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«Martial God Asura (Web Novel) - Chapter 4492: A Monster

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Chapter 4492: A Monster

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The object that the old man brought out was a unique treasure.

As soon as Chu Feng infused his bloodline power into it, his consciousness was brought over into another world. It was a completely dark world with nothing at all.

This was likely to be the world within the object.

Due to this, Chu Feng was unable to hear what the old man said afterward.

In truth, Chu Feng could have chosen to leave this world, but he dared not to. He wasn’t certain if such an action would be taken to be an admittance of defeat by that old man.

Who knew what the old man would do if he were to decide that Chu Feng had lost the bet?

Chu Feng didn’t think that he could defeat that terrifying old man, but at the very least, he was determined to last an incense’s time against him.

He knew that the chances of him persevering to the end were extremely slim—the old man wouldn’t have proposed such a challenge otherwise—but he couldn’t afford to stumble here. So, he gathered all of his willpower and resolved himself to grit his teeth and last through whatever that was to come.

As soon as the old man started channeling his bloodline power into this world, Chu Feng felt as if a mountain load of pressure was crushing down on him.

At the same time, the world he was in started to light up as well.

Dark clouds gleaming in green light appeared before him. He could vaguely see the silhouette a gargantuan beast of unbelievable size coiling amidst the dark clouds. It was so large that it seemed to cover an entire half of the world.

Chu Feng felt nothing more than a grain of sand before it.

Slowly, the gargantuan beast began to reveal its true form. It was a serpentine dragon dressed in green armor. It had seven heads, and every head was hissing coldly at Chu Feng.

It would appear that the old man was a person who possessed Divine Power for the gargantuan beast appeared to be more like the manifestation of a Divine Power than a bloodline power.

A powerful pressure crushed down on Chu Feng as soon as the gargantuan beast appeared, and as it crept closer and closer to Chu Feng, the pressure grew stronger and stronger.

It was to the point where Chu Feng felt as if his body was going to crack and his soul was going to be squeezed out. It felt as if multiple mountains were squeezing at him from all directions simultaneously, seeking to mash him up.

The pressure was unbearable, but Chu Feng had no choice but to hold on. By hook or by crook, he had to last an incense’s time here in order to get away.

“It’s only an incense’s time. I can do it!”

Chu Feng gritted his teeth desperately as he began to calculate how great the pressure would grow within an incense’s time. His conclusion was that he should be able to barely hold on to the end.

Time seemed to tick by slowly, but all of a sudden, the gargantuan beast in the sky vanished.

“Huh? It disappeared? What’s going on?”

Chu Feng was perplexed. It had only been half an incense’s time since this challenge started. Why would the gargantuan beast vanish all of a sudden?

After some consideration, Chu Feng thought that the old man might have retracted his Divine Power by his own accord.

“Or did I calculate wrongly, and that an incense’s time is already up?”

Chu Feng had a few guesses, but he couldn’t be too certain.

Just to be safe, he waited till he counted up to an incense’s time before retracting his consciousness from the object.

“Brat, what are you dawdling around for? I’ve already let you off by retracting my bloodline power after half an incense’s time, so why in the world did you wait till an incense’s time is up before coming out?” the old man grumbled as he looked at Chu Feng in annoyance.

“My apologies, elder. I couldn’t tell whether you have chosen to retract your bloodline power intentionally or not,” Chu Feng replied.

“Forget it! You’re not too bad for being able to last half an incense’s time against me. Take it!”

As the old man spoke, he tossed the pearl that had concentrated the natural energies and martial comprehension of the Whitesky Star River over to Chu Feng.

“This item is still a little violent. You have to make it acknowledge you as its master before you can release the energy inside. Otherwise, not only will you be unable to assimilate the energy, you might even face a backlash,” the old man added.

“Thank you, elder,” Chu Feng said as he accepted the pearl.

“There’s no need to thank me. Brat, you have to remember two things.

“First, you better not tell anyone that you have met the two of us here. Otherwise, not only will you be bringing harm to us, you’ll also be bringing harm to yourself.

“Second, if you meet anyone else from the Saint Valley in the future, you should immediately run as far as you can. You should know that not everyone from the Saint Valley is as kind as the two of us,” the old man told Chu Feng.

“Elder, thank you for your advice,” Chu Feng said.

“Like I said, there’s no need to thank me. You can get lost now,” the old man grumbled impatiently.

“I’ll be taking my leave then.”

Seeing that the old man was really intending to let him off, there was no way Chu Feng would dawdle around. He turned around and immediately headed off.

But barely after taking a few footsteps, he suddenly thought of something. He hesitated for a brief moment before turning around and asking, “Elder, there’s something that I’m curious about that I hope you can enlighten me on.”

“Speak,” the old man said.

“Elder, may I know why you have massacred the race from the Ancient Era living here?” Chu Feng asked.

“Who told you that I was the one who killed them?” the old man replied.

“It was not elder who killed them?” Chu Feng was a little surprised.

All this while, he thought that it was the powerful old man who killed off the race from the Ancient Era, but judging from the old man’s response, it really didn’t seem like he was the one who did it.

“Of course not. The two of us only happened to pass by this area,” the old man said. Then, his tone suddenly turned deeply annoyed as he said, “Haven’t I already told you to get lost? Or do you wish to stay here with us instead?”

“Elder, thank you for fulfilling my curiosity. I’ll be taking my leave.”

Chu Feng clasped his fist once more before quickly getting out of the Whitesky Star River.

To be honest, he was feeling a little light-headed at the moment, as if what he had been through was just a dream.

To be honest, Chu Feng didn’t have a good impression of the old man at all. His instincts were telling him that the old man wasn’t a good person, so he thought that he wouldn’t be able to get away with his life.

But in a surprising turn of events, the old man had let him go and even gave the pearl to him.

While feeling deep relief over having overcome a calamity, Chu Feng’s thoughts unwittingly drifted over to the mystery regarding the massacre of the race from the Ancient Era.

He didn’t think that the old man was lying to him when he said that he wasn’t the one behind the massacre.

But if the culprit hadn’t been the old man, who else could it be?

It hadn’t been long since the race from the Ancient Era had been massacred, after all.

Was the old man really just passing by? If not, what relationship did he have with the culprit who massacred the race from the Ancient Era?

There were many questions in Chu Feng’s mind, but all he could do was to postulate possibilities. There was no way for him to determine the truth anymore.

He also knew that something of this level was already beyond what he could afford to get involved with. He was simply too weak at the moment.

“What happened to the Whitesky Star River?”

As Chu Feng left the Whitesky Star River, he suddenly noticed that the starlight that glittered within it had vanished without a trace. It looked as if someone had taken away the very heart of the river, stripping life away from it.

His gaze unwittingly fell to the pearl in his hand.

“Could it be that the elder had sapped the energy of the entire Whitesky Star River into this pearl?” Chu Feng wondered.

Despite the doubts lingering in his mind, his footsteps hadn’t stopped in the least. He was rushing away as fast as he could.

Meanwhile, inside the hidden current of the Whitesky Star River, the young man’s eyes lingered in the direction where Chu Feng had departed.

“Say, master, what’s wrong with you today? You are really allowing that brat to leave just like that? Not to mention, you even gave that pearl to him! Just what in the world happened for you to display such an unexpected act of kindness?

“Master? Why aren’t you speaking?”

The young man turned to look at the old man as he spoke, but in the next instant, he jolted backward in shock from what he saw.

“Master, what’s wrong?!”

The young man anxiously rushed forward to support the old man.

The old man was kneeling on the ground feebly, and his body was trembling in frailness. It was as if he had been completely sapped of his energy, such that even talking was beyond him.

It looked as if he would faint at any moment.

The young man quickly took out an incredibly precious pill and fed it to his master.

Under the effects of the pill, the old man finally managed to recover a little of his energy. With a hoarse and shaky voice, the old man said in deep displeasure, “Did you think that I wanted to let him off?”

“Then… why?”

The young man couldn’t understand the rationale behind the old man’s actions.

“That brat is a monster,” the old man replied.

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