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«Let Me Game in Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 610 - Golden Overlord Sword

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Chapter 610 - Golden Overlord Sword

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A crisp sound came from the phone. Zhou Wen saw an item drop in-game and nearly jumped out of bed.

After returning yesterday, Zhou Wen had spent the entire night grinding dungeons. When he finally killed the Golden Battle God Halberd in the morning, a Companion Egg dropped for the third time.

Is the drop rate for the Golden Battle God Halberd that high? Zhou Wen looked at the three identical halberds with slightly different stats and skills. He felt a little depressed.

An additional Mythical Companion Beast was indeed able to greatly enhance Zhou Wen’s strength. However, when facing different situations, the same Companion Beast’s ability made for weaker adaptation.

When restrained, the same Companion Beasts would be restrained together. They would be limited and prevent him from adapting to the situation.

However, for fusion, there’s no suitable Companion Beast to fuse with the Golden Battle God Halberd. Zhou Wen matched his Companion Beasts with the Golden Battle God Halberd again.

In the final match, the compatibility between Overlord Sword and Golden Battle God Halberd was the highest, but it was only 41%. With less than 50% fusion compatibility, the chances of a fusion success were very low.

The only fusion plan with a high compatibility score was the Golden Battle God Halberd and the Golden Battle God Halberd. However, the most important function of the Golden Battle God Halberd was its Life Soul—Golden Divine Light—and Unstoppable.

With these two abilities, the Golden Battle God Halberd’s effects could already be considered to be at its peak. Even if he could enhance its attributes or have a few more skills after fusion, the main functions of the Golden Battle God Halberd wouldn’t have any qualitative improvement. It would be better to keep two Golden Battle God Halberds so that he could be stronger in battle.

I already have three Golden Battle God Halberds. I can take the gamble with one. With 41% compatibility, the chances of success can’t be considered very low. If the Golden Battle God Halberd can fuse with Overlord Sword’s abilities, the best outcome will be having two skills—Unstoppable and Ever-Victorious—at the same time. Then, releasing sword beams being augmented by these two skills, that would be really impressive. However, this is only the best outcome. Ignoring the possibility of fusion failure, even if the fusion succeeds, it might not turn out the way I wish. The skills may be retained, but the Life Providence and Life Soul can also be changed. It might not be able to retain its Mythical stage… After some consideration, Zhou Wen decided to give it a try.

Since Overlord Sword isn’t of much use anymore and I have three Golden Divine Battle Halberds, so be it if I lose one. Zhou Wen didn’t hold much hope as he placed the Golden Battle God Halberd and Overlord Sword together into the fusion column before clicking on fusion.

The two Companion Beasts emitted light at the same time before fusing into one, turning the entire screen into a snow-white glow. When the light gradually dissipated, a new Companion Beast appeared in front of Zhou Wen.

I succeeded… Zhou Wen was delighted as he sized up the Companion Beast.

As the two were already incubated Companion Beasts, the newly fused Companion Beast was affected by the two Companion Beasts, causing a change in appearance.

Zhou Wen’s first impression was that it was a tycoon with a shiny, golden blade. However, this blade was extremely odd. From its appearance, it looked like a greatsword.

However, two short blades protruded from the two sides of the greatsword’s hilt. They were like two side blades of the trident, making it look both like a greatsword or a mutated trident.

After pulling out the information on the new Companion Beast, Zhou Wen carefully looked at its stats.

Golden Overlord Sword: Mythical

Life Providence: Sword Sovereign of God

Life Soul: Golden Sword Aura

Wheel of Destiny: Benevolence of the Battle God

Strength: 79

Speed: 72

Constitution: 79

Essence Energy: 68

Talent Skill: Ever-Victorious, Fangwheel Sword Flash

Companion Form: Golden Greatsword

Zhou Wen frowned slightly. It looked like its stats weren’t bad and it seemed to have fused well in all aspects, but it lacked an important skill—Unstoppable—a skill that came with Golden Battle God Halberd.

Furthermore, he did not know if the Golden Sword Aura’s effect could be compared to the Golden Divine Light.

Zhou Wen took the golden greatsword to try it in-game and realized that the Golden Sword Aura could actually be shot out as a Fangwheel Sword Flash. Furthermore, its might wasn’t inferior to the Golden Divine Light.

It was just that it lacked Unstoppable skill. Its destructive power was slightly weaker, but with Ever-Victorious’s augmentation, it was not too much weaker.

Although the Golden Overlord Sword’s stats and skills were slightly inferior to the Golden Battle God Halberd, its Golden Sword Aura could be released. This was a qualitative leap, raising Zhou Wen’s combat ability. If he had to choose out of the two, Zhou Wen would still choose the Golden Overlord Sword.

Looking at the Golden Battle God Halberd Companion Egg that hadn’t hatched, Zhou Wen matched it with the Golden Overlord Sword and realized that the compatibility was higher than before. It was as high as 69%.

With the Golden Battle God Halberd Companion Egg as a supplementary ingredient, I can strengthen it without changing the Golden Overlord Sword’s foundation. However, I wonder how much it can increase. It would be great if I could fuse Unstoppable into it. Zhou Wen gritted his teeth and placed the Golden Battle God Halberd Companion Egg on it again. He decided to fuse it again.

Although the Golden Overlord Sword was already very powerful, Zhou Wen felt that something was missing without Unstoppable.

It had to be said that Zhou Wen had some perfectionist inclinations.

Seeing the light engulf the Golden Overlord Sword and Companion Egg, Zhou Wen couldn’t help but feel nervous. Although the success rate was close to 70%, Zhou Wen had previously failed at a higher success rate. Failure wasn’t impossible.

My heart is in a mess. I need to blank my mind… Just as the fusion began, his phone suddenly rang. It gave Zhou Wen a fright. He picked up his phone and saw that it was Wang Lu’s number.

“What are you doing? Why did you take so long to answer the call?” Wang Lu’s voice sounded from the phone.

“I’m gaming,” Zhou Wen answered. He turned his head and saw that the fusion had ended. The Golden Overlord Sword was still there and hadn’t disappeared.

“Can’t you have other activities other than gaming?” Wang Lu said unhappily.

“I don’t want to move,” Zhou Wen answered.

Wang Lu knew that Zhou Wen wasn’t a talkative person, but she still felt indignant. After calming herself down, she continued, “I’ve successfully advanced to the Epic stage. However, due to the problem of cultivating my Essence Energy Art, I’ve degenerated to the Mortal stage. I need time to recultivate again. I won’t be able to return to school anytime soon. When I wasn’t around, the antelope and Little Feifei must have suffered quite a lot. You must have forgotten to feed them. Do you now know that it’s impossible without me?”

“Not at all. When I wasn’t around, An Sheng would feed them. They had plenty of good food to eat,” Zhou Wen answered.

“Goodbye.” Wang Lu decisively hung up. She felt that if she continued chatting, she would be infuriated by Zhou Wen.

Why did you hang up on me? Zhou Wen put down his phone and looked at the post-fusion stats of the Golden Overlord Sword.

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