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«Lord Xue Ying (Web Novel) - Chapter 1293 - Horses not fed would never be Fat

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Chapter 1293: Horses not fed would never be Fat

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God Emperor Bu Ya’s eyes were cold and vicious. Even though he was looking at Xue Ying, he was also keeping a look out around him, aware of the possibility that a God Emperor might appear. Could it be that the God Emperor was hiding in the Eden Treasure of God Monarch Azure Cloud?

“Mn, what is with the look of this God Monarch Azure Cloud?” At the same time when God Emperor Bu Ya slashed out his claws and wanted to turn this black-robed young man before him into smithereens, he discovered that there was a strand of pity in the eyes of ‘God Monarch Azure Cloud’ who stood calmly on the river--instead of showing any terror.

He was looking at himself with a pitiful look?

God Emperor Bu Ya could not understand.


Following that, God Emperor Bu Ya discovered his surroundings changing. Suddenly, he found himself in a vast world. This world contained many sentient beings. There were also many people he was familiar with thinking of telling him something. This world had an unbelievable attractive force that pulled his soul into it.

Being a God Emperor, even though God Emperor Bu Ya could not resist, he understood in his heart that the moment his soul was pulled into this world, he would be doomed.

“No--” He was terrified. He felt disturbed and wanted to resist!

But to no avail.

The world sent down a fatal strike into this Illusory Realm. Unseen energy began surging into his soul. Unpowerlessly, his soul was cut into pieces.

At the point of his fall, God Emperor Bu Ya thought back to the pitiful look on God Monarch Azure Cloud.

“Even until his death, he did not know who his true opponent is.” Xue Ying looked at God Emperor Bu Ya who was originally filled with a heaven-defying aura. But in the blink of an eye, his aura completely dimmed, leaving behind just some remnant aura on his fleshy body.

Not just God Emperor Bu Ya.

Even God Emperor Wind Tiger was originally on alert and sneering at the black-robed young man called ‘God Monarch Azure Cloud’ who was about to be killed. Nonetheless--the same Illusory Realm descended upon him.

Xue Ying had dealt against two God Emperors in a single instance.

Even though his original plan was to kill God Emperor Bu Ya only, ‘God Emperor Wind Tiger’ was also relatively infamous in River Origin City. He was a notorious devil and Xue Ying naturally killed him ‘on the way’! Actually, if God Emperor Wind Tiger was someone who hated evil and disliked assassinating others, Xue Ying would not kill him. On the contrary, God Emperor Bu Ya would not have found him for help!

And now, the souls of these two were reaped in the hands of Xue Ying.

“Hu.” Xue Ying stood on the water. With a wave of his hand, he collected the corpses of God Emperor Bu Ya and God Emperor Wind Tiger along with their treasures.

‘The River Origin City is one of the great cities ranking amongst the top in the Divine Realm. In such a huge city filled with numerous people, it is common for fighting and killing to happen. I doubt it’ll be possible for many to discover what happened in this silent fight.’ Xue Ying thought. This world was unlike from the Realm Heart Great Land. Most in this world could not execute the Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique to watch what was happening from afar.

Even the area of a domain was limited!

Hence, in order for one to spectate the battle, they would have to travel close to the battlefield.

That was why Xue Ying concluded that few should know about his act of killing both God Emperor Bu Ya and God Emperor Wind Tiger.

‘Even if I revealed myself, this identity as God Monarch Azure Cloud is disguised.’ Xue Ying chuckled. Waving his hand, a black crack appeared amidst the night sky in the void. It was inconspicuous. With a flash, Xue Ying disappeared from the place.


The eldest of the Tyrant Blood Brothers was currently rushing over to the Heaven’s Will Pavilion.

“Third Brother, you must suppress the Blood Shadow Venom! Suppress it.” The eldest of the Tyrant Blood Brothers felt anxious. One of his incarnations was taking care of his Third Brother within his Eden Treasure, “The intelligence system of the Heaven’s Will Pavilion is highly good. They would definitely have a way to help you eliminate the poison.”


At that moment, the expression of the eldest of the Tyrant Blood Brothers changed. He turned back with disbelief, ‘The soul curse has dissipated? That time, we left a soul curse on the body of God Emperor Bu Ya. This imprint is branded on the soul and is almost impossible for one to get rid of it.’

The soul brand did not harm the target. It was merely an imprint.

‘As long as the soul exists, the imprint will be there for eternity.’

‘Now that the brand has dissipated… does it mean that the soul of God Emperor Bu Ya has disappeared? Is he dead?’ The eldest of the Tyrant Blood Brothers was filled with slight disbelief. Just previously, God Emperor Bu Ya worked together with God Emperor Wind Tiger to force them into a huge disadvantaged end. God Emperor Bu Ya even successfully cultivated the stronger ‘Black Gold Undying Body’. Yet in the blink of an eye, he died?

‘I shall first find a way to help cure the poison in Third Brother. Once the Blood Shadow Venom in Third Brother’s body is suppressed, I shall investigate again, finding an expert who specializes in tracing to determine if God Emperor Bu Ya is truly dead.’ The eldest of the Tyrant Blood Brothers was still filled with disbelief.

At another city located incredibly far from the River Origin City.

This city was comparable to the High Mountain City.

Xue Ying was too lazy to care about the name of the city. He simply came over by using the Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique, coincidentally appearing within this city and even right in one of the meditation room within a courtyard. There was currently a girl cultivating inside. She looked at the newly-appeared Xue Ying, who stood amidst the black crack, with astonishment.

“What a coincidence?” With another thought, Xue Ying wiped away the memory of the other party regarding his presence using the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm.

And then he stealthily left this courtyard.

He began finding a relatively crowded pub along the street in this city.

‘For it to be so crowded with guests, the food and wine of this pub should be good.’ Xue Ying entered the pub with a grin. He found an empty seat before ordering from a female attendant: “Bring out nine of your best dishes and two flasks of your best wine over.”

“Yes, yes.”

The female attendant immediately went to arrange for the dishes and wine.

The majority of the natives in this pub were God Generals. There were some who were ‘Innate Deities’. What Innate Deities referred to were ‘innate God Deities’, which was also the weakest level in the Divine Realm. Most of those who were born into this realm were Innate Deities. Only part of those who cultivated would reach the God General level.

Those who could reach the God General level were qualified to take on the role as a soldier or protector.

‘Mn, it is still quite good.’ Xue Ying’s mood was terrific. Eating food and wine that had a character to them, Xue Ying was also extending his senses into his Eden Treasure and checking out his spoils of war!

He first flipped through the treasures left behind by God Emperor Bu Ya and soon found the three scriptures.

‘I finally got the <Void Devil Insect Scripture>.’ Xue Ying chuckled. He continued looking at other items.

‘What a good chap. Other than his notoriety in public of killing two God Emperors, he should have killed many more without anyone finding it out.’ Xue Ying thought. If God Emperor Bu Ya schemed against certain God Emperors, he would most likely keep it concealed. Because the more famous he became, the more wary other experts would be when dealing with God Emperor Bu Ya.


As he examined through the corpse of God Emperor Bu Ya, Xue Ying discovered with a shock that there was actually a ‘Black Gold Pearl’ in the heart of God Emperor Bu Ya.

‘Black Gold Pearl?’ Xue Ying was stunned.

This Black Gold Pearl was also an item auctioned in the previous round. Its final selling price was at 390 Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades.

‘God Emperor Bu Ya bought it? He placed the Black Gold Pearl in his heart? Is there some special reason for doing that?’ Xue Ying laughed. He brought up a cup of wine before downing it. Whatever! To him, this Black Gold Pearl could be sold at a high price!

He had to check through all the treasures.

It was not just those that belonged to God Emperor Bu Ya. There were many that belonged to God Emperor Wind Tiger too.

‘I have a windfall!’ Xue Ying was stunned.

Indeed, killing God Emperors was the fastest way of earning!

God Emperor Bu Ya was truly an infamous God Emperor. Adding up all his treasures and the cultivation scriptures he had totaled to a total of 1,200 Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades. That was a terrifying number.

Even though God Emperor Wind Tiger was similarly cunning and ruthless, he did not have any assassinatnion treasures like the ‘Blood Shadow Venom Needle’. Hence, the total wealth he had added up to slightly less than 500 Chaotic Origin Crystal Jades.

‘This is so much easier than hunting Desolate Beasts one by one.’ Xue Ying shook his head in a sigh. Killing the Desolate Beasts was an easy task. Nonetheless, finding one took an incredibly long time. Xue Ying had never slacked throughout the 1,200 years. He even utilized his Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique, only to discover just 100 or so Desolate Beasts.

That was on average one peak stage God Monarch Desolate Beast every 10 years.

To discover just one after painstakingly searching for them? This feeling was not really good!

How much easier was it for Xue Ying to kill both God Emperor Bu Ya and God Emperor Wind Tiger? In the blink of an eye, he eliminated them! And he earned even more treasures during this process!

As they said, ‘Horses not fed would never be Fat’!

But Xue Ying had his bottomline when conducting things. If God Emperor Bu Ya was not a vicious cultivator, Xue Ying would still do his best to conduct a trade with him. He would not kill the other party directly!

As for the devils who massacred many in the Divine Realm? Xue Ying felt that it was best he remained low-profile in this Divine Realm where three Chaotic Origin Ancestral Gods existed! Furthermore, the treasures he earned in this single trip was sufficient for his uses.

‘Mn.’ Xue Ying sat at a corner of the pub drinking by himself. He pondered, ‘I can trade some of the treasures I earned this time with some of the bigger sects for cultivation scriptures.’

There was only one Dao of Void Ascendant scripture that guided the cultivator to the ‘late stage God Emperor Realm’ in the entire Divine Realm! It was absolutely kept as a secret.

It was impossible for him to use this bit of treasure to exchange for this scripture with a late stage God Emperor.

‘There are two middle stage God Emperor scriptures, and both of them have sort of been publicized. Perhaps I could exchange for one of them with my treasures? If I am lucky, I might even trade for two?’ Xue Ying began looking forward to it.

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