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«Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City (Web Novel) - Chapter 556: Here To Collect Debts

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Chapter 556: Here To Collect Debts

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“Mr. Tang, that woman bullied me.” Yan Jinyi pointed at Ye Minran and continued, “She also bullied my woman.”

Tang Qing pursed his lips and asked, “Your woman?”

Yan Jinyi put her hand on Tan Sangsang’s shoulder and said, “She is my woman.”

Tan Sangsang couldn’t help but cough. ‘Jinyi, don’t…don’t be such a flirt, okay?’

Tang Qing immediately cast a gloomy gaze on Ye Minran.

Ye Minran shivered and just as she was about to speak, she was suddenly pushed away by a great force.

Immediately afterwards, a figure appeared in front of her in a flash and soon stood beside Yan Jinyi.

“Little pepper I rushed her as soon as I heard that you are here too!”

Zhuang Heng was dressed in a formal suit and seemed to be there for the gathering too.

At this moment, he looked at Yan Jinyi with his peach-blossom-shaped eyes and exclaimed, “It’s been a long time since we last met and you’ve lost so much weight, Little pepper. You’ve also become much more tanned but I can nourish you again!”

Yan Jinyi rolled her eyes.

‘What is this vain pot doing here?’

Zhuang Heng was the most influential star in the entertainment industry and the Best Actor titleholder so everyone recognized him as soon as he appeared.

The women were all about to scream with agitation.

They didn’t expect to meet the CEO of Tang Corporation and their idol at what they thought would just be a simple classmates’ reunion.

‘Idol Zhuang Heng seems to be very close to Yan Jinyi. If we build a good relationship with Yan Jinyi, does it mean that we can get closer to Zhuang Heng?’

Yan Jinyi ignored their desperate gazes and glanced at Zhuang Heng in disdain, “Why are you here?”

Zhuang Heng winked at Yan Jinyi and said, “To attend a luncheon but I ditched them when I heard you were here.”

As he spoke, he looked at Tang Qing warily. “What are you doing here? Trying to steal Little pepper from me?”

Tang Qing looked at Zhuang Heng as if he were an idiot and said, “No need for that, you’ve already lost.”

At least he knew who his real rival was but the foolish Zhuang Heng didn’t even know that Yan Jin Yi was married.

He suddenly felt that it was a good thing he was the CEO of Tang Corporation. At the very least, he was well-informed.

Ye Minran lost her composure. She was clearly the host.

‘How did Yan Jinyi manage to hook up with Tang Qing and now Zhuang Heng?’

‘Hmph, I was right. The first time I saw Yan Jinyi, I knew she was a seductress.’

“Honey, Mr. Tang can’t possibly give up business for a woman. Look at how arrogant that woman is, you must help me take revenge!”

Ye Minran grabbed Wang Xiao’s arm and swung it coquettishly.

Wang Xiao patted her arm and said hesitantly, “The woman seems to be very familiar with Mr. Tang and Zhuang Heng, so we’ll wait and see.”

‘Wait and see? Your wife is getting bullied and you want to observe further?’

For the first time, Ye Minran felt that she had married the wrong man.

“Little pepper, what’s the fun of a classmates’ reunion? There are so many people watching you eat, let’s go, I’ll treat you to a meal in the private room next door with just us two!”

Tang Qing immediately gibed, “Best Actor Zhuang, you just like Miss Yan for her beauty. She wants a man who likes her for her personality and soul, and you’ve already failed to meet the criteria.”

Zhuang Heng and Tang Qing were at odds against each other to begin with. Hearing Tang Qing’s words, Zhuang Heng flew into a rage. “Damned hooligan, what do you mean? Am I such a superficial person? I don’t want anyone but Little pepper. Little pepper and I met way before you met her, get lost.”

Yan Jinyi’s former high school classmates thought, ‘We’re here to attend the class reunion, not to see two men vying over a woman!’

“Shut up, if you continue clamoring, get lost. I’m here to collect a debt.”


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