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«Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 877: Indoor Roller Coaster Proposal

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Chapter 877: Indoor Roller Coaster Proposal

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After some thought, Pei Qian said, “First, this project must be far away from the current Thriller Hostel.”

“Second, the roller coaster must be as low as possible. It must be less than thirty meters.

“Finally… there should be a track randomizer for the roller coaster.

Pei Qian saw the confusion on Chen Kangtuo and Hao Qiong’s faces intensify after he spoke about his three requests.

Pei Qian could not help but feel happy. Confused? That was exactly right!

The fact that they were far away from the park of Thriller Hostel meant that tourists would have to walk for a long time to get to the new project. That was a geographical deterrent.

The higher the height of the roller coaster, the longer the journey, and the more winding the route, the more exciting it would be. On the other hand, if the roller coaster’s height was very low, it would be very difficult to play any tricks no matter how they designed it.

Logically speaking, it should not be a problem for them to build a roller coaster that was sixty to seventy meters high if they were to spend this hundred million yuan. They could also play other tricks.

The crux of roller coasters was that they had to be tall and long.

That was because the excitement that passengers felt from riding roller coasters mainly came from a special acceleration experience. For example, the feeling of weightlessness when they fell vertically or when the roller coaster did a parabolic motion, the super acceleration like a sports car, or the spiral tumbling in the air to make the human body suffer a greater acceleration…

It was the most exciting part of the rollercoaster ride.

However, there was a prerequisite for this. The roller coaster had to be high.

The higher the altitude, the more intense the stimulation for the passengers; the longer the distance, the longer the stimulation lasted.

That was why the roller coasters at large amusement parks in the world were getting taller. The tallest ones were already a hundred meters or even 120 meters.

Higher roller coasters would definitely be more exciting. Even if there were not many tricks, just a simple vertical rise and fall would be enough to make the passengers’ souls leave their bodies.

Jingzhou was a second-tier city with a new theme park. There were roller coasters, drop towers, pendulum rides, and other equipment.

The roller coaster over there was about forty to fifty meters high. It was actually very thrilling to ordinary tourists.

However, if Pei Qian were to build another roller coaster sixty to seventy meters high in Thriller Hostel, the tourists who came to Jingzhou might have to spend an additional day on it. They would first go to the amusement park in New World before coming to Thriller Hostel.

Tourists who liked roller coasters would want to play higher and more exciting projects after all.

Thus, Pei Qian decided to do the opposite. This roller coaster would be less thrilling than the roller coaster at the amusement park as long as it was built below thirty meters. No one would come to play.

Of course, there was also a problem if it was built too low. They would definitely not be able to spend all the money.

Things like roller coasters were either domestically-produced or imported. They were all shipped over to be assembled once they were produced. one could only buy imported roller coasters if they wanted a large one. Some domestic small roller coasters were also well-produced. If one considered it this way, one could buy a smaller roller coaster that cost millions or tens of thousands. It would not cost a hundred million no matter what.

That was why Pei Qian had specially added a condition where the track had to be randomized.

There was no need for a roller coaster to have randomized tracks.

That was because the roller coaster was very fast. The entire process would only take two to three minutes. When people were on it, their minds would go blank because of the weightlessness and acceleration. How could they be in the mood to see you doing so much work?

Therefore, most of the large roller coasters only had one planned route. The tourists could enjoy themselves for just two to three minutes.

Now that Pei Qian had decided to take a randomized route, the cost of manufacturing would definitely double. The cost-effective ratio would definitely be extremely poor.

Wouldn’t that be the same as spending money and having no one to play with?

Pei Qian was impressed by his own intelligence.

On the other hand, Chen Kangtuo and Hao Qiong were obviously very clear about this logic. They had no idea what Boss Pei was up to and could not figure out how to fix the roller coaster.

Chen Kangtuo tried to ask, “Then… Boss Pei, should we buy ready-made projects both domestically and overseas, or should we spend money on original projects?”

Pei Qian did not hesitate. “Of course, I’ll create originals!”

Buy ready-made projects both domestically and overseas? That would definitely be mature projects that could earn money. They could be used as soon as they were bought. Not only would it reduce the cost, but it would also increase the success rate. How could that be possible?!

It was better to let Chen Kangtuo and the others figure it out on their own. The chances of failure would be higher if they created it themselves.

Pei Qian felt that he had already explained enough. It would not be good to say more. It would easily trigger the imagination of these two people. Thus, he stood up and left. “Alright, the two of you should take the time to think about it. After you’ve thought about the plan, look for the contractor’s price and start work as soon as possible. Time waits for no one.”

Chen Kangtuo and Hao Qiong looked at each other and quickly switched on their computers to look up relevant information.

Two hours passed in no time.

Chen Kangtuo and Hao Qiong had been searching for information online for two hours, but they were still helpless.

Hao Qiong was a little melancholic. “Boss Pei’s conditions this time did not have any inspiration at all!”

“A relatively short roller coaster with some randomness? I can’t imagine what kind of project this is.”

“Logically speaking, wouldn’t it be better to spend this hundred million yuan on ready-made roller coasters overseas? It would save time and effort.”

Chen Kangtuo shook his head slightly. “Don’t you know Boss Pei’s character? When will Boss Pei buy ready-made ones?”

“The three projects in Thriller Hostel are all original. Naturally, the new projects have to be original as well. Otherwise, how can they be so different from the new theme park?”

Hao Qiong sighed. “That’s true, but roller coasters are not like games. The gameplay is not important at all. The most important thing is the height. It would definitely not be fun if it was not high enough. Yet, Boss Pei said that the lower the height, the better. It would be best if it was not more than thirty meters.”

Chen Kangtuo tapped on his laptop and said, “Do you think… Boss Pei wants to make an indoor roller coaster?”

Hao Qiong was stunned. “An indoor roller coaster? Why?”

Chen Kangtuo said, “I’ve flipped through a few of the more famous amusement parks in the world. I found that those with lower heights are all indoor roller coasters.”

“For example, there is an indoor roller coaster project with a wizard theme. Its selling point is to combine a huge physical setting with a projector screen, giving tourists a surreal immersive experience.”

“The indoor roller coaster is a completely enclosed environment. It’s height and speed are definitely not as high as the outdoor roller coaster, but it can create a special environment and atmosphere, making tourists feel extremely immersed.”

“While the highest difference in height in this project is only ten meters, it can give tourists a feeling that it’s more exciting than a roller coaster.”

“Why did Boss Pei emphasize the height of the roller coaster? He’s obviously hinting to us that we should do a similar indoor roller coaster project to combine weightlessness, acceleration, and virtual environment!”

“That’s the only way to have such a high budget.”

Hao Qiong nodded slightly. “Yes… that makes sense.”

“Should we continue making horror genres on this indoor roller coaster? The three projects in Thriller Hostel are all horror genres, especially the ‘Ultimate Horror’. There are many horror setting effects that can be used directly.”

Chen Kangtuo shook his head. “I think… not necessarily.”

“Logically speaking, if the style of Thriller Hostel is the same, this indoor roller coaster would definitely be a scary one. For example, it would be pitch black with countless ghosts trying to capture people.”

“However, Boss Pei gave us a hint. He specially pointed out that this rollercoaster has to be built far away from the three projects!”

“Obviously, Boss Pei wants the new project to be distinctly different from the three existing haunted house projects. It would naturally be to draw a clear line if it was further away.”

“All in all, I think Boss Pei is hinting to us to fix a project that would give tourists a moderate scare and fit the theme of Thriller Hostel. However, we should not have any obvious connections with the three existing projects. In other words, we should abandon the existing horror theme.”

Hao Qiong thought about it. “Yes, that makes sense!”

“That means…”

“Boss Pei’s third request is also intriguing. Boss Pei said that this project must be randomized.”

“If it was an ordinary roller coaster, it would obviously not need to be randomized. It would be enough to fix a route. However, as you said, if we build a roller coaster that is immersed in reality, a certain degree of randomness would increase the fun!”

“However, it’s a problem as to how exactly to do it.”

“If this project becomes popular, the tourists would definitely want to experience all the routes. If it is purely randomized, the tourists would not be able to confirm if they would go to the route that they have not experienced before. That would instead dampen their enthusiasm for many tours.”

Chen Kangtuo nodded. “Yes, there must be many routes, but they cannot be completely random.”

“If you think about it from the perspective of the game, it would be best for players to choose them on their own when there are many routes. The choices that players make would be different, and the route of the experience would automatically change. Only then would players be interested in playing again.”

“In other words, Boss Pei is hinting to us that this should be an indoor roller coaster project with multiple routes for gamers to choose from. At the same time, its packaging should give people a certain amount of shock. However, it should not clash with the existing horror genres of Thriller Hostel. It should give tourists a new experience.”

“What kind of theme should it be…”

Chen Kangtuo fell into deep thought. There were many similar topics, and he found it difficult to make a decision.

Hao Qiong suddenly slapped his forehead. “I got it! I got it!”

“Boss Pei only told us not to buy ready-made proposals for us to create, but he did not say that we have to create the background story as well! Doesn’t Tengda have ready-made IPs to be used?!”

“Thriller Hostel can be regarded as a theme park for Tengda. Then, it would be reasonable to use Tengda’s IP for amusement rides, right?”

“Isn’t Ocean Stronghold’s downloadable content suitable for us to use directly?”

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