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«Lord of the Magical Beasts (Web Novel) - Chapter 466: Army of Level Surpassing Magical Beasts

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Chapter 466: Army of Level Surpassing Magical Beasts

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ophilia was a little angel. Through her relentless effort and training, she advanced from being a two-winged angel to become a four-winged angel, then moved past the level of a four-winged angel to become a six-winged angel, turning into a powerful Angel Leader famed for her determination and calm. In the eyes of many, the speed of her advancement was even faster than the meteors in the Space Turbulence. However, not many knew about the effort she put in.

After being injured by the Great Commander of the Dark Cavalries Barbosa and being imprisoned in the Wizard Pagoda’s Space after Yang Ling took advantage of the situation, the rest of the angels feared for their safety, either crying all day long or praying helplessly. However, she had always been thinking of a way to deal with the situation, not giving up until Yang Ling tore off her coat and was about to freely violate her.

However, after the demon Yang Ling tore off her coat and wilfully played with her virgin breasts, she finally broke down!

She felt unjust that she fell from being a high and mighty Angel Leader to a captive powerless to retaliate. She felt a deep sense of humiliation when she fell from being a pure, noble angel to a female slave toyed at will by a demon. However, Yang Ling’s expert techniques made her feel an unprecedented sense of excitement. The primal desire coming from within her intertwined with the humiliation of being defiled and was the most terrifying form of violation!

However, just as she had slipped into despair and was waiting for the final violation of the demon, an unexpected thing happened!

She first sensed that her soul had been infiltrated by the demon Yang Ling. Following that, her Angel Heart pulsed in agitation as her body involuntarily released powerful waves of Mental Energy. Then, the sensation of her soul being burnt made her wish that she was dead. As a six-winged Angel Leader, she naturally understood that the Angel Flames had been automatically activated after her soul had been violated by a demon.

Within the City Amongst the Clouds, every mid to high-level angel knew that they had a ball of Angel Flames within their bodies. When they were going to be defiled and violated by a demon, the Angel Flames would be activated automatically, burning their souls. According to the explanation given within the City Amongst the Clouds, that is to prevent them from being further defiled by the evil demons. Over the millennia, countless angels have died due to the incineration of the Angel Flames. It could be said to be their destiny, a destiny that even a Great Twelve-winged Angel cannot escape.

Ever since she advanced to become a six-winged angel and cultivated the Angel Heart, Ophilia knew that a day like that would come sooner or later; However, she never expected the day to come this soon, this suddenly! However, just as she had clenched her teeth and closed her eyes, waiting for death to come, a miracle appeared once again!

At the critical moment, the terrifying Angel Flames had been drawn out of her body by the demon Yang Ling; Even more incredibly, her soul that had been half-burnt had fused with the shred of Divine Knowledge left behind by the demon. Her body underwent an unimaginable change after coming into contact with the fresh blood the injured Yang Ling spat out. In the blink of an eye, her pure white, flawless wings turned red, transforming her into a fabled Blood Angel.

There was an ancient legend spreading privately between the Angel Armies within the City Amongst the Clouds. All of the angels, from two-winged angels to Great Twelve-winged Angels were actually puppets of the Sky Core Deity. An angel would not be able to free themselves from his control no matter how strong they were. The Angel Flames was the trap he had set up within the bodies of the angels, its purpose was to prevent the leak of the secrets behind the Angel Battle Formation. When an angel’s wings turned from white to a blood-red color as they became a Blood Angel, they would become the legendary angel that have received freedom. Not only would they obtain the secrets of the Angel Battle Formation, but they would also be completely free from the tight control of the City Amongst the Clouds!

Blood Angel!

An angel who has received a new life and possessed freedom!

After coming to her senses, stroking the blood-red wings on her back, then seeing Yang Ling sitting cross-legged on the Great Wizard Altar and doing battle with the Angel Flames, Ophilia was elated, respectfully groveling toward the Great Wizard Altar. Through Yang Ling’s Divine Knowledge that she had fused with, she quickly understood the true reason as to why Yang Ling had groped her body; She realized that Yang Ling was the person who had saved her from her destiny and helped her become free from the tight control of the City Amongst the Clouds, turning her into a free angel.

Even though she could no longer refuse his orders after unintentionally being subjugated by Yang Ling; However, compared to how it was like in the past, the freedom she had was a thousand times, ten thousand times greater. From now on, no one had set up a terrifying trap within her head, no one would interfere with her loving who she loved, no one would force her to descend unto dangerous dimensions… From now on, she would become an angel in every sense of the word. She was no longer a cannon fodder-like puppet!

“Ophilia, this is our homeland. There is an expansive forest, a boundless ocean, a never-ending stretch of wilderness… From now on, you are the angel of our homeland, and the commander of our Blood Angel Army, rise!” After quickly understanding what was going on through Ophilia’s memories, Yang Ling extended his hand to help her up.

In order to receive an endless stream of Wish Power, Yang Ling had been prepared to move a large number of humans to the Wizard Pagoda’s Space to live in permanently, then spread his teaching through the Wizard Sect. Originally, he had been worrying about who should appear within the Wizard Pagoda’s Space to spread the word; After having unintentionally subjugated the beautiful six-winged angel Ophilia who had pairs of wings on her back, he knew that she was definitely a prime candidate for the task. After taming all of the angels and turning them into Blood Angels, not only would he obtain a Blood Angel Army with powerful battle capabilities; He could even use them as the main force of quickly spreading the faith of the Great Wizard within the Wizard Pagoda’s Space.

Compared to humans, having a bunch of high and mighty angels spread the religion would be much more efficient!

“Thank you, master!” Seeing Yang Ling deliberately shoot a few looks at her perky breasts, Ophilia turned red, instinctively remembering his magical hands.

“In the future, you can call me ‘Sir’, like Rodrigues, Seylius and the rest!” Seeing Ophilia pull up her nearly transparent thin veil, her hands tightly hugging the peaks in front of her chest, Yang Ling involuntarily thought about the whale of a time he had just now. He took out a cape from with his Space Ring and draped it over her after letting out an awkward smile, “Ophilia, carry your sisters over one at a time, I’ll remove the spiteful Angel Flames in their brains completely!”

“Yes, thank you, Sir!” Holding on to the warm cape, Ophilia excitedly received her orders. After explaining things to them, she carried the surprised angels over to Yang Ling one at a time.

After consuming a dozen drops of the Crystal Marrow to replenish his Soul Power, Yang Ling soon subjugated all of the angels, obtaining fifty powerful Blood Angels. Even though he had spent a large amount of precious Black Crystal Marrow, he not only successfully found out the secrets of the Angel Battle Formation, but also obtained an Angel Army. It was definitely a worthwhile trade.

Just as he had expected, the secrets of the Angel Battle Formation were laid bare before him after the terrifying black gas got depleted. After a few days of deduction and research, Yang Ling became sure that it was a unique form of Soul Restriction; It could be activated with the recital of a simple incantation, causing the mental energy of the angels to reach a resonance point so as to instantly layer on their strength. Regrettably, even though he understood the effects and general logic behind the Soul Restriction, he could not find a way to replicate it even after considering it for some time, much less refine it.

The secret behind the Angel Army’s dominance over the various dimensions was not simple indeed!

“Tsk tsk, powerful, let’s call this restriction the Angel Restriction in the future!” Yang Ling shook his head after being unable to arrive at a breakthrough despite researching the formation for ten days, prepared to put this difficult problem aside for the time being.

Having consumed a large number of Crystal Marrow, even though the Soul Power he got from them had been exhausted by the Soul Sacrifice Wizard Technique, he still managed to obtain several benefits. His Wizard Power had been greatly boosted and his physical body had been strengthened to an alarming state. He could stop the giant sharp blades of the Blood Angels with his powerful bare body even without casting Ground Guardian or putting on the Ice-sealing Armor. He had become a powerful high-level Wizard Warrior. He had a premonition that he would be able to advance to become a so-called Divine-level Expert of this world soon. He was no longer far away from the day that he would break through to the level of Soul Wizard.

As long as he advanced to become a powerful Soul Wizard, he would be able to be exposed to a large number of deep Soul Restrictions. When that time comes, Yang Ling did not believe that he would not be able to deal with the Angel Restriction! As long as he cracked the code behind the Angel Restriction and applied it to the Magical Beast Army, the abilities of the Magical Beast Army would be strengthened multiple times within a short amount of time. Coupled with the support of the powerful Blood Angel Army and the Dark Association, it would not be impossible for him to lead his army into the Holy City and completely uproot the Church, much less seek revenge from the Church!

He was going to exterminate the Church!

Without obtaining sufficient might, Yang Ling would not foolishly stick out like a sore time; However, when he had enough power, he did not mind uprooting the overbearing Church, leaving them no chance to stage a comeback! When that time comes, no individual or faction would have the ability to pose a threat to the Magical Beast Territory. If he could not beat his enemy one on one, he would instruct his Magical Beast Army to swarm forward together; Using the Angel Battle Formation to layer on the strength of a thousand, or even ten thousand Magical Beasts, he would drown his enemies with the sheer numbers of his Magical Beasts!

“Sir, not good, an alarming energy vortex has appeared near the Wizard’s Pagoda!” Just as Yang Ling was lost in his thoughts, the Beastman Priest Augustus rushed over, riding on the little Unicorn. He was pale, as if he had just witnessed a terrifying incident.

Energy vortex?

Sensing the terrifying energy coming from the area near the Wizard’s Pagoda, Yang Ling was alarmed. At that moment, he did not know just what happened in his surroundings while he was spending his days examining the Angel Restriction. He prepared to teleport over to have a look after recovering from his surprise. However, just as he stood up and was prepared to teleport over with Ophilia, Augustus and the rest of the group, an accident occurred!

A thick, white pillar of energy descended from the energy vortex above the Wizard’s Pagoda and a familiar roar was instantly heard. Following that was the surprising ripples of energy coming from the Giant Ape King O’Neal.

Did he cultivate the Energy Realm?

After understanding what was going on through the Soul Ripples of the Giant Ape King, Yang Ling was elated. He did not expect this string of good news. He had just teleported the group to the area near the Wizard’s Pagoda when he received an even greater piece of news. Two more alarming pillars of energy descended from the energy vortex in the air, one after the other. The purple rat Little Ice and the Thousand-faced Mink cried in surprise.

After consuming the precious Black Crystal Marrow, the Giant Ape King had cultivated the Energy Realm, while the two Magical Beasts who were just a step away from becoming Level Surpassing Magical Beasts, the purple rat Little Ice and the Thousand-faced Mink, advanced to become Level Surpassing Magical Beasts at the same time, their abilities becoming multiple times stronger! Even better, they each cultivated their respective domains!

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