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«MMORPG: Martial Gamer (Web Novel) - Chapter 1175: Something Unexpected

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Chapter 1175: Something Unexpected

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Wang Yu’s qinggong speed was way faster than his flying. Only one word described it, ‘quick!’

Just now, Wang Yu was almost taken down by the Light Faction monsters mainly because they came from all directions so no matter how fast he ran, he would be blocked by the monsters.

However, now that the monsters were gathered together, it might look scary but it also meant that the difficulty for Wang Yu reduced greatly.

Well, Wang Yu’s speed was way faster than the troops so now that they were gathered together behind Wang Yu, they could not block him so they lost their outnumbering advantage.

Because of this, Wang Yu was running as fast as he could and the troops behind him could only breathe the dust.

As the troops were all behind him without any in front, Wang Yu jumped less so his Qing Gong value depleted slowly.

Under Wang Yu’s lead, the troops were lured further and further from the supply route entrance. After a few minutes, Shroom Devil King should have left the God of Devils Fortress.

Wang Yu then made a big turn with the troops and ran towards the supply route entrance.

After all, Wang Yu was level 60 and 10% of his XP was not a small amount so Wang Yu did not give up hope.

Just now, Wang Yu’s aim was to lure these monsters away so running was to get them to follow him. Hence, he did not go all out. Now that Wang Yu’s aim was to get rid of them, his speed went sky high and soon, he got rid of the troops behind him.

Of course, with greater speed, his Qing Gong value depleted faster. When he was about to reach the supply route entrance, the Qing Gong value reached zero.

However, just then, a bunch of people in black appeared before Wang Yu.

“F*ck! Why are there troops in front?”

Seeing the bodies block the road, Wang Yu thought they were the monster troops so he was shocked.

Just as he thought he was about to die, a shouting voice appeared, “He is Iron Bull!”

Wang Yu realised after hearing it that those in front were players.

“Better that they are players…”

After knowing those blocking the road were not monsters, Wang Yu was relieved and just as he was about to walk over, in just a few steps, he felt the killing aura from those players.

Right at that moment, Wang Yu stopped and took a few steps back.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

At the same time, rows of arrows were flying towards him and landed at where he stood just now.

Wang Yu saw this and was stunned yet angry but also realised their aim.

Damn it, he had just left the tiger’s dent and now he entered a wolf’s den. Based on the quality of players in Sin City, it was no surprise that they would take advantage of his situation.

At this thought, Wang Yu frowned and yelled, “Why are you guys attacking me?”

Indeed, upon hearing Wang Yu’s words, Red Wolf smiled then walked out of the crowd and replied, “No whys. We just wanted Great God Iron Bull to pay for using our roads.”

“It’s you?” Wang Yu just met Red Wolf just now he remembered him. After seeing him, Wang Yu instantly recalled.

So these players were hired by the Wild Wolf Pack.

No wonder Fearless always said to do bad things all the way. He let these guys off but he did not expect them to return to make life tough for him.

“Yes, it’s me.” Red Wolf smiled proudly, “Boss Iron Bull, we meet again.”

Seeing how Red Wolf was so proud, Wang Yu asked angrily, “How dare you appear in front of me. Was the lesson just now not harsh enough?”

“Enough, how is it not.” Red Wolf pretended to shrink aside in fear then stood up again and tauntingly mocked, “See, I have so many brothers to take care of. Do I look like I don’t remember my lessons?”

Red Wolf’s meaning was obvious. Since he could not defeat Wang Yu with a dozen people, he now had tens of thousands. He was waiting to see if Wang Yu could kill them all.

“Hmph!” Wang Yu glanced at the countless players behind Red Wolf then snarled, “You think you can stop me?”

“No… Of course not.” Red Wolf smiled then snapped his fingers. Soon, Banana Wolf and BIg Grey walked out from the crowd holding onto someone.

That person was short and looked as though his or her neck was hung in mid-air. Seeing that Wang Yu looked over, to cover up his or her short legs, he or she even jumped a few times.

That scene looked familiar…

The player who was being held was indeed Shroom Devil King.

“I’m… I’m sorry.” Shroom Devil King saw Wang Yu then lowered her head in embarrassment.

Wang Yu slapped his forehead in desperation, “How did you get caught by them?”

“Hehe!” Before Shroom Devil King replied, Red Wolf chuckled and said, “Do you know we have been waiting for you here?”

Red Wolf and the rest did not know Wang Yu would return so they waited there. Instead, there were too many monsters in the God of Devils Fortress so with so many people, they would be a huge target, and so, they could not dash in. Waiting here was thus out of no choice but Wang Yu and Shroom Devil King really returned.

Based on Wang Yu, although he could not take on tens of thousands of them, he could easily escape from experts in a large guild so much less these gangsters.

However, Shroom Devil King was in Red Wolf’s hands.

In the game, life was not as valuable as equipment but if Shroom Devil King died, her quest items would drop and they would lose everything.

Furthermore, the troops behind were nearing. Even if Wang Yu could save her, the troops behind did not give him the time to do so.

After some thought, Wang Yu casually tossed a money bag to Red Wolf and said, “Fine, I admit defeat this time. Keep this ten thousand gold coins and let my friend go.”

Although the gold coin exchange rate lowered, ten thousand gold coins was not a small amount. So much money for a life in the game was a great deal.

“Ten thousand gold coins?”

However, Red Wolf did not even look at Wang Yu’s money bag and instead, sneered, “There are so many of us here. Ten thousand gold coins divided amongst us would leave each of us less than one gold coin. Do you treat us as beggars?”

“Oh? Then how much do you want?” Seeing how Red Wolf acted, Wang Yu’s bad temper came out and asked coldly as he kept his money bag.

“Not much!” Red Wolf looked at Wang Yu and said, “Leave all your equipment behind! Save us some trouble.”

After speaking, Red Wolf paused for a while then added, “Equipment are just material things. Keep your life and you can earn them again.”

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