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«Martial Peak (Web Novel) - Chapter 1857, We’re Friends, Not Enemies

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Chapter 1857, We’re Friends, Not Enemies

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys

The young man in the house turned out to be Shen Tu, the son of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s President Ai Ou and Xue Yue’s Second Brother!

When Yang Kai was first trapped on the floating continent, Shen Tu was among the others with him. Both of them had low strength at the time, only Saints with Shen Tu’s cultivation being slightly higher at the Third-Order.

The two had cooperated with each other on the floating continent and also formed a friendship.

Later, after escaping from the floating continent, Yang Kai followed Shen Tu to the Home Star of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce: Water Moon Star. Since then, several dozen years had passed.

Yang Kai never expected to meet Shen Tu on Purple Star, so this sudden reunion came as quite a surprise.

Shen Tu also looked at Yang Kai as if he could not believe what he was seeing. Only after Yang Kai took the initiative to say hello did Shen Tun rub his eyes vigorously and ask, “Yang Kai?”

“It is this Yang!” Yang Kai chuckled.

“Why are you here?” Shen Tu frowned and asked in amazement.

“That’s a long story… Brother Shen Tu, can you let these… en, can you calm them down?” Yang Kai looked at the other four cultivators who were glaring at him sternly.

Shen Tu gently nodded and called out, “All of you stop, Brother Yang… he’s an old acquaintance of mine!”

The four Origin Returning Realm masters looked at each other and withdrew their Saint Qi one after another. Yang Kai saw that they were no longer aggressive and withdrew the Domain.

In an instant, everyone in the pavilion regained their freedom.

“You’ve actually reached the Origin King Realm?” Shen Tu was shocked by Yang Kai’s sudden appearance just now and only now realized his true cultivation, his face filling with disbelief.

His cultivation had been slightly higher than Yang Kai’s back then, but after a few dozen years, he had only reached the First-Order Origin Returning Realm while the Yang Kai had arrived at the Origin King Realm. Comparing the two sides, it was only natural for Shen Tu to be shocked.

One had to know that breaking through from the Origin Returning Realm to the Origin King Realm was no simple feat. Throughout the ages, how many promising talents had become stuck at this juncture, unable to make progress for a lifetime?

Every cultivator that was able to break through to the Origin King Realm was not just talented, they also needed great luck and opportunity.

“I was just lucky,” Yang Kai chuckled lightly.

Shen Tu shook his head slowly. As the son of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s President, his vision and experience were naturally extraordinary, so how could he believe Yang Kai was simply ‘lucky’. Obviously, Yang Kai was just acting humble. However, this was not a good opportunity to discuss this matter. Frowning slightly, Shen Tu looked at Yang Kai with a solemn expression in silence for a while before asking in a solemn voice, “Brother Yang, I have to ask… you suddenly appearing here, are we… friends or enemies?”

“Friends… not enemies!” Yang Kai said sincerely.

Shen Tu looked overjoyed and could not help but laugh, actually walking forward and giving Yang Kai a bear hug, patting him on the back vigorously as he said, “Brother Yang, it’s been several dozen years! I’ve missed you!”

He was so enthusiastic that Yang Kai actually felt a bit embarrassed.

Shen Tu then said, “Back then, I learned that something happened to you after you took that Starship to leave Water Moon Star. Almost all the cultivators on that ship perished, and there has been no news from you since then, making this Shen Tu feel quite guilty!”

“That had nothing to do with you, it was just bad luck,” Yang Kai felt his sincerity and his heart warmed.

When he left Water Moon Star that year, he had chosen a Starship at will. No one thought that Xue Yue would also take that same Starship, becoming targeted and destroyed as a result.

When they reached a certain Asteroid Sea, they were bombarded by a special type of explosive artifact that killed everyone else aboard except for Yang Kai and Xue Yue.

It was also on that occasion that Yang Kai accidentally discovered that Xue Yue was a woman, leading to many subsequent matters.

After a while, Shen Tu let go of Yang Kai and said with emotion, “For so many years, I have been inquiring about you. Third Brother seemed to know something, but he would not say anything no matter how I asked. In fact, he would beat me severely each time!”

Shen Tu gritted his teeth in frustration, “That bastard, he’s so disrespectful! If it wasn’t for my strength being inferior, I’d have already taught him a lesson.”

Yang Kai’s face twitched slightly when he heard this. At that time, Xue Yue had lost all face in front of him, and was even taken advantage of; Shen Tu asking about that incident was nothing short of asking for a beating.

“Everything is alright now, I’ve finally seen you alive and well again,” Shen Tu exhaled heavily, as if he was breathing out all the anxiety that had been weighing his heart down for the past few decades, feeling much more relieved.

“I’ve been fine, sorry for worrying Brother Shen Tu.”

“Second Young Master, this is…” One of the Origin Returning Realm masters who had been watching patiently until now finally couldn’t help but ask.

Shen Tu laughed heartily and introduced, “This is Brother Yang Kai, he is a life and death friend with this Young Master. Come here quickly, greet Brother Yang!”

When these four heard this, they didn’t dare to neglect, quickly stepping forward and cupping their fists, “Greetings, Senior Yang!”

Yang Kai was an Origin King Realm, as well as a brother to Shen Tu, so they could not show any disrespect.

Shen Tu touched his chin and pondered for a moment before asking, “Yes, Brother Yang is now an Origin King, so should I call you Senior too?”

“Brother Shen Tu must be joking!” Yang Kai waved his hand, “However, I’m quite curious. Why are you here… and seemingly under arrest?”

Listening to what Yang Kai said, Shen Tu was immediately filled with outrage and cursed, “Damn it! This Young Master also doesn’t know what’s going on. This time, I received an order from the chamber of commerce to deliver a batch of materials ordered by Purple Star, but how was I supposed to know that I would be captured as soon as I entered Purple Star City? I still haven’t even been able to ask what this is all about, it’s a great misfortune.”

“Purple Star captured you without saying anything?” Yang Kai was shocked. “Don’t they know that you are from Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce?”

“How could they not know?” Shen Tu grumbled angrily, “That group of Purple Star bastards have truly eaten some bear hearts and leopard galls, daring to attack this Young Master! Just wait, when this Young Master escapes one day, he will bring a hundred Starships here to raze Purple Star to the ground!”

A thoughtful look appeared on Yang Kai’s face at that moment as he speculated, “So, the battle in the city during the day was related to you?”

“En,” Shen Tu nodded, “I wanted to escape, but I failed and was shamefully captured again.”

“Second Young Master, this Elder feels like Purple Star is undergoing some kind of upheaval!” A sallow-looking old man said from the side.

“Why does old Sir say that?” Yang Kai looked at him.

“It’s just a feeling. Since entering Purple Star City, this Elder felt that something was not right. It’s as if something is churning in the darkness. What’s more, they knew our identities yet they still dared to detain us for some unknown purpose… Although Purple Star is strong, it’s not stronger than our Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce. If there wasn’t something happening inside Purple Star, this Elder simply can’t comprehend their actions.”

Yang Kai nodded gently, “I also think something is happening inside Purple Star.”

“Let them sort out their own problems, this Young Master just wants to leave this damned place now,” Shen Tu said angrily before suddenly turning to Yang Kai again and asking, “By the way, Brother Yang, why are you here?”

“Haha, I’m here to steal something,” Yang Kai grinned and explained what had happened just now.

The several people in the room were dumbfounded as they directed looks of admiration towards Yang Kai.

Daring to sneak into Purple Star Palace to steal something required a boldness and courage that no ordinary master could possess. What’s more, even after being discovered, he had still managed to elude capture, causing everyone to raise their evaluation of Yang Kai’s strength once again.

“Now that I’ve alerted the enemy though, I can only put my plans aside for now,” Yang Kai helplessly rubbed his forehead.

“Brother Yang, can you leave here?” Shen Tu asked while looking at Yang Kai.

“The barrier outside is very powerful, and if I forcefully break through, I will definitely be discovered, but if you can help me attract some attention, I can leave safely.”

“Not a problem, just leave it to us,” Shen Tu grinned, “Brother Yang, can you help me bring someone a message after you leave here?”

“Who?” Yang Kai looked at him curiously.

Shen Tu leaned forward and whispered something into Yang Kai’s ear.

Yang Kai’s expression quickly became strange hearing this message.

“I’ll leave the rest up to you, Brother Yang!” Shen Tu cupped his fists sincerely.

“Rest assured, I’ll deliver your words,” Yang Kai nodded. “Don’t worry too much, I’ll find a way to get all of you out.”

“I’m not worried,” Shen Tu smiled broadly, “With my identity, these Purple Star dogs wouldn’t dare do anything extreme to me unless they really want to start a war between our two great forces.”

After saying so, he suddenly took a step back and began shouting, “Bastards! Kill me! Just kill me!”

While shouting, he winked at the other Origin Realm masters behind him.

Everyone immediately understood and began yelling while pushing their Saint Qi violently, raising as much of a fuss as they could.

The movement inside the pavilion quickly spread out, causing the expression of the Purple Star cultivators outside, who were in charge of guarding, to change dramatically.

After a moment, one of the guards called out in alarm, “Not good, they’ve gone crazy! Quickly, stop them!”

None of them dared to neglect and they quickly opened the barrier to rush inside and quell the riot.

The moment the barrier was lowered, Yang Kai’s figure flickered, and he rushed out to seek a hidden corner to conceal himself.

Inside Purple Star Palace, many masters conducted an extensive search, but none managed to discover anything.

After waiting for a long time, Yang Kai found a suitable opportunity to tear space and silently depart.

Although he failed to achieve his original objective, the unexpected discovery of Shen Tu’s situation meant Yang Kai did not leave without any gains.

Inside Clear Sky Auction House’s inner courtyard, Li Nuo was sitting cross-legged in meditation but was unable to calm her restless emotions.

“Who!?” Suddenly, Aunt Chun’s shout rang out outside.

At the same time, a man’s voice rang in Li Nuo’s ears. When she heard this voice, Li Nuo went stiff, but a look of pleasant surprise soon appeared on her face as she quickly raised her head to stare out the window.

Unfortunately, the sky was pitch black, with only the faintest rays of light appearing in the east.

Dawn was about to break!

A smile appeared at the corner of Li Nuo’s lips as she called out, “Aunt Chun, come back, the one who came is harmless. In fact, he’s brought me some good news!”

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