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«Madam, Your Sockpuppet is Lost Again! (Web Novel) - Chapter 703: Mingyue Enters the Lord’s Heart (36)

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Chapter 703: Mingyue Enters the Lord’s Heart (36)

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Pan Mingyue waited for Qin Ran’s return.

Cheng Juan returned to the study to give a report to the first district.

Cheng Jin ignored the pleading look from Cheng Mu and went inside the study with Cheng Juan, very surprised. “You’re letting Miss Pan go to the first district?”

Cheng Juan turned on the computer, sent an email, and nodded.

Staring at him, Cheng Jin thought about how Cheng Juan had let Lu Zhaoying handle the first district and smiled. “Young Master Lu won’t have to worry this time.”

With Cheng Juan helping him so much in both public and private affairs, Cheng Jin was really at a loss if he couldn’t figure it out himself.

After all, after being attacked by his mother, Lu Zhaoying had come to the most powerful brain, Cheng Juan, to analyze his affairs with Pan Mingyue.

Downstairs, Pan Mingyue went to play with Cheng Ziyu.

When Cheng Ziyu saw her, he immediately reached out his arms for a hug.

He should have been the most playful at this age, but his parents were incomprehensible and didn’t like hugging him.

Pan Mingyue clearly saw Cheng Mu’s envious eyes.

Qin Ran finally returned with Yan Xi. When she came back, she saw Pan Mingyue holding a milk bottle and feeding Cheng Ziyu. Meanwhile, Cheng Mu, Cheng Wenru, and Cheng Jin were all squatting beside her, full of envy.

Qin Ran changed her shoes, placed her documents on the coffee table, and walked over.

“Ran Ran.” Cheng Wenru sat back seriously when she saw her and picked up a teacup in a dignified manner.

The secretary standing behind gave Qin Ran a helpless look.

There was no other choice. Qin Ran and Cheng Juan’s child was just too invincible.

He looked so beautiful, with long eyelashes and dark bright eyes. When he looked at people, even the secretary had the sudden urge to pick all the stars in the sky for him.

Not to mention Cheng Wenru, even Kenneth couldn’t be serious with this little guy.

“Mr. Yan.”

“Sister Cheng.”

Cheng Wenru, Cheng Mu, and the others greeted Yan Xi.

Yan Xi took off the mask hanging on one ear and walked over to the sofa.

“What are you teaching…” He looked at Cheng Ziyu and was about to ask Cheng Mu.

But he trailed off before he finished his sentence.

He could clearly see that Cheng Mu was holding a list of various types of weapons.

There were shooting guns, submachine guns… and even tanks…

Originally thinking that Cheng Mu was teaching the child how to read, Yan Xi stood silently for a while and had to calm himself down.

“Go to the first district’s special training area in two days, okay?” Qin Ran took a sip of tea handed over by Cheng Mu. She lowered her head, her eyes calm.

Pan Mingyue looked up. “Me?”

“Yeah. Wait until Yi Chu and my graduate student’s matters are resolved.” Qin Ran counted the time.

She still felt a little uneasy. In the future, with her status in the Inspection Institute, she would be in contact with all sorts of prisoners. Pan Mingyue was still far below the standard of the international special training camp.

Cheng Jin came downstairs and looked enviously at Pan Mingyue upon hearing this.

Once all the big bosses had resolved their matters, Yan Xi quietly turned to Qin Ran. “Erm, the song composition…”

Qin Ran remembered that she hadn’t composed music for Yan Xi in several months.

“Give me two days,” Qin Ran said casually.

Yan Xi wasn’t surprised at all and faintly glanced at her. “It’s okay. I’m shooting a live show in Beijing.”

It was the second season of the previous variety show.

The entire Beijing, including the Lu family, was dimly lit because of Yi Chu and the Inspection Institute’s affairs. However, Ting Lan was a peaceful area.

After playing with the child for a while, Cheng Wenru turned to Qin Ran with a headache. “When will those from Beijing leave? The Second Hall Master and the others are all crying.”

She was talking about those who had bought several real estates, including Kenneth, who was still drinking tea with Qin Hanqiu in the Qin family’s house.

Although Kenneth and the others didn’t do anything in Beijing, the rest of the major families were still apprehensive. They had come to plead with Cheng Wenru several times, after all…

Those few were either big bosses or terrorists. If a fight broke out amongst them, all hell would break loose.

Ever since Qin Ran’s marriage, they had come over from time to time, and Beijing was now their next gathering place. It seemed like Beijing was about to become the next Continent M.

“With Continent M’s treaty, they dare not.” Qin Ran shook her head.

“Continent M’s treaty?” Yan Xi repeated these unfamiliar words.

Cheng Mu explained, “The peace treaty between their forces…”

Yan Xi opened his mouth and glanced at Pan Mingyue, who was without doubt and curiosity. He finally decided not to ask what forces they meant.

The next day.

Pan Mingyue received a call from Shi Liming early in the morning.

Today, Shi Liming was bringing her to the first district.

The main improvement of the plan was Shi Liming, after all. However, Pan Mingyue still didn’t know why Cheng Juan wanted her to go.

Shi Liming respected Pan Mingyue very much.

Pan Mingyue sat in the back seat while Shi Liming slowly drove the car into the main road.

Before the car reached the first district, she received a call from Feng Loucheng.

“Mingyue,” Feng Loucheng said solemnly. “Where are you?”

Pan Mingyue reported her location.

“Okay.” Feng Loucheng nodded. “Feng Ci’s mother is on the ring road next to you. Help me bring her back, I’ll go directly to the courthouse. I’m afraid Yi Chu will play tricks in the middle.”

With Lu Zhaoying around, Feng Loucheng’s case was not a problem.

However, Feng Loucheng’s worries weren’t unfounded. Yi Chu hadn’t done such things once or twice.

The only person Feng Loucheng could think of protecting Madam Feng’s safety was Pan Mingyue.

Pan Mingyue asked Shi Liming if they could drive Madam Feng despite the rush.

“It’s okay.” Shi Liming turned the car around.

An old butler was standing beside Madam Feng.

Madam Feng was shocked to see Pan Mingyue picking her up. Pan Mingyue went to sit in front, while Madam Feng and the butler sat at the back.

They didn’t say much, and Madam Feng sat at the back with a complicated heart. She only glanced at the rearview mirror and looked at the stranger Shi Liming without speaking.

When she returned to her senses, the car had already driven into a large base.

“This is… Mingyue, you…” Madam Feng was a little uneasy seeing the two groups of soldiers with fierce weapons in front.

Even if she didn’t know where this was, she knew it wasn’t a place to enter casually.

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