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«Let Me Game in Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1442: Su Yi’s Guess

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Chapter 1442: Su Yi’s Guess

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Translator: CKtalon

“9!” Li Xuan protected Su Yi as he muttered in puzzlement.

After the crystal chandelier transformed, it turned into the shape of a number 9, still hanging under the dome.

“It might also be 6,” Liu Yun said.

Zhou Wen didn’t care if it was 9 or 6. He looked around and didn’t discover the door he had come from. He attempted to teleport out, but realized that the space in the temple was isolated. Unless he found the door that he had entered, it was impossible for him to leave.

However, there was only one garden in the palace. There was no path that led elsewhere.

“Eldest Senior Brother, where’s Pandora?” Zhou Wen asked Liu Yun.

Liu Yun scratched his head and said gloomily, “Jing Daoxian only said that Pandora is in the temple, but he didn’t say exactly where. I’m not too sure either.”

As he spoke, Liu Yun’s gaze landed on the hanging flowers. “Do you think it’s possible that Pandora is inside those flowers? Those flowers aren’t small, and their shapes are human-like. It shouldn’t be a problem to hide a person inside, right?”

“I’ve only heard of Pandora being made of mud by the gods, but I’ve never heard of her being born from flowers,” Li Xuan said.

“It’s best not to touch those flowers.” Zhou Wen had already scanned the flowers with Truth Listener, but he couldn’t see the situation inside. Furthermore, the hanging flowers gave him a sense of danger.

“Why did you bring me in?” Su Yi couldn’t help but ask.

“Miss Su, Zhou Wen and I definitely don’t have any ill intentions towards you. As for whether he has any ill intentions towards you, we don’t know,” Li Xuan said as he glanced at Liu Yun.

“What are you talking about? Am I the kind of person who will hurt women?” Liu Yun shouted unhappily.

“Yes,” Zhou Wen and Li Xuan answered simultaneously with great certainty.

Liu Yun said angrily, “You can’t blame me for this. After all, we are fellow disciples in the same school, right? Zhou Wen, the two of us were taught by the same teacher. I’m your eldest senior brother after all. Why are you always glaring at me? It’s only right for me to shake you off, right?”

“I’m used to it. There are benefits following you,” Zhou Wen said calmly.

Liu Yun nearly blew a gasket when he heard Zhou Wen’s answer. He said hatefully, “You were the one who insisted on coming. Don’t blame anyone if anything happens. As for Miss Su, I really don’t have any ill intentions towards you. Only you can open this door. Only you can enter. After we obtain the item, I’ll have to trouble you to take us out. Don’t worry. Even if I kill those two fellows, I won’t let you suffer any harm. Instead, it’s those two shameless fellows whom you have to be careful about. Don’t be foolishly exploited by them.”

“Miss Su, the two of us don’t have any ill intentions towards you. We were afraid that you would be harmed by him, so we followed you in,” Li Xuan hurriedly said.

“What do you mean by afraid of being harmed by me? If you really want to be a goody two shoes, shouldn’t you have stopped me outside…”

“Alright, cut it out. Let’s figure out the situation.” Zhou Wen interrupted their argument.

Zhou Wen had carefully scanned the area in the garden. There was no door and no way out, only the flower bed and crystal chandelier.

“Do any of you know the origins of these flower trees and the crystal chandelier? Or are they related to myths?” Zhou Wen asked as he sized up the flower trees.

There were only a limited number of objects in the garden. Whether it was to find the way out or to find Pandora and the magic box, he had to start with them.

Liu Yun scratched his head and said, “Before I came, I did a lot of research on Pandora. The gods did reward her with many things, but nothing seemed related to flowers, nor were there any legends about a crystal chandelier.”

Li Xuan also said, “I only know that there’s another name for Pandora. It means the woman who offers a gift. I’m wondering if there’s any connection with flowers since part of her name in Chinese means flowers. Could it be that Pandora is actually one of those flowers and the magic box is inside a flower?”

“Cut it out. That’s transliterated! It has nothing to do with flowers,” Liu Yun said with a pout.

Just as the two of them were about to fight again, Su Yi suddenly said, “Do you know who Pandora’s daughter is?”

The few of them were taken aback as they looked at Su Yi.

Su Yi was indeed a little afraid in the beginning, but now, she didn’t seem to be that afraid. She was holding her phone and filming from every angle in the garden. At this moment, she didn’t forget her job. Her professionalism was perfect.

“I don’t know.” Seeing Su Yi look over, the few of them shook their heads.

They were here to find Pandora. Who cared who her daughter was? They had never cared.

Su Yi smiled and said, “According to what I know, Pandora’s daughter is named Pyrrha. She later married Deucalion.”

The few of them were at a loss. These names were unfamiliar—names that they had never heard of before. They didn’t know what Su Yi’s sudden mention of this had to do with their current situation.

Su Yi felt pleased seeing their blank expressions. She smiled and said, “You might not have heard of these two names, but you should have heard of Noah’s Ark, right?”

“I’ve heard of this before. It’s the person who survived the flood, right? However, Noah should be a legend of another pantheon, right? What has he got to do with Pandora?” Liu Yun said.

Su Yi said, “Myths of a Great Flood appear in many pantheons. Pyrrha and Deucalion are Noah in Pandora’s pantheon. After Pandora opened the magic box, humans suffered all sorts of disasters. The final flood nearly drowned the entire world. Only Pyrrha and Deucalion created the ark and avoided the disaster of the flood. In order to revive humanity, Pyrrha and Deucalion had to find the bones of Mother Earth. And in the end, they realized that the so-called bones of Mother Earth are actually a type of crystal.”

Upon hearing that, Zhou Wen and company couldn’t help but cast their gazes at the crystal chandelier hanging above them.

The crystal chandelier was made of crystals. Furthermore, Zhou Wen had already discovered that the crystal chandelier was actually a living creature. Therefore, the crystal chandelier was likely the bones of Mother Earth which Su Yi had mentioned.

Su Yi continued, “After Deucalion threw out the Mother Earth bone, it transformed into a man, and the Mother Earth bone that Pyyrha threw out became a woman. These people became the ancestors of the ancient Greeks.”


A loud boom sounded as Su Yi spoke. The crystal chandelier above their heads changed again, its form rapidly changing.

Zhou Wen and company clearly saw that it was in the shape of the number “8.” This way, they could confirm that the previous shape was 9, not 6.

Zhou Wen’s expression was somewhat odd. According to what he knew, anything related to a flood wasn’t simple…

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