now.

When the bids rose to 7 million, the man surnamed Han’s voice sank and his face turned gloomy.

Finally, when Ning Yuan Chen shouted 7.5 million, the man surnamed Han finally fell silent.

“Ha, before you try to rob something from this Young Lord, you should consider your own worth first! This Young Lord has never missed anything he has set his eyes upon!” Ning Yuan Cheng loudly mocked.

“Young Lord, it’s best to be lenient whenever possible,” the nearby Liu Yi Zhi suggested in a whispering voice.

“And why should I? That man didn’t put this Young Lord in his eyes, so must this Young Lord kneel down and lick his feet? Nonsense!” Ning Yuan Cheng flicked open his fan and began fanning himself triumphantly.

Liu Yi Zhi sighed in resignation, knowing it would be useless to say anything more.

“Flying Saint Palace’s Young Palace Master has bid 7.5 million, does anyone have a higher bid? 7.5 million going once, going twice, going thrice, and sold. The Fire Attribute Artifact Spirit now belongs to Young Palace Master Ning, please send someone backstage and pay the Source Crystals and collect your item.” A smile appeared on Drunkard’s wrinkled face. As he was hosting the auction, he would naturally get greater benefits for selling items for better prices.

After he finished speaking, a serious look appeared on Drunkard’s face as he solemnly said, “We have arrived at the finale of the auction and at the item all of you have been waiting for. En, this old man will say nothing more and will simply present it.”

As he spoke, a maid immediately carried out a jade tray from the back.

This was the final item, the Dao Source Fruit that had been contributed by Heavenly Martial Holy Land to this time’s opening of the Five-Coloured Treasure Pagoda. For a moment, everyone’s eyes fixed onto the tray.

Many cultivators had never seen a Dao Source Fruit before, so even if they knew there was no chance for them to obtain it here, they still wished to satisfy their curiosity by taking a good look at it, perhaps giving them something to boast about in the future.

Many people came to this auction just for this Dao Source Fruit, and all of the Dao Source Realm masters in A Block private rooms had purposefully not made any bids before to save their resources, not even participating in the auction for the Black Jade Furnace or Liu Yan.

These masters came for a single purpose, the Dao Source Fruit!

On the off-chance that they could obtain this Dao Source Fruit and refine it into Dao Source Pills, they may be able to obtain five to six pills if they were lucky. In other words, they would be able to create five to six Dao Source Realm masters for their force, a massive temptation for any Sect or family.

This last auction was doomed to be a fierce competition between the big forces present.

As for Yang Kai, his mind was no longer on the auction at all.

The Dao Source Fruit might be attractive to others, but as far as he was concerned, it wasn’t even worth a glance; after all, he already had a Dao Source Fruit in his possession. More importantly, he didn’t have the financial resources to partake in this auction.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s focus was on silently sensing Liu Yan’s position.

Although there was only a subtle connection between Liu Yan and him because of the seals around the bowl she was trapped in, he could still sense her general position, allowing himself to remain calm.

Since he couldn’t compete for Liu Yan openly because of his meagre wealth, he could only choose to snatch her.

Fortunately, Ning Yuan Cheng eventually won the bid for Liu Yan, so Yang Kai would not feel the least bit burdened after robbing him. He had some grievances to settle with Ning Yuan Cheng anyway, and had even gotten into a fight with him at the entrance to the second layer of the Five Colored Treasure Pagoda.

Yang Kai didn’t care about the other members of Flying Saint Palace’s delegation, but the Second-Order Dao Source Realm Liu Yi Zhi was a bit tricky to deal with.

A Second-Order Dao Source Realm master wasn’t someone Yang Kai could face on his own currently. Fortunately, he had his two Blood Beasts, the Monster Insect Queen and the Blue Flame Thunder Wolf, one of which had the strength of a Second-Order Dao Source Realm master, while the other had strength on par with a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator. As such, it shouldn’t be too difficult for him to tie down Liu Yi Zhi if they worked together.

As long as Liu Yi Zhi was taken out of the picture, Yang Kai could easily snatch Liu Yan from Ning Yuan Cheng, who was clearly just an embroidered pillow, impressive looking on the surface, but soft and weak on the inside.

Having made up his mind, Yang Kai now had to plan carefully to limit any outside variables that could interfere with his mission.

While Yang Kai’s mind was elsewhere, the auction hall was already in full swing because of the Dao Source Fruit.

Even Kang Si Ran joined the bidding, but with his limited resources, he could only make two bids before the price soared past the point he could afford, forcing him to give up.

After someone shouted 8 million, Kang Si Ran slumped down on his chair and heaved a long sigh.

However, Yang Kai could not afford to care about this at the moment as he was focused on sensing Liu Yan’s aura which was already inside the private room of Flying Saint Palace. Apparently, the deal had already been settled with the City Lord’s Mansion; however, Ning Yuan Cheng didn’t seem to be that anxious to leave and instead stayed where he was to spectate the fierce struggle for the Dao Source Fruit.

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