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«Madam, Your Sockpuppet is Lost Again! (Web Novel) - Chapter 536: Did You Call Her Goddess P

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Chapter 536: Did You Call Her Goddess P

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Young Master’s teacher is here so quickly?” Butler Qin went to open the door.

The person who arrived wasn’t Qin Ling’s teacher but Xu Yunhao and his group.

Butler Qin and Minister Qin did not have a good impression of Xu Yunhao and this group of people. Until now, they still remembered how aggressive they were just a few days ago.

“Second Master and Minister Qin. We’re here regarding the handover,” Xu Yunhao said in a low voice.

It sounded ridiculous because a few days ago, they had their noses high up in the air and refused to do their jobs. But today, they actually came forward voluntarily to finish the handover.

Minister Qin nodded slightly.

Xu Yunhao and the others did not feel the cold-shoulder at all. Instead, they bowed respectfully. “We will finish the handover process, then.”

After that, he was about to leave with two people.

At that moment, a person entered. He was wearing gold-rimmed glasses, had defined eyebrows, and looked quite impatient.

Qin Hanqiu, who had been speaking to Cheng Juan and Qin Ran, felt his presence and immediately stood up. “He’s here.”

This person was Qin Ling’s online teacher. Butler Qin and Qin Hanqiu were naturally very respectful of him and stood up.

“You…” Qin Hanqiu took two steps forwards, and Butler Qin hurriedly went to make tea.

Before Qin Hanqiu could greet him, he rejoiced and said, “Second Cousin?”

“Cousin.” Lu Zhixin understood the situation.

He didn’t reveal any other emotions, but it was obvious that he was in a good mood.

“Second Master.” Since it was a meeting among relatives, Minister Qin and the two shareholders did not bother them. They stood up and said, “We’ll be leaving first.”

After that, the few of them finally looked at Lu Zhixin and greeted him.

“Sir…” Minister Qin was still asking himself since when Qin Hanqiu suddenly had another cousin. When he turned and saw Lu Zhixin, he was stunned.

The shareholders behind him looked at each other and did not know what happened.

Even Qin Hanqiu turned to look at Minister Qin. “Minister Qin?”

“You…” Minister Qin was at a loss for words. He looked at Lu Zhixin in shock and spoke incoherently. “Lu… Lu… Mr. Lu?!”

Lu Zhixin was a withdrawn person and did not like interacting with others much.

The 28th floor of the Yunguang Consortium was inaccessible to workers, few people knew Lu Zhixin.

However, he was famous in the IT industry.

The others weren’t familiar with him, but it was impossible that Minister Qin, who was in the industry, did not recognize him.

“Nice to meet you.” Lu Zhixin paused before politely extending his hand to Minister Qin. “I’m Lu Zhixin. I’m here to talk about the 4D virtual search engine.”

Minister Qin wiped his hands before shaking Lu Zhixin’s hand. In a daze, he asked, “Mr. Lu… will you be joining us in person?”

After the shareholders heard that he was Qin Ran’s friend and saw Minister Qin’s respectful attitude, they looked at each other.

He was actually the famous engineer from the Yunguang Consortium?

Lu Zhixin, the one well-known internationally?

Not only were the two shareholders shocked, but they also stood by the doorway and were dumbfounded. They didn’t know what to say and looked at Lu Zhixin blankly.


Didn’t Qin Hanqiu just call him cousin?

Xu Yunhao was in a daze. Recently, there had been many rumors in Beijing saying that Cheng Juan would fall and Qin Ran would no longer be the heir of the Research Institute…

However, the situation was now complicated. Besides the Qin family, even the Cheng and Xu families didn’t dare to say that they had such close connections with the Yunguang Consortium.

Once the collaboration with Poppy and Lu Zhixin started, the Qin family would have an unshakable position in the IT industry.

Neither Ouyang Wei nor the entire Ouyang family could do anything about it.

Now, Ouyang Wei was only making unrealistic promises to Fourth Master Qin, and her actions had no significant impact.

After this, more engineering masters joined Qin Hanqiu’s team…

Thinking about this, Xu Yunhao couldn’t help but tremble. It wouldn’t be difficult for the Qin family to return to its peak twenty years ago!

He stumbled out of the office and suddenly stopped in the corridor. Suddenly, he couldn’t help but squat down and cover his face. It was as if a knife had sliced his heart apart.

The others were shocked as well, but Qin Hanqiu didn’t think that much. He only excitedly said, “So, it turns out to be you. No wonder Ran Ran could arrange the collaboration…”

Once Qin Hanqiu said that Butler Qin, Minister Qin, and the others immediately understood.

They initially wondered how Qin Ran was able to look for Poppy.

So, it turned out that it was because of Lu Zhixin…

That made sense.

Qin Ran did not continue the topic. She only turned to look at Cheng Juan. “Should we go back?”

Cheng Juan nodded.

She stood up and looked at the people in the office. “I hope you have a fruitful discussion. I will be leaving first.”

“Go ahead.” Qin Hanqiu waved his hand.

Minister Qin and the shareholders also hurriedly waved goodbye to Qin Ran before turning their attention to Lu Zhixin again. “Mr. Lu, will Goddess P really appear?”

He was bombarded with questions.

Lu Zhixin did not answer them.

He only looked at Qin Ran’s back view, and when he saw that she was really leaving the office, he couldn’t help but ask. “Are you really going to leave like that?”

Minister Qin looked at the other two shareholders and wondered what he meant.

Lu Zhixin slowly took down his glasses and glanced at Minister Qin. “Did you call her Goddess P? Alright.” Lu Zhixin turned to look at Qin Ran. “You’re the one who created this situation, yet you’re still trying to run away?”

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