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«Let Me Game in Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 611 Competition for the Top Rank

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Chapter 611 Competition for the Top Rank

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Golden Overlord Sword: Mythical

Life Providence: Sword Sovereign of God

Life Soul: Golden Sword Aura

Wheel of Destiny: Benevolence of the Battle God

Strength: 80

Speed: 76

Constitution: 80

Essence Energy: 78

Talent Skill: Ever-Victorious, Unstoppable, Fangwheel Sword Flash, Battle God’s Radiance.

Companion Form: Golden Greatsword

Zhou Wen was delighted when he saw this. Not only was Unstoppable retained, but he had also gained Golden Battle God Halberd’s Battle God’s Radiance. It was an AOE skill, and it was pretty good.

Furthermore, its stats had increased significantly. It could be considered a top-notch Mythical Companion Beast.

Zhou Wen entered the game with the Golden Overlord Sword. Together with his divine skill, Transcendent Flying Immortal, killing dimensional creatures was simple. Even Mythical creatures couldn’t withstand its sharpness.

I’m better with swords at the end of the day. The Golden Battle God Halberd’s Golden Divine Light couldn’t be released, so it was quite flawed. Zhou Wen compared the Golden Battle God Halberd to the Golden Overlord Sword and immediately gave up on the Golden Battle God Halberd, letting it attack in its own form.

“Old Zhou, quick! Check out the livestream.” Zhou Wen was still immersed in the joy of the success of the Golden Overlord Sword’s fusion when Li Xuan suddenly sent a message.

“What livestream?” Zhou Wen replied.

“It’s the cube’s ranking. The second-ranked Death of the Underworld is challenging the number one Primordial Sword Immortal. Holy sh*t, Primordial Sword Immortal has accepted the challenge. Quick, take a look,” Li Xuan replied.

Zhou Wen hurriedly opened the webpage and immediately saw all kinds of headlines. They were all live-streaming the battle. He randomly clicked on one and the scene that popped up on his phone was that of the cube’s arena. Death of the Underworld and Primordial Sword Immortal floated on both sides of the arena.

The battle between the two Companion Beasts alarmed the entire world. It wasn’t just the Federation, but even overseas spectators were watching the battle closely.

Death of the Underworld was first on the rankings in the beginning but was relegated to second because of Primordial Sword Immortal. Ever since then, despite many Companion Beasts joining the rankings, none shook their rankings. From this, it could be seen that these two Companion Beasts were extremely terrifying by the cube’s standards.

Strange, how can Death of the Underworld be challenging Primordial Sword Immortal? Zhou Wen was puzzled.

An Sheng had told him that Death of the Underworld was likely a Companion Beast of a West District hero family. However, the tradition of the family was somewhat different from ordinary families. They didn’t have any last names. This was similar to Lance’s family from the North District. Neither family had a fixed last name.

Typically, people liked to use the Family Clan of Gods to address the West District’s family clan. As for Lance’s family clan, it was named the Ultimate Family Clan.

Death of the Underworld was one of the top Mythical Companion Beasts in the Family Clan of Gods. Across the six families, there weren’t many Mythical Companion Beasts of this level.

Zhou Wen originally believed that the Family Clan of Gods would definitely leave Death of the Underworld to the end before attempting to race to the top of the rankings. He never expected them to take action so quickly.

An Sheng had also once determined that the vile characters overseas couldn’t hold back and would end up probing Primordial Sword Immortal’s strength first. Clearly, his judgment was wrong.

It wasn’t just Zhou Wen and An Sheng who didn’t expect it. Even the other families of the six families didn’t think that the Family Clan of Gods would let the Death of the Underworld challenge Primordial Sword Immortal so early.

What are those fellows up to? Senator Cape watched the livestream and frowned.

Among the six families, the Dugu family dominated the South District. The Ultimate Family Clan resided in the North District, and the East District was controlled by the Xia family and the Zhang family. The West District was the Cape family and the Family Clan of Gods.

The relationship between the two was very complicated. Usually, the two families were in competition with each other in the West District. It could be said that they were at loggerheads with each other. However, when faced with external danger, the two families would work together to form an alliance.

Senator Cape also believed that the Family Clan of Gods would only get Death of the Underworld to challenge Primordial Sword Immortal in the last few days. He never expected them to take action so quickly.

In the arena, Primordial Sword Immortal launched an attack. A red sword beam shot out from the ruby on its hilt, instantly arriving in front of Death of the Underworld.

Death of the Underworld didn’t seem to react as it remained standing there. The red sword beam stabbed into its body.

When everyone saw the red sword beam stab into the gray cloak, they were surprised to discover that Death of the Underworld’s body was like a phantom. The red sword beam failed to injure it at all and directly penetrated its body.

The red sword beam seemed to be alive as it automatically flew back and shuttled back and forth from Death of the Underworld’s body, but it was useless.

Death of the Underworld’s body was like a specter. The red sword beam could not touch it.

Death of the Underworld’s body is about the same as my Ghost Bride. Zhou Wen immediately understood what was going on.

With the red sword beam useless, Death of the Underworld finally moved, its figure vanishing into thin air. It wasn’t because it was fast, but because it had undergone true teleportation. When Death of the Underworld appeared again, it had already arrived beside Primordial Sword Immortal. A ghostly hand formed from blue-black flames grabbed at the hilt of Primordial Sword Immortal’s sword. It was almost touching the hilt.

A sword hum shook the surroundings. Primordial Sword Immortal, which had never been unsheathed, finally tore out of the scabbard. The stone sword automatically flew out of the scabbard and slashed at Death of the Underworld’s palm with an immortal-like sword beam.

Death of the Underworld actually seemed to be afraid. It didn’t dare to receive the stone sword’s attack head-on like before. It flashed once again and dodged the terrifying sword beam.

The ancient sword levitated in the air as the sword beam swirled, sweeping towards Death of the Underworld that had appeared after its teleportation. Death of the Underworld teleported several times, but it was unable to shake off the sword beam.

Just as the sword beam was about to slash at Death of the Underworld, Death of the Underworld suddenly pulled open its gray cloak. The blue-black light in its body erupted and instantly enveloped the entire arena.

Instantly, the screen on the phone turned blue-black. It was as though countless stars were circulating between the blue and black colors, like the universe in the night sky.

Apart from that, there was nothing else.

Is this an Essence Energy Skill or a Wheel of Destiny’s power? Zhou Wen looked at the screen and frowned.

Others were as anxious as Zhou Wen. They didn’t know what had happened in the arena, so they could only stare blankly at the blue-black galaxy.

It only took a moment before the blue-black light in the arena suddenly converged. A sword beam tore through the air. It was the stone sword.

It’s finally out… Just as everyone was feeling pleasantly surprised, they realized that Death of the Underworld had already retreated from the battlefield. After the battle ended, Death of the Underworld’s ranking didn’t change. It was still ranked second—clearly, it had lost.

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