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«Martial God Asura (Web Novel) - Chapter 3549 - Bring Back Your Holy Master

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Chapter 3549 - Bring Back Your Holy Master

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Chu Feng was originally proceeding according to the direction indicated by the stone in his hand when Elder Xing Yi suddenly said, “We’re here.”

“I’m not seeing the Starfall Holy Stone yet,” said Chu Feng.

“Young master Chu Feng, when the Starfall Holy Stone is activated, it means that our Starfall Holy Land has encountered a calamity.”

“If we are to directly approach in a situation like that, the people approaching will be in danger.”

“In order to prevent that sort of danger, the successive Holy Masters of our Starfall Holy Land made use of the power of the Starfall Holy Stone to prepare against it.”

“We simply don't need to reach the Starfall Holy Stone. As long as we reach a certain distance from the Starfall Holy Stone, we will be able to use its fragments to directly teleport into it.”

“Right now, we have arrived at this distance. Look, the light emitted by the fragment has changed,” said Elder Xing Yi.

Chu Feng had actually noticed the change before Elder Xing Yi mentioned it. He only did not ask about it because he was in a rush to reach the Starfall Holy Stone.

“Senior, in that case, I’ll leave it to you,” Chu Feng handed the stone to Elder Xing Yi.

However, Elder Xing Yi pushed the stone back to Chu Feng.

“Young master Chu Feng, the fragments are only able to bring over one person each. Thus, you must have one too.”

As Elder Xing Yi spoke, he took out another stone from his Cosmos Sack.

At the same time, the other seven of the Starfall Eight Immortals also each held a stone in their hand.

Furthermore, those stones were all emitting the same light as the one Chu Feng held.

“Young master Chu Feng, you merely need to imbue the Starfall Holy Stone’s fragment with your martial power, and you'll be teleported into the Starfall Holy Stone,” Elder Xing Yi said to Chu Feng.

After saying those words, he disappeared.

Chu Feng knew that Elder Xing Yi had already entered the Starfall Holy Stone.

“Young master Chu Feng, please give it a try,” Elder Xing Er said to Chu Feng.

“Mn,” as Chu Feng spoke, he did as Elder Xing Yi mentioned, and began to imbue his martial power into the stone.


Sure enough, once Chu Feng imbued the stone with his martial power, his surrounding immediately changed.

However, he did not directly enter the Starfall Holy Stone. Instead, it was like he had entered the boundless Outer World, where stars filled his surroundings.

However, the stars were not rapidly drifting past. Chu Feng was also not moving. Everything seemed to be frozen in time.

“Is this the power of the Starfall Holy Stone?”

“Turns out that martial power and spirit power are truly not everything in this world. The world of martial cultivators is truly miraculous.”

“It would appear that I will still have to experience a lot more things.”

At that moment, Chu Feng knew that even though the power of the Starfall Holy Stone was capable of long distance teleportation, the teleportation was not something that could be finished in an instant. Time was needed to complete it.

It was precisely because the teleportation was not completed through martial power or spirit power that Chu Feng was able to witness that unimaginable scene.

He knew that the scene before him was not real, and he knew that it was due to the special power of the Starfall Holy Stone that he was able to witness it.

It was precisely because he sensed the might of that power that he gasped in such an admiring manner.


A ray of light flickered. Elder Xing Yi was the first one to reach the Starfall Holy Stone.

“Elder Xing Yi!”

The completely panicked younger generations reacted as if they’d seen a pillar of support upon seeing Elder Xing Yi. Immediately, they flocked to him.

Among them were Xia Yun’er and Song Yunfei.


However, before they could even reach Elder Xing Yi, another figure appeared beside him.

The people of the younger generation all stopped momentarily upon seeing that person.

“Chu Feng?”

Xia Yun’er was the first to speak. Surprise filled her eyes. Evidently, she did not expect to see Chu Feng there.

She was very happy to see him. Merely, she knew that it was not the time to be happy.

Chu Feng should not come here. Thus… the joy in her eyes disappeared in an instant, and was replaced with worry.

“It’s been a long time,” compared to Xia Yun’er’s complicated emotions, Chu Feng was very calm and easy-going. Not only did he wave at Xia Yun’er, he even revealed a faint smile on his face.

Back then, Chu Feng did not like her. He felt that she was a demonic woman who had a ruthless and poisonous heart. However, after experiencing some things with her, Chu Feng discovered that Xia Yun’er was actually not as bad as he imagined her to be. With that, they became friends.

Thus, it was only natural for Chu Feng to be happy to see her again.

“How could this be?”

However, at that moment, Elder Xing Yi was in a panic. As he spoke, even his voice was trembling.

Hearing Elder Xing Yi’s panic-filled voice, Chu Feng realized that the situation was bad. He hurriedly turned his gaze to where Elder Xing Yi was looking. It was only then that he noticed what was happening outside.

The experts from the Starfall Holy Land and the Ghost Sect Hall were all completely suppressed by the Blood-devouring Demon Clansmen.

The situation outside was extremely bad. In fact, it could be said to be terrible.

“Senior, how do I go out?” Chu Feng asked Elder Xing Yi.

“Young master Chu Feng, you absolutely must not go out. You’ve also seen the situation. Not even our Holy Master is a match for them. They are simply too powerful.”

“Young master Chu Feng, you absolutely must not go out.”

It was not only Elder Xing Yi who spoke against Chu Feng going out; the other seven Starfall Eight Immortals that arrived after Chu Feng also began to urge him against it.

“Rest assured, I am confident,” Chu Feng said.

“What confidence could you possibly have?! Who did you think you are?!”

“I don’t know why you came here, but since you came here, you need to obediently stay here. Do not go out and cause trouble for our Holy Master!” Right at that moment, a furious shout was heard. It was Song Yunfei.

Song Yunfei was feeling extremely depressed and stifled by the situation at hand.

However, there was no outlet for him to vent his emotions, nor was he capable of resolving the situation. Most of all, he did not dare to blame those elders.

Thus, for Chu Feng to suddenly appear, he who had wanted to cause trouble for Chu Feng subconsciously turned all of the anger in his heart and vented it at him.

However, facing Song Yunfei who had lost his sense of reasoning, Chu Feng merely smiled. He did not say anything in response. Instead, he looked to Elder Xing Yi, “Senior, can I exit by crushing this stone?”

Elder Xing Yi did not answer Chu Feng. He was feeling very conflicted. He had hoped that he would lend them a helping hand. But he was now afraid that Chu Feng would end up failing, afraid that they would end up harming him.

However, at that moment, a soft hand grabbed onto Chu Feng’s hand that was holding onto the stone.

It was Xia Yun’er!!!

“Chu Feng, you must not go out. As long as you stay here, you will at least be safe. However, should you go out, you will have no chance at all,” Xia Yun’er said to Chu Feng.

“Rest assured, I will bring your Holy Master back,” said Chu Feng.


Xia Yun’er was startled upon hearing those words. She was momentarily at a loss as to why Chu Feng would suddenly say that.

However, when she reacted to Chu Feng’s words, Chu Feng who had originally stood before her, who had originally had his hand held by her hand, disappeared.

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