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«Martial God Space (Web Novel) - Chapter 887: Inevitable Clash

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Chapter 887: Inevitable Clash

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Ye Xiwen had completely overwhelmed Bi Chen in speed too. The winning factor this time for Bi Chen was the ambush. However, in the face of Ye Xiwen’s speed that was much faster, the ambush was merely a joke.

Ye Xiwen bombarded him into a distance!

“Shua!” Ye Xiwen’s fiery long saber slashed out six shadows in the sky unobstructed. These shadows slashed towards the six Transcendent Realm Fifth Level Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan experts who pounced over him.




Cracking sounds of saber aura invading these Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan expert’s bodies echoed the battlefield. They were all beheaded in half on the spot, suffering an utter defeat under Ye Xiwen’s hands.

These Transcendent Realm Fifth Level experts were considered elites. In the face of Ye Xiwen, they could not sustain a single clash. Everyone in the Wang Family was stupefied at the side. In fact, these opponents were the elite of the Transcendent Realm Fifth Level experts. Wang Yanghua was about this level too. At most, he was a tad bit stronger than the opponents. The Crocodile Clan’s group was adequate to wipe out the entire Wang Family. To the Wang Family’s surprise, this group could not sustain even a single blow from Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen is ridiculously strong!

Although they knew Ye Xiwen was strong, what happened exceeded their expectations. Initially, Ye Xiwen was regarded as someone at the level capable of defeating Wu Chenhai. No one knew how he ascended to this caliber in such a short period.

Most importantly, Ye Xiwen’s aura seemed to be just at the Transcendent Realm Second Level.

Wang Feiyun was also at the Transcendent Realm Second Level, while Wang Mengyu was at Transcendent Realm Second Level Peak. But, none of them was comparable to Ye Xiwen!

After recalling that Ye Xiwen had easily defeated Wu Chenhai and others when he was in Half-step Transcendent Realm before, they were no longer surprised.

Although this incident gave them a great shock as they felt that Ye Xiwen was abnormal, it would not be more eccentric than defeating Transcendent Realm during Half-step Transcendent Realm previously.

“He is way too strong. The opponent suffered an utter defeat with no way of retaliating. A one-sided slaughter!” A Wang Family’s disciple said in great sentiment after having a new understanding of Ye Xiwen’s strength.

“Yeah, he is too strong, way over our league!” said Wang Feiyun ruefully.

Wang Mengyu, on the side, nodded in a daze. Yup, he is too strong. He can defeat someone at my father’s caliber unbeknownst to us.

Heroes are limitless. Only after life challenges could they achieve something big. She was glad that she brought back Ye Xiwen on a whim. Otherwise, how could the current Wang Family be so prestigious? Worse still, they would not be able to get any slots to enter the Spiritual Volcano.

Ye Xiwen didn’t bother with what everyone in the Wang Family was thinking. After killing the remaining six Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan members, Bi Chen, whom he had blasted out, had no intention to linger in the fight but turned around and left.

He learned his lesson. He naturally realized he encountered a formidable foe. Ye Xiwen was so terrifying that he could kill a Transcendent Realm Fifth Level expert in just a second. He who was elite in the realm was easily defeated too.

However, it was precisely because of this that he decided to turn around and leave immediately. Probably, E Ying could beat the abnormal opponent in front of him.

As for Crown Prince Crocodile, it had the image of God in his mind. Defeating Ye Xiwen would be a piece of cake.

As for himself, he naturally knew that he was no longer the opponent of Ye Xiwen, who had become stronger now, so he could only rely on E Ying to defeat Ye Xiwen.

His speed was breakneck, effective for surprise attacks. Not much his opponent could do about it. Utilizing his expertise to escape, he was not slow.

“Brother Ye, stop him. We can’t let him escape!” Wang Mengyu hurriedly yelled. If Bi Chen escaped, their Wang Family was likely to be the next target of the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan. Ye Xiwen could disregard it since his foundation was not here. Leaving the place would allow him to solve all his troubles. However, it was not the same for the Wang Family. They could not disregard their home. Once Bi Chen escaped, the Wang Family and even the South Initiate Island would be wiped out. The Crocodile Clan’s vengeful attitude was evident in history, after all.

Without her commenting further, Ye Xiwen had already gone into pursuit. Ye Xiwen would not let him go.

Although Bi Chen’s speed was daunting, Ye Xiwen was much faster, especially after activating Demon Wings. Ye Xiwen caught up almost instantly.

Bi Chen had been paying attention to what happened behind him. However, he did not expect that Ye Xiwen would rush over at such a terrifying speed. He had always been proud of his speed, but Ye Xiwen’s speed was way more advanced than him in a considerable gap.

If Bi Chen’s speed was like a bolt of green lightning, then Ye Xiwen’s speed was blatant instant teleportation. Ye Xiwen arrived behind him almost instantly.

“Qiang!” Ye Xiwen’s fiery long saber was set ablaze. It swooshed down, streaking across the sky, and struck Bi Chen.


Bi Chen suffered fatal damage. He failed to maintain his flight, directly plunged into the ground like a meteor.

A crater was punched directly on the floor.

The bones of his body had seemingly been crushed. He laid in the pit motionless. Ye Xiwen’s power was too great, seemingly peerless.

How could Ye Xiwen let go of such an opportunity? He dived to his opponent and slashed his fiery long saber immediately.


In the crater, a small mushroom cloud rose. Bi Chen was directly beheaded on the spot.

As these Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan experts were beheaded, everyone in the Wang Family breathed a sigh of relief. If any of them were allowed to escape, it would be disastrous.

They felt secure after learning that every Crocodile clan member present was eliminated.

After beheading Bi Chen, Ye Xiwen approached the Wang Family.

“Brother Ye, it is good to see that you’re fine!” Wang Mengyu said, “You save us once again!”

Wang Mengyu smiled a little bitterly. This was not the first time Ye Xiwen saved all of them. This feeling made her smile a little bitterly.

“It’s nothing. It’s a piece of cake, but I think you’d better go back first. This place is not suitable for you!” said Ye Xiwen.

Everyone in the Wang Family glanced at each other. Although Ye Xiwen said it implicitly, they still understood that they would be dragging Ye Xiwen down if they continued their adventure here. Their ending was only death at this place.

In the face of these Transcendent Realm burning corpses, the Wang Family’s strength was too weak. They could manage to escape if it was a lone zombie. They would be long dead already if they encountered a group of them.

“We have this intention too!” replied Wang Mengyu.

Compared to the outside world, the danger in the Holy Realm Dwellers’ Mansion was much greater. It happened that Ye Xiwen had also proposed that. She rode along with the current and left this dangerous place.

Since they wanted to go out, Ye Xiwen didn’t say much. He sent them away from the Holy Realm Dwellers’ Mansion, killing several waves of burning corpses that detected them. After sending them out of the Holy Realm Dwellers’ Mansion, Ye Xiwen went back and entered the Holy Realm Dwellers’ Mansion.

Ye Xiwen, who returned to Holy Realm Dwellers’ Mansion again, was not in a shackle like previously. After reaching the Transcendent Realm Second level, his combat power was undoubtedly much higher. The burning corpse, which was able to cause trouble to him previously, was unmatched to him.

He soon passed through multiple palaces one after another and came to the central area of ​​the Holy Realm Dwellers’ Mansion palace cluster. There were already many warriors gathered here. No matter which direction they came in previously, they were all here now.

But, above this palace, the number of burning corpses had also increased. Squads of burning corpses rushed in almost from time to time. It seemed that they were also attracted by the vital energy and blood of these warriors.

For these zombies, no matter what kind of zombie, vital energy and blood were always tempting.

The vital energy and blood of these warriors were thousands of times that of ordinary people. In the eyes of these burning corpses, it was the best supplement.

Ye Xiwen noticed that almost all of the warriors in front of him were concentrated in front of the hall and hesitated. There was Yao Qian, E Ying, the one expert he met in front of Sunny Bamboo Chamber of Commerce, Qi Dong, and Scarlet Thunder Immortal, who he defeated previously.

He didn’t know did Scarlet Thunder Immortal gain any harvest during this period. She had stepped into the Transcendent Realm Fifth Level and directly became the Transcendent Realm Fifth Level Peak. The aura was much more potent than the previous Bi Chen. Needless to say, her combat power too.

These four people faintly led these warriors. They made frequent attempts into the hall.

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