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«Let Me Game in Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1443: The Object in the Flower

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Chapter 1443: The Object in the Flower

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Translator: CKtalon

“Could this thing be a countdown? If this thing reaches zero, what will happen?” Li Xuan said as he looked at the eight-shaped crystal chandelier.

“Are there any records of these numbers in the myths and legends of Deucalion?” Liu Yun asked Su Yi.

Su Yi was also at a loss as she shook her head and said, “I’ve never heard of that.”

She felt convinced that the crystal chandelier was the legendary bones of Mother Earth, but she had never heard of all these variations. She vaguely felt that something was amiss.

“Regardless of whether the crystal chandelier is made of the bones of Mother Earth, we have to quickly figure out this place. The change in the crystal chandelier numbers gives me a bad feeling,” Zhou Wen said.

“Then let me give it a try. Perhaps that crystal chandelier is the key.” As Li Xuan spoke, he wanted to transform into his Terror form and rush towards the crystal chandelier.

“Now isn’t the time to risk your life.” Zhou Wen stopped Li Xuan and summoned a Golden Battle God.

Zhou Wen now had two Golden Battle Gods. He had given An Sheng five Golden Battle Gods that had dropped previously. These two had dropped recently. Furthermore, the types were the same as before. He hadn’t managed to collect all six different types of Golden Battle Gods.

“Eldest Senior Brother, is there anything you’s like to say?” Zhou Wen asked Liu Yun before ordering the Golden Battle God to fire.

“I’m out of solutions at the moment. We can only give it a try,” Liu Yun said through gritted teeth.

“Alright.” Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate any further as he ordered the Golden Battle Gods to fire. The target wasn’t the crystal chandelier, but the flower on the flower tree.

Explosive bullets struck the hanging flower. There was only a dull thud, like the sound of leather being penetrated, but there were no explosions.

The bullets seemed to vanish upon entering the flower. If not for the bullet holes on the petals, Zhou Wen would have wondered if he had scored a hit.

Terror-grade Explosive Bullets had a destructive power capable of blowing up a building. After a few consecutive shots, they failed to blast apart the flower that was as tall as a person. It was truly shocking.

The few of them stared nervously at the flower. Li Xuan shielded Su Yi behind him as Zhou Wen picked up Ya’er and summoned the Death Harbinger Crow.

Although this fellow’s level was very low, it might be useful.

Caw! Caw!

Death Harbinger Crow landed on Zhou Wen’s head the moment it appeared and let out an ear-piercing caw.

“Why did you summon this out? It’s so noisy,” Liu Yun jumped in fright and said unhappily.

Before Zhou Wen could explain, he heard a splattering sound from the flower. White smoke spewed out from the bullet holes as though water had boiled inside.

“Be careful of the gas. Don’t be poisoned,” Liu Yun said as he retreated. He even stuffed a few pills into his mouth.

Zhou Wen also summoned a few antidote pill essences and gave them to Li Xuan and Su Yi. Although they were only Epic pill essences, they might be of some use.

However, the white smoke wasn’t poisonous. Zhou Wen confirmed it by summoning a Companion Beast to probe.

As the white gas spewed out, the flower gradually withered like a deflated balloon.

However, the flower wasn’t empty. After the petals collapsed, they stuck to something. Soon, all the petals stuck to the object tightly.

If it looked like a hanging corpse before, it looked like a mummy now. The thing inside the petal was a shriveled humanoid.

“There’s really someone inside the flower. Could it be Pandora?” Li Xuan said.

“Even if it’s really Pandora, there can only be one. There must be more than ten flowers in this garden. What a coincidence. A random shot and we hit Pandora?” Liu Yun clearly didn’t agree with Li Xuan’s guess.


Amidst their conversation, the flower’s stalk snapped. The object that was wrapped in petals like a mummy fell and landed in the garden.

What was even more terrifying was that the thing was really like a mummy. It twisted its body and tottered as it walked towards them.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Golden Battle Gods fired again. No explosions ensued after the bullets penetrated the petals and shot into its body. It was still that dull sound of defeat.

The Golden Battle Gods’ bullets failed to stop it. The thing withstood the Explosive Bullets and staggered out of the flower bed, walking towards the Golden Battle Gods.

Li Xuan and Liu Yun were secretly alarmed. They had seen the power of the Golden Battle God many times. Although it wasn’t top-notch at the Terror grade, the destructive power of the Explosive Bullets was definitely the cream of the crop.

That thing could withstand the Explosive Bullets as though nothing had happened. Its strength was at least at the top Terror grade.

The few of them subconsciously retreated because they didn’t know what kind of power that thing possessed. No one dared to take the risk.

Realizing that the Golden Battle Gods were basically useless, Zhou Wen decided to turn the Golden Battle God into a revolver and let it land in his hand.

Bang! Zhou Wen held the golden revolver and shot at it.

Zhou Wen’s shot was augmented with his Essence Energy, so the bullet’s strength increased significantly. When it struck the thing, it immediately retreated a few steps.

But that was all. After the bullet lost its forward momentum, the mummy walked towards Zhou Wen again.

“Watch me.” Li Xuan saw that the thing was only walking forward without retaliating. He summoned an Ice Silkworm.

The Ice Silkworm produced two pairs of transparent wings and flapped them to fly above the thing. It opened its mouth and spat out a ball of icy gas that enveloped the thing.

Li Xuan wanted to use the Ice Silkworm’s freezing power to freeze it. Even if he failed, he could slow it down.

However, the scene he imagined didn’t happen. The thing actually walked out of the ice fog. Although there was frost on the petals, it failed to be frozen.

Liu Yun also secretly released a few poison needles that silently pierced through the petals, but they still failed to affect its actions.

“What the hell is that? Could it really be an immortal body?” Liu Yun’s expression changed when he saw that the poison needles were useless. He retreated even faster.

The three of them used many methods to attack the thing, but they didn’t have much of an effect. It was as though it really had an immortal body.

“Junior Brother, you are the strongest here. I’ll leave this thing to you. I’ll come up with something.” Liu Yun retreated quickly.

However, Zhou Wen had no intention of retreating. He stood there and sized up the thing in puzzlement…

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