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«Martial God Asura (Web Novel) - Chapter 4430: Clearing the Trial

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Chapter 4430: Clearing the Trial

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Upon seeing the key, Yin Daifen’s face warped in shock. Slowly, her astonishment turned into rage as she glared at Chu Feng with widened eyes.

“That belongs to me! You took away the key I should have received after clearing the trial!” Yin Daifen bellowed at Chu Feng with gritted teeth.

She could tell that the glowing key was the token that she should have received after clearing the trial, so she immediately assumed that it belonged to her, and that Chu Feng had stolen her key away.

“Miss Yin, what are you talking about? I am having trouble trying to comprehend what you are saying. Didn’t you mention that you don’t know where the locations of the trials are? Why are you claiming that you have cleared the trial now?” Chu Feng asked with gleaming eyes.

“Stop feigning ignorance. You’re doing it on purpose! You knew that I lied to you, so you first acted as if you’re leaving before following me in the dark. As soon as I cleared the trial, you immediately stole away the key that belonged to me!” Yin Daifen shouted angrily.

“How would I know where your key is? This key belongs to me,” Chu Feng replied.

“T-that isn’t my key?”

Shock flickered across Yin Daifen’s face momentarily before she hurriedly reached for her own key.

She realized that her key was still with her, but the only difference was that her key was still the same as it was before. It hadn’t undergone the same changes as Chu Feng’s did.

“Wait a moment… This can’t be… Could it be that… you managed to clear the trial ahead of me?” Yin Daifen exclaimed in astonishment.

It didn’t take her long to figure out the truth.

“Yin Daifen, how slow-witted are you to only realize it now? You thought that you were the clever one here, but you thought wrong. Did you think that you can deceive me, Chu Feng, with such shallow ploys?

“Even if you are able to decipher the content on the stone monument, did you think that I, a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, wouldn’t be able to do it? Let me tell you this. Not only did I manage to decipher it, but my understanding of it is also far above yours.

“I only said that I didn’t know in order to test out your character. If you told me the truth, I could have helped you or even gave way to you. However, since you tried to fool me, I decided that I’ll just go along with your act.

“I didn’t think that you would be such a vile individual. If you held enmity toward me because you didn’t know that I was your elder sister’s friend, I would have still been able to accept it. But despite having known the truth, you still used such underhanded means to deal with me. It only shows just how despicable of a human you are at your core,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng was someone who was known for his ability of discernment, such that he wouldn’t even lose out to those from the older generation.

There was no one of his age group that could stand a chance against him, so how could it be possible that he would be unable to decipher the stone monument when Yin Daifen had been able to do it.

From the start, it was all part of his plan.

“Young master Chu Feng, I was wrong. I sincerely apologize to you!”

Yin Daifen burst into tears all of a sudden. Tears began flowing down her face, making her look as if she had been bullied.

This lass was truly a born actor. She was able to cry on command, and she even managed to make her look like the victim.

Her body slumped down in midair as it appeared to tremble from deep sorrow. It was such a heart wrenching scene that it looked almost as if someone from her family had died.

“Young master Chu Feng, I also have my own difficulties. I have grown up by the side of my master from a young age, but all my master wanted to do was to find my elder sister. I was the one who had been by his side all of these years, but the only one he truly favored all along was my elder sister!

“I don’t blame him for wanting to find my elder sister. I would love more than anything to find my elder sister too. But my master, he chose to make my elder sister as his successor! I have worked hard and cultivated diligently under him for so many years, but he still chose my elder sister over me!

“I want to prove myself to him, and the Godwish Palace is my greatest hope to do so. I know that this examination is the first step to doing so, and only if I clear the examination will I be able to undergo the training of the Godwish Grandmother.

“I can’t fail here. I mustn’t fail here! Otherwise, my master will just look down on me more! Young master Chu Feng, I really had no other choice but to do it. Please, forgive me…”

Appearances truly made a huge difference. With Yin Daifen’s ravishing beauty, her tears really brought upon the sympathy of others, creating a natural urge in others to console her.

Even Chu Feng appeared to have been moved by her current state.

“Forget it. In view of your elder sister, I’ll give this to you.”

Chu Feng tossed the violet key in his possession over to Yin Daifen.

Staring at the violet key that Chu Feng had tossed over, Yin Daifen was stunned. She couldn’t believe her eyes at all.

“What are you in a daze for? Take it!” Chu Feng said.

“Young master Chu Feng, y-you… are you serious about this? Are you really going to give this opportunity to me?” Yin Daifen asked.

“Did you think that I would lie to you? Hurry up and take it, or else I might change my mind in the next moment!” Chu Feng replied impatiently.

“Thank you, young master Chu Feng!”

Upon hearing those words, Yin Daifen, who was kneeling in midair, immediately rose to her feet and snatched the violet key which Chu Feng had tossed over.

“Young master Chu Feng, you’re truly a wonderful person. It’s no wonder why my elder sister would befriend you!” Yin Daifen exclaimed as she rushed to Chu Feng’s side and leaped into his embrace.

She wrapped her tender hands around Chu Feng and smooched Chu Feng’s cheek.

Had it been Chu Feng in his normal state, Yin Daifen’s actions would still have been understandable. However, the current Chu Feng was an extremely hideous individual, such that he would be even scarier than even the ugliest monstrous beasts of the Monstrous Herd Temple.

For Yin Daifen to be able to smooch such as Chu Feng, one really had to say that she was a remarkable person too.

“Hey hey hey, there should be an appropriate distance between men and women. You shouldn’t do this. I didn’t give this key expecting anything out of you,” Chu Feng replied.

“I know. There’s no way young master Chu Feng would be a lustful person! You’re definitely the kindest person I have ever met in the world!” Yin Daifen looked at Chu Feng with eyes filled with adulation.

“Alright, that’s enough. You don’t need to butter me up. As long as you become a better person and kick out your bad habits, my sacrifice wouldn’t have been in vain,” Chu Feng said before heading out of the world.

As Yin Daifen, she kept her key carefully with a sweet smile before following Chu Feng out of the world too.

After Chu Feng and Yin Daifen left the world, they found that Long Xiaoxiao, Yu Hong, Yu Yin, and the others had already returned.

All of them had different looks on their faces—some were smiling happily whereas others were brooding in frustration.

It was easy to tell who had cleared the examination just from looking at their expressions.

There was only one person out of each duo who could clear the examination, which meant that at least four of them had failed the examination.

“Little benefactor, how did you do? Did you manage to clear the examination?”

Upon seeing Chu Feng, Long Xiaoxiao immediately rushed forward excitedly and asked Chu Feng. The warmness she directed toward Chu Feng was truly envying.

“I cleared the examination,” Chu Feng replied calmly.

Long Xiaoxiao wasn’t too surprised by the answer. She was confident that with Chu Feng’s capabilities, he would have been able to defeat Yin Daifen easily.

The others also weren’t too fazed by Chu Feng’s response either.

They had witnessed Chu Feng’s means earlier and knew that he wasn’t an easy foe to deal with. Regardless of whether they liked him or not, there was no denying that he was a truly talented individual.

How could Yin Daifen, who seemed to only be good for crying, possibly be a match for Chu Feng?

Meanwhile, when Fu Feiyue heard that Yin Daifen had been defeated, his complexion looked extremely awful. He quickly walked up to her and asked, “Junior, were you bullied?”

“I wasn’t,” Yin Daifen replied.

“That’s good. Don’t worry, junior. Even though you failed the examination, Lord Sectmaster will not deny the efforts you have put into this. Besides, I have managed to clear the examination, I’ll undergo the training and strive to get the opportunity to make a wish with the Godwish Grandmother.

“I’ll wish for her to allow you to undergo the training too,” Fu Feiyue told Yin Daifen.

“Senior, you really treat me well, but there’s no need for that. I… have cleared the examination too!”

Fearing that Fu Feiyue and the others might not believe her words, she even took out the violet key which was emanating a divine glow out to show it to the crowd.

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