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«Martial King’s Retired Life (Web Novel) - Volume 11 Chapter 104 The Oriole Behind the Mantis (Part 2)

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Volume 11 Chapter 104 The Oriole Behind the Mantis (Part 2)

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Wazi’s two makers wobbled a tad upon returning to the ground. Although Moyan Luohou choked back the blood that surged up his throat, it didn’t mean he could control his injuries. In fact, his injuries had gone beyond the acceptable level, which meant that Moyan Clan was in peril.

Like he told Abels, Moyan Luohou never intended to get involved with the campaign, but he couldn’t help himself after watching Martial Paragon’s final palm attack. People tended to reminiscent the past more as they grow older. Every once in a while, Moyan Luohou would recall his first meeting with Martial Paragon. Moyan Luohou shook his head, resisting the urge to smile over the nostalgia.

The war of attrition against Chichen was the most taxing fight, while the fight against Wazi was taxing because they had to slay it before it regained its healing ability. Against Chichen, they methodically defended and attacked. Against Wazi, they focused solely on offence, using everything they recovered and took damage to impose attacks of their own.

When Wazi was cornered, it feigned retreat and then sprung back on them when they exposed themselves to a sudden attack. Compared to Wazi, Abels and Moyan Luohou weren’t expecting such a sly opponent when Chichen never used feints or anything of the sort. Nevertheless, they managed to force Wazi into a war in the end.

Abels flopped onto his back, heaving and huffing to get air back into his lungs and heavy body. “We’ve been fighting since day time, yet it’s still not over. No wonder why we needed such a big force,” he commented, referring to the sounds of conflict still audible in the night.

Moyan Luohou strolled over to Martial Paragon once he was done meditating briefly. With his visual skill, he didn’t need to check Martial Paragon’s pulse to determine the latter’s status. Feng Xue only had between ten to 20% left of his lifetime of training. Expecting him to fight again anytime soon was asking for the impossible.

Moyan Luohou attempted to transfer his internal energy via his hand and Martial Paragon’s chest, but some sort of qi within the latter made it difficult. Feng Xue’s “Sage Sovereign Origin” was an orthodox discipline, making it the polar opposite of Moyan Luohou’s in nature. Moyan Luohou placed his other hand on Feng Xue’s arm.

“He risked his life to save us. It is my duty to protect him. Please allow me to heal him in your stead,” expressed Hong Jiu.

Moyan Luohou already knew how capable Hong Jiu was, so he nodded. “I shall write off your rampage on Wanyu Peak.”

Hong Jiu: This man still bore a grudge over that?!

Hong Jiu helped Feng Xue coalesce his scattered energy. Sage Sovereign Origin emphasised nurturing. As such, once the energy congregated, it would start to flow again. Albeit sluggishly flowing, Feng Xue was out of critical condition.

Even though Hong Jiu was a practitioner of orthodox disciplines, he wasn’t well-versed in Confucian-based martial arts disciplines. Therefore, he couldn’t offer any further help. Luckily, Feng Xue had an autonomous system to protect himself. Otherwise, what Hong Jiu could’ve done would’ve been even more limited.

After Hong Jiu adjusted his breathing rhythm, he asked Abels and Moyan Luohou, “Can you kill Baidizi in your condition?” Frankly, it was wise of them to have stayed instead of moving on to Pangu’s next son.

“There won’t be a need to go,” Abels stated.

Hong Jiu knew Abels well enough to know Abels was deliberately leaving Luo Ming for dead, but he couldn’t understand if Abels was angry or admiring Luo Ming from Abels’ visage.

“Luo Ming… slew Baidizi on his own. Shen Yiren and the others are eliminating the mutated beasts that have gone wild. It seems they have it in the bag. In saying that, it won’t be easy to kill all of the mindless beasts, so it’s going to be a long war. If you don’t want any part of it, stay put. From my inspection, other beasts shouldn’t dare to venture anywhere near Wazi; we can use this place as a temporary shelter.”

As the existence closest to a dragon, Wazi didn’t want anything lowly “blaspheming” it.

“By the way, I need to inform you of something that’ll probably scare you.” Abels told them about the monster that jumped him and Moyan Luohou.

Hong Jiu couldn’t figure out what the monster was. Sima Huai, too, shook his head. Neither of them had ever heard of such a monster among Pangu’s sons.

“Also, your sixth brother…” Abels filled them in on Lian Zhuiyue’s condition in addition to where they hid him - at the bottom of a tree hole.

Seeing as things on this end had been settled, Sima Huai headed off to check on Lian Zhuiyue once he was ready. In the event that more trouble did crop up, there were plenty of people around to deal with it.

Subsequent to placing further enquiries, Hong Jiu conveyed, “Among the dragon’s son, there’s one called Crescent Eyes Baihuang. It inherits Pangu’s optical skill, but there are still no records on its appearance. If the monster is related to Pangu… I can only think of Crescent Eyes Baihuang.”

“I doubt it’s Crescent Eyes Baihuang. I believe… everyone recognises him.” Moyan Luohou shocked everyone with his conjecture. “I don’t have any proof for my assertion; it’s just a guess. Howbeit, I am usually correct when I have to guess. It’s up to you whether you believe me or not.” While listeners looked to each other, Moyan Luohou cracked a smile.

“You’re right.”

Following the two words, a freezing wind billowed against everyone. It wasn’t the imposing aura of an evil beast; it was the aura of a formidable martial artist. Her appearance helped them find the feeling of fighting another human being.

Shadow Lady cracked Hong Jiu with a thoughtless palm strike. Hong Jiu reeled over thirty metres, unaware he was bleeding the whole way to his new bed.

“I must ask all of you to lay down your lives.”

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