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«Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City (Web Novel) - Chapter 636: How did You Marry Huo Xishen?

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Chapter 636: How did You Marry Huo Xishen?

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Huo Qingyuan was totally like a human navigator, as she was extremely clear about which brands there were in this mall and the types of clothing that were sold.

She pointed to the elevator and said, “Second Sister-in-law, I guess Aunt Yang must be upstairs. The style of the brand of clothes upstairs is more suitable for people of their age.”

Yan Jinyi nodded. Anyway, she knew nothing about fashion because Shen Yan was in charge of her clothing.

She headed upstairs with Huo Qingyuan to see that her target was indeed upstairs.

However…she was a little shocked. ‘How is Yan Jinyi so lucky? Why does the CEO of Tang Corporation fancy her too?’

Yan Jinyi looked at the wealthy lady beside her with some displeasure.

‘Leng Yuxi’s mother is here too?’

Huo Qingyuan knew that Yan Jinyi had had a conflict with Leng Yuxi during the latter’s birthday party previously. Looking at Yan Jinyi with some hesitation, she asked, “Second Sister-in-law, are we not going to go in?”

Placing her hand on her wrist, she adjusted the hem of her skirt. Fortunately, she was wearing heels today so she wasn’t losing out in terms of aura.

“Of course we should go.”

‘That Madam Bai wanted to make me her daughter-in-law back then!’

Huo Qingyuan knew how aggressive Yan Jinyi was and her greatest hobby was watching the latter teach scumbags a lesson. Hearing her words, she immediately gave her a huge thumbs-up.

“Yeah, Second Sister-in-law is so impressive.”

Yan Jinyi humphed coldly and said, “That’s for sure.”

The two of them sauntered into the clothing shop.

Huo Qingyuan was a regular customer. As soon as the store owner saw her, she recognized her immediately and walked over with a smile on her face. “Miss Huo, you’re here. Please come in, it happens that a new batch of clothes have been delivered to the store yesterday. You’ll definitely be pleased with it.”

Huo Qingyuan nodded arrogantly like the heiress she was and said, “Go ahead, don’t bother about me.”


After the owner left, he couldn’t help but take a few more glances at Yan Jinyi.

She knew that Yan Jinyi was an actress who was currently extremely popular.

However, it was an upscale mall after all and all the crew were well-trained. They definitely wouldn’t dare to gossip during work.

“Second Sister-in-law, this store sells nice clothes. The designer is close friends with Shen Yan. Do you want to buy a few pieces?”

Huo Qingyuan pointed at the clothes on the shelves excitedly.

She really hoped to buy the clothes produced by Shen Yan’s brand.

With folded arms, she looked around the store and when she saw Shen Yan who was walking out of the changing room, she pretended to be shocked. “Ah, isn’t that Madam Bai? It’s such a coincidence to be seeing you here!”

Leng Jing had also discovered Yan Jinyi so she had quite a strange expression.

She really liked the pretty Yan Jinyi but unfortunately,she was Huo Xishen’s wife and she had gotten into a terrible conflict with Leng Yuxi at her birthday party.

“It’s quite a coincidence.”

Leng Jing was indeed very suitable for being a noblewoman as she could remain calm in all situations.

“Xishen said that Miss Leng Yuxi always harasses him. Xishen is married after all, it won’t be good for Miss Leng’s reputation when others hear about this either. Those who are unaware might think that she’s a home wrecker!” Yan Jinyi said sarcastically.

Leng Jing said with an even more sullen expression, “Miss Yan, aren’t you aware of how you got married to Xishen yourself?”

“Of course, I’m aware. I married him rightfully. Look, my sister-in-law is even here on a shopping trip with me.”

Yan Jinyi pointed to Huo Qingyuan and asked, “Mrs. Bai, you seem to be a nice person, why won’t your daughter learn from you?”

She didn’t know that Yan Jinyi could be so eloquent.

Leng Jing sulked in disgruntlement. Since she was the wife of the Bai family, she decided not to bother arguing with a junior.

Thus, she chose to just ignore Yan Jinyi.

Yang Qing had already changed out of his clothes and walked out. “Leng Jing, who are you talking to?”


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