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«MMORPG: Martial Gamer (Web Novel) - Chapter 1405: Boss’s True Intention

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Chapter 1405: Boss’s True Intention

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Once Wang Yu saw the content of the quest, he stood up and walked towards the Boss of the bar, “Boss, do you know about the Ancient Mine?”

Upon hearing Wang Yu’s inquiry, the Boss stood up, sized Wang Yu up before nodding his head. “Yes, I know. There is a terrifying devil called Raging Flames Monarch living there. My grandfather’s grandfather was killed by him. Young warrior, I can tell that all of you are mighty experts. Can you help me avenge my family?”

At the same time, Wang Yu received yet another


The Quan Zhen Sect was pleasantly surprised at the Boss’ connection to the Raging Flames Monarch.

However, Wang Yu wasn’t anxious in accepting the quest. Instead, he furrowed his brows and asked, “Raging Flames Monarch possesses a formidable body which didn’t seem possible to kill. We are not confident in being able to avenge you.”

Raging Flames Monarch was not strong but his undying body was the burdensome part.

“No, warrior!”

The Boss shook his hands and explained, “What you saw wasn’t the real Raging Flames Monarch. It is merely a clone forged by the Raging Flames Monarch using his fire elements. The God of Flames Mining Area contains large quantities of flaming ores which contains an abundance of fire elements. As long as the fire elements exist, the clone wouldn’t extinguish. If you want to kill Raging Flames Monarch, you have to kill his real body.”

“Real body? I see!” Wang Yu came to a realisation when he heard that.

Now it made sense as to why Raging Flames Monarch was able to resurrect infinitely. However, the entire God of Flames Mining Area was filled with fire elements so how would he ever be able to defeat him while preventing him from resurrecting?

At the thought of this, Wang Yu quickly asked, “Where is Raging Flames Monarch’s real body now?”

“According to my grandfather, he is below the Flaming God Rift Valley,” the Boss replied firmly.

“Alright! Since this is the case, I shall accept!”

Wang Yu made his decision.

To Wang Yu, finding a BOSS was much harder than killing one. As long as he knew where Raging Flames Monarch was hiding his real body, everything became much simpler for him.

Character background: Raging Flames Monarch is the defender of the Ancient God of Flames Mining Area who had once killed countless of thieves who coveted the assets of God.

Quest content: Kill Raging Flames Monarch 0/1.

Friendship tip: Raging Flames Monarch is extremely powerful. Be reminded to form a squad of more than twenty members.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, this quest is truly…”

Wang Yu sent this to the guild chat and everyone couldn’t help but sigh.

‘There is strength in numbers’ was a logic that applied both in the real world as well as the game. This was especially true for a game like > which required a lot of coordination between players. Therefore, it was common for the game to set a limit on the number of players taking on a quest.

Quest with a low limit on the number of players might not be simple but a quest with higher limit proved to be much more difficult. However, the quest that Wang Yu just accepted did not even have an upper limit for the number of players. This was a clear indication of the difficulty of the quest.

On second thought, this made perfect sense too. They were taking on a Level 80 Obsidian BOSS and he was even one of magic-type. The worst part was that Raging Flames Monarch still possessed the undying body which explained the difficulty.

“Twenty players… But we don’t even have enough now.” Looking at the tip, everyone turned to Fearless, “Go get some players from Sanguine Alliance to join us.”

Just when Fearless was about to reply, Wang Yu suddenly interrupted, “No need!”

“??” Everyone was startled, “You have someone in mind?”

“No…” Wang Yu shook his head, “It is close to 10 pm so I have to go offline to rest. We can do this tomorrow.”

“F*ck!” Everyone cursed, “Can you act like a proper gamer?”

In the gaming industry, every top expert worked their ass off to get to where they were. The Quan Zhen Sect had never seen a player who followed strict curfews on his gaming time as well as Wang Yu. To make matters worse, this fella was the number one expert in the game… so how did this make any sense at all?

Even so, everyone knew Wang Yu’s habit so they were not going to force him to stay.

Just when Wang Yu was about to go offline, Fearless suddenly asked the Boss, “Is the Flaming God Rift Valley the gap in which Raging Flames Monarch always jump out from?”

“Indeed!” the Boss nodded his head.


Wang Yu stopped what he was doing after hearing what the Boss said.

Fearless wiped his sweat as he said, “Damn it! I knew this isn’t as simple as it looks!”

All the NPCs in > had always been scheming so how could he possibly be so straightforward to tell the players where the BOSS’s actual body was. Indeed, the Flaming God Rift Valley was a trap by itself.

The others from the Quan Zhen Sect might not know but Wang Yu and Fearless saw that so-called Flaming God Rift Valley. It was basically an earth’s crust that was split open and it was completely filled with lava. There were flames above the lava which was burning over a few inches tall…

Any player entering a place like that was bound to be burnt to their ashes. If Raging Flames Monarch’s real body was hidden there, he was basically in a state of invincibility.

When the Boss saw Wang Yu’s worried expression, he suddenly let out a wretched smile as he said, “Brave warrior, don’t be too worried. Back then, my grandfather obtained three Fire Avoidance Scroll which enables one to separate the fire elements. Today, there are still two remaining.”

“Hand it over then!” Wang Yu extended his hand.

“Haha!” The Boss chuckled, “This Fire Avoidance Scroll is exceedingly precious… How can we give it away so easily?”


Wang Yu was slightly speechless, “Brother, we are avenging you.”

“I know!” the Boss replied, “However, one thing at a time. I will give you the rewards that you deserve once you helped to avenge me. However, this Fire Avoidance Scroll was a totally different item so it shouldn’t be associated with the quest. My morals simply do not allow me to do that…”

The Boss’ speech left Wang Yu completely speechless again. There was truly no limits to the shamelessness and despicable acts of the system NPC.

“How much does one scroll cost?” Wang Yu went straight to the point.

“Not very expensive!” The Boss replied, “Ten thousand gold for one!”


Wang Yu was left speechless again.

The scroll was also a one-time item regardless of how precious it was. In the market, the most expensive scroll was merely slightly above one thousand gold. Who knew that the Boss would actually ask for ten thousand gold?

If it wasn’t for the fact that Wang Yu knew the system NPC wouldn’t lie, he would have suspected the Boss’ true intention. He was clearly trying to sell his items instead of avenging his family.

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