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«Library of Heaven’s Path (Web Novel) - Chapter 2257 - A Legendary Treasure Surfaces

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Chapter 2257 A Legendary Treasure Surfaces

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In a moment of fury, the young man raised his hands, and a spatial ripple swept into the surroundings. The comets that Zhang Xuan had not managed to tame yet suddenly changed direction and bolted right toward where Zhang Xuan was.

The abrupt increase in pressure from the incoming comets made Zhang Xuan feel as if his blood had frozen in place.

Even with his current physical body and soul cultivation, it would be impossible for him to withstand all those incoming comets. He could use the comets that he had tamed to defend against them, but it would undo all his hard work.

“Let’s see if the comets you control can withstand my sword…”

Taking a deep breath, Zhang Xuan drew the Crimson Heaven Sword.

He had not used this sword ever since his physical body, soul cultivation, and zhenqi cultivation had reached the Conferred God King realm. It was time for him to test out the limits of his fighting prowess once more.

He began channeling his zhenqi and Sword Intent into the Crimson Heaven Sword, and the sword released an excited cry reminiscent of the roar of a dragon upon receiving all this nourishment.

Hearing the sound from the Crimson Heaven Sword, Ao Feng felt his knees turning to jelly as cold sweat dripped from his head. “That’s the Eight Notes of Heavenly Dragon…”

Meanwhile, the roar made Zhang Xuan feel as if all the cells in his body had been revitalized, filling him with boundless energy.


With a deep bellow, Zhang Xuan executed the Pathos of Heaven 4-dan sword art, releasing a surge of sword qi reminiscent of a stream of white light.

It was a strike filled with indignation and yearning, but there was an unyielding spirit behind it all.

In an instant, the comets that were streaming toward Zhang Xuan were sliced in half, like cloth ripped apart. The halved comets ended up passing Zhang Xuan on each side.

However, the sword qi did not just stop there. It continued to surge ahead to strike the Epitome Monarch Pill.

The young man’s face paled in the face of such a powerful sword art. He scrambled to the side to dodge the sword qi, but as if the sword qi had some sort of homing function, no matter how he tried to run around, he was unable to dodge it.

The wind batters unceasingly on the unwilling tree, a son seeks to be filial, but time slips through his fingers.

The conceptualization of the sword art carried a hint of helplessness. It was a feeling of standing against a force that could not be averted no matter how one tried to avoid it

It was a force of karma, and so, it could not be dodged.

“Damn it!”

The young man cursed as he raised his arms and faced the sword qi head on.


The Lake of Comets wavered, and a massive dimension rift was torn open. The young man was knocked back several steps before he was able to regain his balance, and he gasped desperately for breath.

“He lost his arms?” Ao Feng bit his tongue in shock.

The Epitome Monarch Pill’s arms had been severed by that one strike!

He was the strongest existence in the Flooding Sea! How could he have ended up being overpowered?

Was the Conferred God Kings of the Nine Skies not a little too frightening?

Luo Qiqi heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing that.

“Humph!” The Epitome Monarch Pill harrumphed.

His relaxed gaze turned grim as he realized that his opponent was stronger than expected. He directed the energy within his body toward his shoulders, and soon, a pair of new arms grew out.

In the first place, his human form was a transmogrification, and his arms and legs were nothing more than a manifestation of his medicinal energy. Even though he had lost quite a bit of energy from the severing of his arms, it was not an irrecoverable wound to him.

“As long as I have medicinal energy left within me, even if you sever all four of my limbs and my head, I still can recover without a hitch,” the young man sneered coldly. “Let me tell you, I have enough medicinal energy in me to do this more than a dozen times. I only hope that you have enough energy to execute that sword art of yours that many times, or else you will certainly be ripped to pieces…”

But before the Epitome Monarch Pill could finish his words, Zhang Xuan suddenly raised his hand, and the two severed limbs flew over to him. With a light tap, those two arms immediately morphed into a sesame-sized pill, and he swallowed it without any hesitation.

The Epitome Monarch Pill widened his eyes in disbelief.

You… We are in the midst of a life-and-death battle, yet you are actually eating my hands right before my eyes!

You are going overboard!

They might just have been arms, but that was still medicinal energy coming from a God Monarch realm pill. The medicinal energy was concentrated enough for God Monarchs to spend days trying to assimilate it, but the other party had swallowed it in the middle of a battle.

Was he not afraid of being stuffed to death?

With a livid face, the Epitome Monarch Pill raised his palm once more to strike Zhang Xuan.


Yet another burst of sword qi shot forth, and the arms of the Epitome Monarch Pill fell off once again. Just like before, no matter how he tried to dodge it, the sword qi still struck its target.


The Epitome Monarch Pill channeled his energy to his shoulders once more to regrow his arms, but as soon as he raised his head after he was done, he saw the other party turning the severed arms into a pill and swallowing it again.

“You…” The Epitome Monarch Pill was really starting to lose his cool.

Are you a perverted psycho or something?

Are you going to continue severing my limbs and eating me till there is nothing left of me?

I am a God Monarch realm pill!

To make matters worse, the Epitome Monarch Pill realized that the zhenqi cultivation of his opponent, after devouring four limbs, had risen from Conferred God King realm primary stage to intermediate stage. If this went on, his opponent would only grow stronger and stronger…

This is supposed to be a proper battle, but all that’s on your mind seems to be how you can slowly savor me in your mouth…

“Argh! You b*stard! If I don’t kill you today, my surname won’t be Pill anymore!”

With a ferocious bellow, the Epitome Monarch Pill gathered all his strength in his palm to strike down on Zhang Xuan. But just as the blow was about to land, he narrowed his eyes and cursed, “The freak…”

This time, his arms and legs were severed by the other party’s sword qi.

And just like before, the other party delightfully gathered his severed limbs and compressed them into a pill before swallowing it.


His cultivation rose to Conferred God King realm advanced stage.


The Epitome Monarch Pill felt goosebumps rising all over his body.

Years of being in the Flooding Sea had nourished him greatly, allowing him to store huge reserves of medicinal energy. However, losing his four limbs was still a huge blow.

With veins popping on his forehead, the Epitome Monarch Pill once again grew his limbs once more. This time, however, the aura that he emanated was far weaker than before.


Knowing that he was not a match for Zhang Xuan, the Epitome Monarch Pill immediately morphed back into his pill form before jolting a crack in the space. Then, he swiftly slipped into it.


Not expecting the Epitome Monarch Pill to run away so decisively as soon as it realized that it was unable to win, Zhang Xun swiftly swung his sword once more.


A pair of arms and legs flew out of the dimension rift before it closed, but the Epitome Monarch Pill had already vanished without a trace.

“Tsk, he got away…” Zhang Xuan clicked his tongue in annoyance.

In the end, the Epitome Monarch Pill still had an advantage in the Lake of Comets as it was his home. There were some intricacies in the spatial structure there that Zhang Xuan was unfamiliar with, which the other party was able to make use of. Furthermore, it was a fact that the Epitome Monarch Pill was stronger than him, so it would be difficult for Zhang Xuan to stop him from getting away.

Nevertheless, through assimilating the pair of arms and legs, Zhang Xuan’s cultivation rose once more, and he successfully reached Conferred God King realm pinnacle.

He spent another hour taming all the comets before stowing all of them into his storage ring. Then, he returned to Ao Feng and Luo Qiqi’s side.

“Elder Zhang, where should we head to next?”

Ao Feng had thought that it would be a brutal battle that would end in Zhang Xuan’s defeat, but who could have known that he would be able to overpower the Epitome Monarch Pill so easily?

He was starting to feel like there was nothing in this world that could stop Zhang Xuan.

“Hmm, we’ll head to…”

Just as Zhang Xuan was about to speak, the space around them suddenly jolted a little. Following that, a brilliant light harnessing energy that made even Conferred God Kings subconsciously tremble in fear burst out right ahead of them.

For an instant, the entire sky was blinded by its radiance.

“A legendary treasure has surfaced!”

This phenomenon immediately caught the attention of everyone in the Flooding Sea.

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