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«Martial God Asura (Web Novel) - Chapter 4493: A Wrong Bet

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Chapter 4493: A Wrong Bet

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“That brat is a monster.”

The old man had a deeply complicated expression on his face when he said these words. There was a hint of shock and fear, and it shook him up so much that he couldn’t stop his hands from trembling.

On the other hand, however, the young man burst into laughter and said, “Master, you’re pulling my leg again! Monster? Who would dare to call himself a monster before our Saint Valley?”

“You think I’m joking around? Take a look at my current state? Do I look like I’m pulling a prank here?

“Do you know why I retracted my bloodline power within just half an incense’s time? That’s because I would have died there if I didn’t do so!” the old man hollered furiously.

“A-ah? Master, you… You’re saying that his bloodline power suppressed you? So, he was the one who caused you to fall into such a feeble state?”

The young man’s face gradually turned grave as well.

He didn’t think that Chu Feng would actually have the ability to do this to his master. Even within the Saint Valley, which was filled with all sorts of experts, his master was still a notable figure.

In his view, Chu Feng was no more than an ant from a humble background who was just a bit more talented than the others. As important as a cultivator’s talent was, one’s background also made all the difference too. Without a powerful background, no matter how talented one was, one would still never be able to reach the top.

As such, even though Chu Feng’s talent had surprised him, he didn’t think that Chu Feng would ever pose a threat to him.

Yet, his master was telling him this very instant that Chu Feng wielded the power to reduce his master into such a pitiful state. That overthrew everything he thought about Chu Feng earlier, and he was finding it a bit hard to swallow this reality.

“I have never encountered a Heavenly Bloodline that is as terrifying as that brat’s. The pressure I felt from him was completely unprecedented,” the old man said.

“Are you saying that… his bloodline is even above that of Lord Kui?” the young man asked.

“Dao Kui? Dao Kui’s bloodline might be formidable, but I can at least last an incense’s time against his bloodline power. On the other hand, it’s already pushing my limits to last half an incense’s time against that brat’s bloodline power. Had I continued pitting myself against him, I would have lost my life,” the old man said as a hint of fear flashed across his eyes.


The young man gasped in shock.

The person whom he spoke of earlier, Dao Kui, was one of the few experts whose strength was above that of his master in Saint Valley.

His master had once pitted his bloodline power against Lord Kui to determine whose bloodline was stronger, but it ended with his master’s loss.

Till this day, he could still remember the pitiful state his master was in.

As a result, he had always viewed Lord Kui’s bloodline power as a benchmark of supreme power. It would already be an amazing feat if that brat’s bloodline power was on par with that of Lord Kui’s, but his master was saying that the brat’s bloodline power actually surpassed that of Lord Kui’s by a great degree!

“To think that his bloodline power to be so strong… Could he be a member of the previous overseer of the Bloodline Galaxy, the Yuwen Heavenly Clan?” the young man guessed.

“That’s impossible. Didn’t you hear how his companions addressed him earlier? That brat’s name is Chu Feng,” the old man said.

The old man and the young man were already around when Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao dived into the Whitesky Star River. Through hearing their discussions, they were made aware of Chu Feng’s name.

“Master, is it possible for him to be a lost child of the Yuwen Heavenly Clan then?” the young man asked.

Those words left the old man deep in thought.

“I can’t refute such a possibility. In truth, a part of the reason why I spared him was out of consideration of the possibility of him coming from an exceptional background. We might be bringing trouble onto ourselves by laying our hands on him.

“That brat doesn’t just possess the Heavenly Bloodline. He also wields a Divine Power too,” the old man said.

“Divine Power? Master, are you being serious? Isn’t it said that the Heavenly Bloodline cannot coexist with Divine Powers?” the young man was astonished.

“Logically speaking, yes. However, I am also certain that I felt a Divine Power from him. It’s a particularly strong one that could very well rank amongst the Board of Divine Powers,” the old man said.

“Are you serious, master? Most of the Divine Powers listed in the Board of Divine Powers are either yet in existence or have been taken away by powerful individuals, and that brat actually has a Divine Power of that caliber too?”

The young man was getting more and more agitated by the moment.

It was harder for the young man to believe that Chu Feng actually had a Divine Power listed within the Board of Divine Powers than that he had a powerful Heavenly Bloodline.

Most of the Divine Powers listed within the Board of Divine Powers were either already monopolized by powerful individuals or had yet to come into existence in the world.

“I’m not very certain about it. That Divine Power hid behind the Heavenly Bloodline from the start to the end, not showing itself. However, the pressure I felt from it was terrifyingly strong. I have pitted my bloodline power with many cultivators before, but I have never felt such a powerful Divine Power before!” the old man said.


The young man took a sharp intake of air.

“Master, I finally understand why you let him off. I didn’t think that an ordinary-looking brat would actually have such a formidable side to him. But master, isn’t it also possible for the young man to have an ordinary background, and that he only managed to obtain all of those by sheer luck?” the young man said.

The old man pondered for a moment before replying, “It is possible too.”

“Master, if he has no one backing him, don’t you think it’s a huge pity for us to let such a precious treasure slip past our fingers just like that?” the young man said.

“What do you mean by that?” the old man asked.

“Master, shall we gamble just this once? If we gamble correctly, we’ll be able to lay our hands on a formidable power!” the young man said.

Those words were like the whisperings of the devil, enticing the old man so. He fell into deep thought for a moment before determination flashed across his eyes.

“Fine, let’s gamble on it!”

Having made up their minds, both the old man and the young man darted out of the Whitesky Star River in a flash, intending to pursue Chu Feng and capture him.


But in the next instant, a powerful force slammed the two of them back into the Whitesky Star River.

“This feeling…”

Both the faces of the old man and the young man warped in shock.

They felt a devastating power sealing off the entire Whitesky Star River, trapping the two of them inside.

“Sh*t, we gambled wrongly!”

It was then that the two of them knew that they had screwed up badly.

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