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«Let Me Game in Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 612 - Activity Division

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Chapter 612 - Activity Division

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“What’s going on? I didn’t see the most important part!” Li Xuan sent Zhou Wen a message.

“Although we didn’t see the most important part, there’s already plenty to be seen,” Zhou Wen replied.

“What did you see?” Li Xuan asked.

“Death of the Underworld has the power of a spatial domain. If one wants to fight Death of the Underworld, one has to be prepared to engage in an away match. Primordial Sword Immortal was able to defeat Death of the Underworld within the latter’s spatial domain, so perhaps it also has spatial powers, or perhaps its offensive strength is so powerful that it can destroy space itself. Regardless of the possibilities, the strength of Primordial Sword Immortal is already beyond imagination.”

Zhou Wen paused before saying, “The major families should have professional analysts that can provide more professional analysis. Let’s wait for them.”

“What I want to see the most is the Family Clan of Gods’ analysis report. I didn’t get a kick from this battle,” Li Xuan said with a sigh.

“It’s indeed not satisfying.” Zhou Wen had the same thought. Now, the only person who knew more about Primordial Sword Immortal was the Family Clan of Gods. However, he was certain that they wouldn’t easily leak the information they had.

Indeed, in less than two days, An Sheng received news that the Family Clan of Gods had indeed come up with a comprehensive analysis. They even publicly put the results up for sale. However, the price was just too high. Even the other large families were hesitant about buying their information.

No one could guarantee that their analysis had any decisive use.

It’s a pity that my pets don’t have spatial powers. In a fight, others will see everything. There’s no chance of selling information. Otherwise, I could sell it and earn a fortune. Zhou Wen had an idea, but no matter how he thought about it, there was no way to keep his information confidential.

Beep! Beep! Beep! There was a notification from his phone. Tyrant Behemoth was hungry once again.

After this fellow advanced to the Mythical stage, its demand for food had increased even more. If not for the Essence Crystal mines in the Poison Bat tunnel, Tyrant Behemoth would have long starved to death.

Thankfully, the Essence Crystal mine would respawn together with the dungeon. Every time Tyrant Behemoth entered the Poison Bat Cave, it would eat the bats and Essence Crystal ores. When it finished eating, it would be 70% full. A second meal could last it two to three days.

What a terrifying appetite. In reality, I really can’t afford to rear it. After Zhou Wen took Tyrant Behemoth to have its feast, he went to grind Torch Dragon and Qiongqi.

Ever since the Torch Dragon egg dropped, no Companion Beasts had dropped. Instead, Qiongqi dropped an Essence Energy Skill Crystal. Unfortunately, his stats didn’t meet the requirements, so he could only have it disappear on the next respawn.

Torch Dragon also dropped a rare spatial stat crystal. This was one of Zhou Wen’s motivations to farm it.

Li Xuan called everyone over for a Xuanwen Club activity. Zhou Wen came into the activity room and saw Gulli and Sadie. However, today was a little odd. Gulli didn’t insist on challenging him.

Gu Dian, Feng Qiuyan, Fang Ruoxi, and Tian Xiangdong attended the event. Only Huang Ji didn’t come.

Zhou Wen sent a message asking Huang Ji what was going on. Huang Ji said that he had found a huge investor and was discussing some details with them.

If the investment was successful, his “Dimensional” game could be produced by a proper team. Not only could the map be expanded, but the details of the game could also be optimized.

Who has such poor acumen to actually invest in this game? Although Zhou Wen felt that Huang Ji’s game wasn’t bad, the dungeons were too small. Furthermore, they were dungeons that humans were familiar with, so its effects were limited.

Unless someone provided information on new dimensional zones, the game “Dimensional” ultimately wouldn’t be of much use.

Zhou Wen only used this game as an excuse and didn’t think of relying on it to get rich.

However, Huang Ji revealed that not only did the investor bring in funds, but he would also bring large amounts of information regarding relatively new dimensional zones. This was also one of the reasons Huang Ji was tempted and willing to let outsiders invest.

“Information about new dimensional zones? And large amounts of them? This isn’t something ordinary people can obtain. Is it a scam?” Zhou Wen was somewhat worried.

“Don’t worry. The other party has a military background. His backer should be Deputy Governor Qin. There won’t be any problems in this area.” Huang Ji had already made plans, as though he had long found out the other party’s background.

“If it really is Deputy Governor Qin supporting this, the game might really become popular.” Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised. He never expected the game to attract Qin Wufu’s attention.

“That’s right. However, they have a request. If we let them invest, the dungeon access will be split into three levels. There will be dungeons for public downloads on the Internet. College dungeons that only allow students of Sunset College to download. It will be forbidden to share with others. Another will be the military dungeons, open only to the military. All the information is confidential. Without their approval, the contents of the military dungeons cannot be released in other versions, Huang Ji said.

“That’s reasonable.” Zhou Wen felt that there was no problem.

“Yes, we’re in the midst of a discussion. I’ll inform you of the outcome.”

“Alright.” When Zhou Wen made his initial investment, he had mentioned that he didn’t care about these matters. All he did was wait for the money. These problems were to be decided by Huang Ji himself.

Gulli and Sadie were very quiet today. Gulli, who had been so arrogant when he first entered the school, obediently followed Li Xuan’s activity arrangements. He didn’t say anything arrogant, as though he had changed into a completely different person. It surprised Li Xuan.

He originally imagined that he would have to give these two geniuses from the Ultimate Family Clan another lesson or two to make them behave.

“Today, our target is the Demonized Generals of Tiger Cage Pass. By killing the most Demonized Generals, you can obtain a special pass that we have prepared. As Tiger Cage Pass is relatively dangerous, we will be acting in pairs so that you can also take care of each other. The two people in the same group can’t move separately.” Li Xuan paused before saying, “Gulli, you and Little Yanyan will be in the same team. Sadie, you and I are in the same team…”

“President, I wish to be in the same group as Zhou Wen,” Sadie suddenly said.

Li Xuan scratched his nose and said, “That’s fine. It’s ok if you want to follow Old Zhou. Xiangdong, follow me. Ruoxi, you and Gu Dian will be in the same team.”

After the allocation was done, everyone headed for Tiger Cage Pass. As Tiger Cage Pass was very large, they split up into teams to search for Demonized Generals.

Tiger Cage Pass didn’t have any secrets for Zhou Wen. All he did was come out to get some action. It could be considered as letting others know that he still cultivated.

“Zhou Wen, are you interested in competing?” Sadie suddenly asked Zhou Wen.

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