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«Madam, Your Sockpuppet is Lost Again! (Web Novel) - Chapter 535: The Fear of Being Dominated by “Ordinary Friends”

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Chapter 535: The Fear of Being Dominated by “Ordinary Friends”

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Those at the event location were all aware of insider news.

Many people couldn’t wait to see the Qin family turn into a joke, but they didn’t expect Qin Hanqiu to pull out a trump card.

The Yunguang Consortium was so sought after that even the Cheng family wanted to collaborate with it. Although it was low-key, it did not stop others from being in awe of it.

As soon as the news was released, the investors had a clear direction.

Not only them, but the remaining representatives of the Qin Corporation’s shareholders also took out their phones to report the situation to their superiors.

In this case, Ouyang Wei and the Ouyang family weren’t important anymore.

“Didn’t you say that neither the Cheng family nor the Xu family would intervene? What’s this situation, then?” Fourth Master Qin also received a call from an old shareholder who gave him a scolding. “I’m being screwed over by you!”

After that, he immediately hung up before Fourth Master Qin could reply.

Ning Qing didn’t understand the situation, but this didn’t mean that she couldn’t read the faces of the people present. She saw the expressions of Fourth Master Qin and the rest of the crowd and felt that something was wrong. She couldn’t help but turn to look at Qin Yu. “Yu’er, this…”

Qin Yu also took out her phone to look at the news.

Chen Ni and other media outlets had released photos and exclusive interviews which caused an uproar in the IT industry.

She didn’t know who Poppy was, but she could tell how significant she was judging from the discussion below and Fourth Master Qin’s reaction.

At this time, she paled, and she wasn’t in the mood to read any more of it…

She only looked at Fourth Master Qin and said, “Fourth Master Qin, I…”

Fourth Master Qin stood rooted to the ground and his heart sank. It took him a long time before he raised his head and looked at the crowded hall opposite. A chill down ran his spine, and it took him a long time before he recovered.

“Take care of yourself. I’m having a hard time protecting myself now,” he said to her directly.

Without waiting for Qin Yu’s answer, he looked directly at his confidant.

He knew in his heart that neither the Xu family nor the Cheng family interfered.

In the Cheng family, Cheng Wenru had collaborated with the Yunguang Consortium, but it could not compare to the partnership with the mysterious boss on the 28th floor.

If these two families could get Poppy to appear, they wouldn’t give up this opportunity to Qin Hanqiu.

The only possibility was…

Fourth Master Qin took a deep breath.

A lone shadow flashed in his mind…

Qin Ran!

“Cancel the press conference.” Fourth Master Qin turned around and said to his confidant immediately. “Go and discuss this with his secretary. I will give him another 5% of the shares as a gift. Starting today, no one in the group is to give me a proposal to go against them.”

To Fourth Master Qin, giving away 5% of shares was akin to cutting his flesh.

He said that it was a gift, but it was more like bowing to Qin Hanqiu.

After giving up 5% of his shares, Fourth Master Qin was no longer the largest shareholder of the Qin Corporation.

He knew exactly what he was doing.

But he knew what it meant for Qin Hanqiu to come up with this contract!

If it was possible, he didn’t want to lose 5% of his shares, but if he didn’t do so, he might…

“Yes, I will go now!” His confidant quickly took out his mobile phone to contact the relevant parties and settle this situation.

Fourth Master Qin wasn’t in the mood to deal with other matters. He didn’t bother to contact Ouyang Wei and left directly.

After he left, the remaining people looked at one another blankly.

Qin Yu held the door frame and sat on the ground.

She understood that even Ouyang Wei couldn’t do anything about Qin Ran… She could never get on Qin Ran’s level…

Not far away, Xu Yunhao cursed quietly.

“Leader Xu, what should we do now? Fourth Master’s project is about to be suspended…” A member of the group looked at the crowd of reporters in the opposite hall and thoroughly regretted his actions. They shouldn’t have left Qin Hanqiu’s group with Xu Yunhao a few days ago.

Xu Yunhao pursed his lips and said in a daze, “Let’s go back and finish the handover work first.”

At this moment, after hearing the news about Poppy, many masters were rushing to work with Qin Hanqiu.

He wanted to go back, but Minister Qin would definitely reject him.

He didn’t expect Qin Hanqiu to be so lucky.

At this time, not only Fourth Master Qin but Xu Yunhao also realized that Qin Ran wasn’t as simple as they thought she was.

The news conference ended.

Qin Ran wore her hood and quietly waited for Qin Hanqiu and Minister Qin to finish entertaining everyone before following them to the Qin Corporation.

As for Cheng Juan, he followed behind her quietly.

His temperament was just too special, and after Qin Hanqiu called him “Xiao Cheng,” Minister Qin and the others recognized him.

Even though there were many rumors about him in Beijing now, Minister Qin and the others were still very respectful to Cheng Juan.

In Qin Hanqiu’s office, he finally hung up his last call, looked at Minister Qin, and bowed. “Minister Qin, I have to thank you for this.”

Everyone else was sitting on the sofa in the office.

Hearing this, Minister Qin shook his head. “It was Miss Qin who got the contract. I just helped with the psychological warfare.”

However, this result wasn’t bad because now, many of Qin Hanqiu’s insiders were removed.

“Yes, it’s mainly because of Miss Qin.” Butler Qin did not sit down but looked at Qin Ran.

In the office, the few shareholders who stood on Qin Hanqiu’s side from the beginning to the end also looked at her. “Luckily, we have Miss Qin. In the future, Minister Qin doesn’t have to fight alone.”

The group of people looked at Qin Ran curiously and had countless questions, but they didn’t dare to ask them after seeing Qin Ran’s cold face.

Qin Ran stretched and did not say anything.

She answered her phone, raised her head, and said, “You’re here? Ok. We’re on the 19th floor. Just tell them my dad’s name.”

“Ran Ran, who’s here?” Qin Hanqiu asked her.

Qin Ran looked at the door and thought about it. “Someone I worked with in the past. You can meet this person today.”

“Oh.” Butler Qin nodded and did not pay too much attention to it. “I can go downstairs to welcome him.”

Since this was Qin Ran’s friend, it was a little impolite to let him come by himself.

“No need.” Qin Ran shook her head and continued looking at the door. “He doesn’t like these things. He’ll be here very soon.”

After hearing what she said, Butler Qin thought about it and didn’t go out. This genius’s friends had many quirks. Maybe Qin Ran’s partner liked being discreet.

As the group engaged in discussion, a knock on the door was heard.

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