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«Mages Are Too OP (Web Novel) - Chapter 548 The Catgirl Makes Another Contribution

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Chapter 548 The Catgirl Makes Another Contribution

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Marilyn had just wandered randomly on the street and ate at a random tavern. Then intelligence just fed itself to her.

It was indeed impressive, and absolutely unscientific.

Speaking of which, Roland was already a Master; he might as well consider studying Lesser Benediction someday.

If he were to work hard on the spells and tricks in the divination class, it would significantly help him comprehend the essence of magic.

But it remained unknown whether or not the Red Magic Tower had this spell.

If it did, he might bring it up to the Great Elder that he wanted to learn it and see if the man was willing to sell it.

The more Roland learned magic, the more shortcomings he saw in himself that needed to be fixed.

At this moment, he was mostly good at evoking magic. He had learned some of the beginner tricks of other magic schools, but he didn’t touch the high-level spells at all.

He was particularly bad at divination. Apart from Language Proficiency, which was sort of an ancillary spell of the divination school, he didn’t know any more spells of that school. Until he became a Master, Roland had always thought that what mattered most to a Mage was destructiveness, mobility, and the ability of support.

But after he became a Master, and especially after he simulated the solar system, he vaguely realized that his previous idea was wrong.

It wasn’t entirely wrong; it was just that his understanding of magic wasn’t comprehensive.

What did magic mean?

It meant turning the impossible possible!

The powerful damage caused by elements, the swift movement through teleportation, and the ability to help other people change the terrain and weather, were essentially still applications on “energy.”

That was still what mortals could do.

What was the magic that could really turn the impossible possible?

The divination spells, or the spells of causality. Recently, it had occurred to Roland that changing causality was the nature of magic.

Destructiveness, mobility, and the ability to change terrain and weather were just the foundations for someone to survive in this world.

But if they wanted to reach the peak of magic, they had to study divination spells.

They had to fully understand the spells’ mechanism.

Roland estimated that the peak of the divination spells was probably “let there be light.”

Of course, it was just Roland’s speculation.

He wouldn’t know if it was true until he actually reached that point.

Roland asked the catgirl to continue eating, then walked to the two vulpera and asked with a smile, “My vulpera friends, could you tell me where you met this vulpera who was capable of spatial magic?”

“Sir, why are you asking this?”

Both of the vulpera were rather vigilant.

The hybrids were always united, because they didn’t really have a choice.

Human beings had taken the best places to live, leaving the worst environments to them. They couldn’t survive without unity.

The vulpera were a united people even among hybrids. They were naturally pissed when a human being asked about their compatriot.

They would not sell their compatriot out easily, even though Roland was a Mage and could kill them.

Roland smiled and put two gold coins on the table. “They will be yours as long as you tell me the answer.”

The purchasing power of one gold coin was not to be underestimated in this world.

The vulpera looked at each other. Then, one of them pointed northeast and said in a low voice, “In the slum next to the White Tower.”

“Thank you.”

Roland nodded at the vulpera and returned to his table.

Even the elves, who lived in seclusion and felt no pressure to survive, fought and killed each other occasionally for different beliefs.

It was needless to mention the hybrids, who were only united by the struggle to survive.

The unity of the vulpera was only relative, not absolute.

It was only worth one gold coin.

After he returned to the table, Roland didn’t leave for the destination immediately but waited until Marilyn was full.

The target must’ve already left after two days, so it didn’t really matter whether or not he went immediately.

Besides, the catgirl had intuitive tracking. She might be more useful if she was full.

Roland waited patiently, and the catgirl was finally full after gulping down meat for half an hour. She patted her bulging belly and said, “Ah, I’m so full.”

“Then let’s take a walk to help your digestion.” Roland stood up.

Marilyn seemed surprised. “Huh? Shouldn’t we find a place to get some sleep?”.

That was exactly what cats did. They would find a place to sleep when they were full.

“You can sleep later.” Roland paid the waiter and said, “It’s non-negotiable.”

“Okay.” Marilyn’s ears and tail dangled.

However, as a perky and energetic catgirl, although she was reluctant, she was in high spirits again after walking on the street for a while.

Roland found a random person on the street and asked where the White Tower was. Then he went there.

The so-called White Tower was actually a tower built with white sand bricks that were made of the mixture of white sand and the colorless sap of a certain plant.

White sand wasn’t common in the desert, and the colorless sap of the plant was even rarer, so the White Tower was actually a fancy, luxurious building.

It was said that six hundred gold coins were spent to build it.

That was enough money for Roland or Betta to build half a city, or to significantly improve the infrastructures of a city.

Even more ridiculously, four hundred meters south of the White Tower was a slum.

The master of the White Tower could see the miserable lives of the poor folk in the slum not far away every time he opened the window in the morning. Then he would feel greatly comfortable.

The moment Roland came to the slum, he smelled something nasty. The stench was a combination of urine, poop, and decayed garbage. The kitten’s fur immediately bristled again. She covered her nose and stepped back quickly, before she shook her head at Roland.

Thanks to the compulsion for cleanliness in her blood, she would rather die before she went into such a place.

Roland wasn’t in a rush. He didn’t really have to go in.

It was because the vulpera thief was a Mage, who was too noble to stay for long in such a filthy place.

He must’ve been gone for a long time.

The catgirl was relieved to find that Roland wasn’t forcing her to go in. She stepped far back before she finally lifted her hands from her nose and mouth. “Master, we should find a place to spend the night.” “Okay.” Roland nodded. “Why don’t you choose a place with your instincts?” To be honest, even he didn’t want to go into such a filthy place although he had a magic shield.

“Okay, okay.”

The catgirl immediately led the way.

The desert was already getting cold at night, and the temperature would plummet after ten.

At midnight, the temperature would even go below zero.

Ordinary people could easily freese to death without enough measures taken against the cold.

Therefore, in most cases, there were few passersby on the street after eight at night in desert cities.

The only places with candles lit were the hotels that hoped to attract the attention of the travelers.

The streets were cold and empty.

Marilyn walked by one hotel after another, sniffing the door of each hotel carefully.

She was choosing a hotel that didn’t smell and was to her liking.

After all, she had a compulsion for cleanliness. After more than an hour, the catgirl finally found an independent hotel.

This hotel wasn’t exactly a luxurious one, but it looked very clean.

Also, an incense that smelled like mint was burning in this hotel.

After they entered the building, a middle-aged old woman received Roland and the catgirl uneasily.

This hotel was run by a human being. The old woman looked at them and noticed the collar on the catgirl’s neck. She looked at Roland and asked, “Do you need one room?” The catgirl made no response to that question. She simply glanced at Roland and wagged her tail like a puppy.

But Roland shook his head. “No, two rooms.”

The old woman looked at Roland in surprise, but she didn’t ask further.

As a businessperson, she didn’t care what her clients wanted to do. Besides, she could earn more money from two rooms.

If the client wanted that, why should she refuse him?

Grabbing the keys, Roland led the catgirl upstairs. He intended to take a rest for the night and then wander the neighborhood with the catgirl the next day. If Marilyn’s racial talent wasn’t triggered, he would ask the local Guild of Mercenaries or the Guild of Assassins and see if they could find this vulpera.

However, it was beyond his expectations that he would run into someone in a gray robe coming downstairs when he was going upstairs.

The person’s face was hidden in a dark hood and couldn’t be seen.

When they passed by each other, Roland suddenly paused and asked the person in the gray robe, “Spatial magic power? My friend, can I see your face?”

The person had hidden his magic power well, but they were really too close to each other on the stairs.

Besides, Roland had very good senses, and he detected the nature of the person’s magic power easily.

Hearing what Roland said, the person in gray was stunned. He didn’t say anything but pointed his finger at Roland.

Roland subconsciously raised his magic power shield and protected Marilyn behind him. A weird swirl launched from the person’s finger and hit Roland’s magic shield.

Although Roland was blown two steps back, he wasn’t really hurt at all.

The swirl was blocked by the shield.

Seeing that, the person in gray knew that Roland was strong.

He instantly turned around, leaped off the stairs, and fled.

But there was no way that Roland would let go of him. You think you’re the only one who can cast a spell instantly?

Roland snapped his fingers, and the door was instantly blocked by a wall of sand.

Seeing that, the Mage took out a staff and pointed it at Roland, before he roared, “Human being, mind your own…”

Spatial magic power was boiling from him.

But at this moment, a dozen enormous, transparent chains suddenly emerged from the void and stabbed into the ground near Roland and the person in gray.

Seeing that, the person in gray obviously shivered.

Then, he asked in a trembling voice, “These are… Dimensional Anchors?”

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