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«Lord of the Magical Beasts (Web Novel) - Chapter 467: The Church’s Frenzy

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Chapter 467: The Church’s Frenzy

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After breaking through their bottleneck, the Giant Ape King, Purple Rat Little Ice, and Thousand-faced Mink were all extremely elated, pouncing toward Yang Ling the moment they saw him.

“Sir, I advanced, I finally advanced!”

“Hmph, you advanced so long after I did, what is there to boast about!”

After each occupying one of Yang Ling’s shoulders, the Purple Rat Little Ice and Thousand-faced Mink quarreled with each other. One was a full-fledged hooligan, while the other was a spoiled lady. They happily bickered with each other. Even though they were still unable to take on a human form, they could now open their mouths and speak the human language. It made it much more convenient when it came to communication.

“Why are you quarreling? If you are going to quarrel, you might as well fight with each other and see who is more powerful!” Seeing the two creatures refusing to back down, Yang Ling smiled.

According to the explanation in the Magical Beast Knowledge Guide, the Spiritual Knowledge of high-level Magical Beasts would be boosted further when they evolved. With a significant boost to their abilities, most high-level Magical Beasts could then take on a human form. However, that was not the case every time. Some creatures could take on a human form while they were just level nine, while others had to advance to become Level Surpassing Magical Beasts. In fact, there were other creatures that could only take on a human form after advancing to the divine level. Basically, the greater the requirements for the Magical Beast to take on a human form, the greater the potential of the Magical Beast.

The Purple Rat Little Ice and the Thousand-faced Mink being unable to take on a human form after having advanced to become a Level Surpassing Magical Beast meant that their potential was much higher than that of an average Magical Beast. After they advanced to become Divine-level Magical Beasts, even the Dark Dragon King might not be a match for them at the same level!

“Fight?” The Purple Rat Little Ice let out a naughty smile, then jumped onto the ground, “Come, come, come, I love fighting. I’ll beat your little butt open!”

“Hmph, let’s fight them, who’s afraid!” After shaking its tail while on Yang Ling’s shoulder, the Thousand-faced Mink leaped down onto the ground and unleashed its Magical Illusion Domain, initiating the attack.

The Magical Illusion Domain is the domain the Thousand-faced Mink learned after advancing to the level of a Level Surpassing Magical Beast. The area the domain enveloped looked hazy as if covered by a thin veil or a large fog had descended. The Group Illusion Magic, coupled with the trap-laden Magical Illusion Domain, made the abilities of the newly-evolved Thousand-faced Mink extremely powerful.

“Oh, so that’s the little creature’s domain?”

“Not bad, even though it’s a little weaker than my Corpse Poison Domain, it should be sufficient to deal with that detestable little rat!”

Looking at the Thousand-faced Mink’s confusing Magical Illusion Domain, the group crowded around to observe the battle. The Dark Dragon King was a little surprised when he saw the little creature’s unique domain, while the Corpse Wizard King did not hold back his words. Ever since he learned the Corpse Poison Domain and had his abilities greatly boosted, he regained his confidence and arrogance as a Corpse Wizard King.

The power is alright. Unfortunately, the radius is a little small!

Yang Ling nodded appreciatively as he looked at the confident Thousand-faced Mink. To some extent, the little creature’s domain is rather similar to his own Illusory Formation. Its power should not be underestimated after the Thousand-faced Mink gained mastery over its technique.

“Hmph, what’s the use of conjuring such a mysterious scare tactic, look at my technique!”

Seeing that the group was praising the Thousand-faced Mink’s Magical Illusion Domain, the Purple Rat Little Ice let out an indignant grunt, instantly casting its Ice-sealing Domain. Wherever the overbearing chilly air passed, a layer of frost immediately appeared on the ground. The cold pierced straight to the bone, and the people who were slow to retreat felt a stinging pain on their skin. At the very least, the radius of Little Ice’s domain was more than double the size of the Thousand-faced Mink’s!

“Hehe, I’m coming!” The Purple Rat Little Ice let out an excited cry, summoning a field of icicles and pushing it toward the Thousand-faced Mink. The icicles sliced through the air, as fast as lightning, avoiding the Giant Apes the Thousand-faced Mink conjured and charging straight for her body!

The Purple Rat Little Ice was fast, but the Thousand-faced Mink was not slow either. It dodged to the side as it instructed the Dark Dragons and Giant Apes it conjured to surround and engage in an intense battle with the other party.

“Hehe, these stupid creatures are not enough to deal with me!” After turning two Giant Apes into ice sculptures with a breath, the Purple Rat Little Ice leaped into the air, avoiding the dragon breath of a Dark Dragon and brushing past a Giant Ape as it pounced straight toward the Thousand-faced Mink not far away. The group nodded as they witnessed its sharp attacks and flighty stature, feeling anxious for the Thousand-faced Mink.


Perhaps it was due to its nerves, or that it had just advanced and did not know how to wield the power of its domain fully, the Thousand-faced Mink cried in fear. She blinked with her large, teary eyes, her body trembling slightly. She seemed as though she was helpless, not knowing how to deal with the lightning-fast Purple Rat Little Ice.

“Hehehe, I am here, the loser has to lift its butt and run around the Wizard’s Pagoda ten times!” Seeing that the Thousand-faced Mink was at a loss of what to do, the Purple Rat Little Ice emulated the Corpse Wizard King and cackled loudly in arrogance. It was considering shaking its butt in front of the other party after it won. At full power, its speed was alarmingly fast, leaving behind a string of afterimages in the air! However, just as it was about to connect with its attack, just as the group was thinking that the Thousand-faced Mink had succumbed to its nerves, an accident occurred!

The Purple Rat Little Ice had just gently touched the Thousand-faced Mink when the little creature who had been unable to dodge in time turned into a ball of illusory light, vanishing from where it stood in the blink of an eye!


The Purple Rat Little Ice reacted quickly, but it was still, unfortunately, one step too late. A few of the Dark Dragons hiding within the shadows spewed out scorching flames, almost roasting the little rat. Even though it managed to avert the crisis using its extreme speed and Chilly Ice Armor, its body still gave off a thick, burnt stench. It had been ravaged! In its fury, it turned around and pounced toward the Thousand-faced Mink, who was laughing while hiding at the side.

Just like that, the two parties once again engaged in battle, lost in the moment. The Purple Rat Little Ice had its overbearing chilly air and sharp attacks while The Thousand-faced Mink had the advantage with its mysterious attacks and confusing illusions. One got burnt by the scorching flames, while the other shivered when hit by the chilly air, much to the enjoyment of those watching the battle.

The happiest person within the group had to be Yang Ling. This time, the Purple Rat Little Ice and Thousand-faced Mink had advanced to become Level Surpassing Magical Beasts at the same time, each of them learning unique and powerful domains. Even though the Giant Ape King had been unable to achieve a breakthrough and advance to become a Divine-level Magical Beast, it had also learned the powerful Energy Realm, boosting its strength. When he slammed down with his club, even the Dark Dragon King did not dare take the attack head-on with its thick hide. Its strength was startling.

Furthermore, the Flying Dragon King and Unicorn were still training, but the ripples of energy they were releasing were getting more and more intense. It was also possible that they would break through to become Level Surpassing Magical Beasts. When that time comes, there would be six great Level Surpassing Magical Beasts within the Magical Beast Army, its strength receiving a massive boost. If he managed to crack the code behind the Angel Battle Formation and connect the Level Surpassing Magical Beasts like the Dark Dragon King and Giant Ape King as one, the battle capabilities of the Magical Beast Army would become even more startling!

After introducing the Blood Angel Ophilia to the rest of the group, Yang Ling left quickly, focusing his efforts in his research on the secrets of the Angel Battle Formation. He did not know that at this point in time, at the Holy City tens of thousands of miles away, a giant wave was crashing down within the Church.

The fall of the Iron Edge Castle and the escape of the three head honchos of the Dark Association had unleashed an unprecedented commotion amongst the upper echelons of the Church. Both the high and mighty Pope, as well as the various knowledgeable Cardinals, knew that troubles were ahead. They had no choice but to face the manic acts of vengeance that was about to come from the Dark Association. If the fury of the Dark Association that had been suppressed for several thousand years were to erupt, it would be even fiercer than that of a volcano eruption. The outcome would be disastrous!

After alleviating the concerns of the Cardinals in the various areas and mobilizing a large number of elites to strengthen the defenses of the Churches in the various territories, the Pope dragged his tired body back into the secret chamber. After resting for a moment, he sent his guard to get him Elder Wilbur of the Church Templars, “Elder Wilbur, what are your thoughts on the current situation?”

“Pope, the situation is extremely troublesome!” Elder Wilbur shook his head bitterly.

The Iron Edge Castle was said to be the castle with the sturdiest defense in the continent. Even after the Divine-level Templars and a batch of elites guarding the castle had been mobilized away, there was still an army of a full fifty thousand well-trained men as well as a powerful Angel Army.

With its sturdy castle walls and heavy steel gates, with its over a hundred Magical Towers, the castle would not fall even if they were subject to the surprise attack of an army with a hundred thousand men, much less several tens of thousands. With the battle capabilities of the Angel Army, no one should have been able to charge into the underground jail facility to free the criminals they were guarding even if the castle were to fall.

To an average person, the defenses of the Iron Edge Castle were infallible. However, a powerful castle like that had fallen to the allied forces of the Dark Association and Magical Beast Army. After the reinforcements of the Holy City arrived, all that was left was a field of ashes and a litter of corpses!

After receiving this alarming piece of news, Wilbur had once sent elite Church Templars to infiltrate the main camp of the Dark Association to scout for information, but without exception, all of them did not manage to return. According to the information he received from another source, the Dark Association was gathering a large number of strategic resources. It was clear that an intense battle was unavoidable!

“Wilber, the Great Elder of the Templars have shut himself in and trained for several thousand years. It’s about time we get him out to take a walk!” The Pope had a moody expression, pausing before continuing, “Also, send men to mobilize all of the elites guarding the Stormy Seas back to the Holy City and leak some of the news to those old monsters at the Evil Demon Island!”

“You can’t, Pope, this move is extremely inadvisable!” Wilbur trembled, his face turning pale in shock.

In such a situation, it was acceptable to get the Great Elder of the Templars to come out. He believed that the Great Elder would not have any complaints when he realized how serious the situation was. However, the irregularities of the Space Crack was getting more and more violent. If something were to occur when they mobilized the experts guarding the Stormy Seas at this moment, the outcome would be disastrous!

Furthermore, over the millennia, the old monsters occupying Evil Demon Island had been wanting to charge into the Storm Seas to save the captured Sea Demon King. After mobilizing the experts from the area and intentionally leaking the news, how would the other party miss such a good opportunity?

Even if the evil demons from the other dimensions were not going to barge in through the irregular Space Crack, merely the old monsters of the Evil Demon Island successfully rescuing the Sea Demon King would create a huge wave of trouble, bringing the continent boundless disaster. Once the situation was uncovered, the Church would not only have to face with the acts of vengeance coming from the Dark Association but according to the agreement from thousands of years ago, the Divine-level Experts like the God of Fire, God of Swords and Chief Elven Priest might join forces and attack the Church.

“Hmph, the situation has already reached such a state, what’s there to be worried about? Even if the Sea Tribe were to cause waves of trouble, the first to suffer would be the Dark Association and Magical Beast Territory occupying the southern coastal areas!” Looking at the worried Wilbur, the Pope let out a cold smile, “As long as we prepare five million devout souls, we would be able to get the main bodies of eight-winged or even ten-winged angels to descend. When that time comes, it would not be too late to pick up the pieces!”

Prepare five million devout souls?

Looking at the high and mighty Pope, looking at his icy smile, Wilbur swallowed with difficulty. It was as if he saw the endless massacres and countless destroyed families. As a managing elder of the Church Templars, he naturally knew what preparing five million devout souls meant. Since the Pope had already planned the next course of action, it was clear that no one would be able to change his decision!

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