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«MMORPG: Martial Gamer (Web Novel) - Chapter 1241: An Eyesore Match

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Chapter 1241: An Eyesore Match

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The descending Hades landed firmly on Vainglory’s leg.


Witnessing a scene like that made everyone groaned uncontrollably.

How much hatred must Vainglory have for him to strike Hades at that spot with every single move he made? Even if one couldn’t feel any pain in the game, it was simply too immoral to fight in this manner!

Wang Yu was almost on the verge of tears as he asked Evil Rampage, “Just how much did you teach him?!”

“Not a lot…” Evil Rampage whispered, “I merely taught him a few moves commonly used against other jobs.”

Wang Yu, “…”

In >, there were a total of 14 conventional jobs. Besides the two Pugilist jobs, there were still a total of 12 jobs. If he taught him three moves each, that would amount to a total of 36 moves!

Basically, Evil Rampage taught him the entire set of crotch-kicking techniques.

Vainglory might as well change his name to Vain-crotch-kicking.

Vainglory executed a skill in his kick so Hades was sent flying. Following which, he simply lay there as his entire body was trembling. Because one couldn’t feel the pain in the game, this fella was probably trembling out of anger. Who could endure being kicked in the crotch twice in a row?


Vainglory chuckled as he jogged over and executed [Shadows Chain Kick] towards Hades.

At this moment, Hades quickly got off the ground and adjusted his body to dodge Vainglory’s attack. With a swing of his sword, he struck Vainglory between his thigh to bring him down.


The spectators were dumbfounded. What are these two players even doing?!

After landing his strike, Hades struck his chest ferociously as he pointed his middle finger at Vainglory, “Come on! Let’s do this!”

Hades started swinging his sword towards Vainglory after saying this.

“Tsk! F*ck you!”

Vainglory spat out a mouthful of saliva before charging forward. He dodged Hades’ attack by flipping towards his back before kicking him at the back of his knee.

Hades lost his balance as he knelt on the ground. The moment Vainglory got up, he turned to kick Hades between his thigh.

Hades was not going to give in that easily as well. Before Vainglory could retract his leg, he swung his sword towards Vainglory’s inner thigh.

These two retards were like children as they were no longer executing any skills. Two of them were merely striking each other in the crotch one after the other.

While they struck each other, they even started cursing at each other, “F*ck! I bet you don’t dare to continue!”

“F*ck off! If you dare to run, you are a prick!”

Initially, the spectators were terrified by the savageness of these two players. Eventually, they were laughing so hard they almost cried.

After so many years of watching tournaments, this was the first time they witnessed a match that was this eyesore.


The b*stards from Quan Zhen Sect were laughing so hard that their stomachs were hurting. Evil Rampage even commented, “I am proud to be his mentor. His accuracy and display are much more professional than the other fella!”

Wang Yu was on the verge of tearing up. How did a proper match turn into a crotch-kicking match… What a shame and embarrassment.

The other players in Kingdom of Hell started regretting their decision.

They already knew that their opponents were going to be despicable and shameless so why did they choose to challenge them. Did they just make their lives more difficult…

Great! Now their own teammate was pulled down to their same level of retard and shamelessness… If this continued, they would have become a laughingstock even if they won the match. In fact, it might be a taint for the rest of their lives.

Fortunately, the system god intervened this ridiculous match. They forced these two retards out claiming that they were polluting the name of the game which was a great relief for everyone.

These two fools were clearly over their heads in this fight. Even after being forced out of the match, they pointed their middle fingers and started spitting water towards each other. The two of them only calmed down after the coordinators of the game gave them each a yellow card.

Spring Halo added, “To be honest, Little Chicky, you should have learnt from Fearless to bring that retard down with you…”

“Exactly!” Others added on, “You can be embarrassing but you have to attain some results, uh, little kid…”


Wang Yu was speechless.

Who knows what these fellas have been thinking throughout the day… How could they suggest something like that under such a circumstance? It seemed inevitable that a child like Vainglory was going to grow up to be as useless and immoral as these fellas.

On the Kingdom of Hell’s side, they shook their heads as they looked at the infuriated Hades.

After everything that had happened, nobody dared to say anything as they could only mourn in silence. They knew that they might do the same if they met someone who was constantly out to hit where it hurts the most.

The various professional experts started taking down notes again, “F*ck! Do not pick a fight with this crazy fella!”

After a round of madness, the atmosphere in the crowd finally calmed down.

The match was back underway.

After the flashing of the lights, they landed on the bodies of Boson and Sword of Thunderbolt.

“Wa… Is the system doing this intentionally?”

The entire Quan Zhen Sect clenched their fist excitedly as they saw the two players chosen.

Evil Rampage smiled and said, “Little Boson, do what Little Chicky did if you realise you cannot defeat him! Instilling that fear in him is good too…”


Before Evil Rampage could finish his sentence, he was held back by Wang Yu.

The fellas from Quan Zhen Sect were already wretched enough. Who knows what they will become if Evil Rampage continued to influence them with stupid ideas like this.

When God of Death’s Left Hand saw that Boson was going up, he reminded Sword of Thunderbolt, “Old Thunder, you better not learn from Hades.”

“Don’t worry!” Sword of Thunderbolt replied, “I’m not brainless!”

“Are you saying that I’m brainless?!” Hades raged as he extended his arm to grab Sword of Thunderbolt.

At the same time, a white light flashed and Sword of Thunderbolt was transported to the arena.

Meeting old enemies open old wounds and only the brave will win on a narrow road.

The enmity between Boson and Sword of Thunderbolt was considered deep. Before the match even started, everyone could sense the deep hatred in the arena.

Seeing the two angry and motivated players, Spring Halo popped up beside Vainglory again, “Hey! Do you think Boson can defeat that guy?”

“I think he can!” Vainglory replied almost instantly.

“Hehe!” Spring Halo replied, “I bet he can’t! Do you wanna bet?”

Hearing what Spring Halo said, Ming Du and the rest responded, “Wah! Spring Dog, how can you say that? How can you not trust Boson?”

“Why? You guys want to bet too?”

“I am going to bet one gold that Sword of Thunderbolt will win!”

“I’ll bet two!”

Before the match even begun, this bunch of despicable fellas started seeking comfort for themselves.

“What about you Fearless?” Spring Halo turned to ask.

Fearless took out two pieces of paper and said, “I’m betting he can win!”

Spring Halo looked at the two pieces of paper as one had ‘Win’ while the other had ‘Lose’.

“How much gold?”

“What’s the point of betting gold?” Fearless pointed towards Vainglory and said, “Whoever loses will suffer two kicks from Vainglory. You guys should know where he is going to kick. Come, come, come, place your bets!”

“F*ck! This is exciting!” Everyone grew excited as they placed their bets on Sword of Thunderbolt.

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