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«Let Me Game in Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1178: Saw Punishment

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Chapter 1178: Saw Punishment

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An Tianzuo and company turned around and followed An Sheng’s gaze. Indeed, they saw Zhou Wen walking out of the desert with Ya’er in his arms.

Beside him was the grinning, cheeky Li Xuan. On the other side was a white antelope and a flying golden eagle.

He made it! An Sheng secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Zhou Wen quickly walked over. Although he and An Tianzuo thought little of each other, they shared the same stand when it came to saving Ouyang Lan.

“Why did you bring Ya’er here? Don’t you know how dangerous this place is?” An Tianzuo frowned when he saw Zhou Wen carrying Ya’er over.

“She’s the safest with me,” Zhou Wen answered.

Their gazes met in the air. An Sheng had an illusion that there were sparks flashing where their gazes met.

“If anything happens to Ya’er, I won’t let you off easily. Let’s go,” An Tianzuo said coldly before turning around and walking towards Netherworld City.

Everyone followed An Tianzuo through the gates of Netherworld City. An Sheng stayed behind him and waved at Zhou Wen, gesturing for him to follow quickly.

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan exchanged looks before walking towards Netherworld City.

Although Zhou Wen had already been to Netherworld City once and had cleared it countless times in-game, he was still somewhat nervous when he came here again.

City Lord Netherworld, who could toy with the dead, left a very deep impression on him. Even though he already had the power of a Terror-grade, he still found City Lord Netherworld extremely terrifying when he thought about it.

At the instant he entered the gates of Netherworld City, his body seemed to traverse spacetime. When he finished taking the step, he was already standing on the long street of Netherworld City.

An Tianzuo and company were nearby. The antelope and Chick were also standing on a stone slab. Everyone had a number on the stone slab beneath their feet.

As no one had moved, all the numbers were at 365. Even the antelope and Chick were no exception.

Due to the taboo power of Netherworld City, no one could use Companion Beasts. They could only rely on their own Essence Energy Arts and Essence Energy Skills.

If there were Guardians, they could also use the powers of Guardians. This had been confirmed through previous testing.

Most of the officers under An Tianzuo had advanced to the Mythical stage by using the Mythical Serum. Only two officers had contracted Guardians and were wearing Guardian armor. One of them was An Jingyu.

“Ah Sheng,” An Tianzuo sized up the torture chamber beside him and said to An Sheng.

“Got it,” An Sheng answered as a strange glow suffused his body. A halo spread out from beneath his feet, forming an area with a radius of about two meters around him.

An Tianzuo and company walked towards the halo which An Sheng had formed. When they were outside the halo, the number beneath their feet would change with every stone slab they walked on. However, when they entered An Sheng’s halo, the number beneath their feet no longer changed.

Zhou Wen looked at An Sheng in surprise. This ability was clearly similar to his Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder. It was an ability that could restrain taboo powers.

However, An Sheng’s ability was regional. It was likely some kind of halo.

Seeing the surprise on Zhou Wen’s face, An Sheng said with a smile, “This is my Wheel of Destiny ability. It can temporarily block the taboo powers of Netherworld City. Young Master Wen, come over as well.”

Zhou Wen held Ya’er’s hand and walked over with Li Xuan and company. Chick and the antelope also entered the halo.

Within An Sheng’s halo, not only did the number under their feet not change, but it also didn’t trigger the ghosts of torture in Netherworld City. As long as they were inside the halo, they could walk around freely.

Everyone arrived in front of the first torture chamber. The torture chamber wasn’t open yet. An Sheng looked at An Tianzuo before looking at Zhou Wen. “Time is limited. It’s impossible for us to attempt two punishments. Who will bear the punishment here?”

“Of course it’s me,” Lu Bushun said as he wobbled his fat body forward.

“Let me do it,” Li Xuan said.

“Commander Lu’s body has infinite regeneration. Let him do it,” An Tianzuo said.

“It’s better to let Li Xuan do it. The power of these torture chambers is very special. Just a regeneration ability alone might not result in reaching the end.” Zhou Wen had suffered quite a number of punishments himself, so he naturally knew how formidable they were. It wasn’t just about a self-healing ability. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have specially sought out Li Xuan.

“Young Master Wen, I know you are an extraordinary person. My strength can’t compare with yours, but in terms of self-healing, I’m afraid no one will dare claim first place if I, Fatty Lu, claim second,” Lu Bushun said with narrowed eyes.

“In that case, let’s split up,” Zhou Wen said as he looked at An Tianzuo.

An Sheng said, “Jingyu can only use Time Acceleration on one person. I’m afraid he won’t be able to divert his attention.”

“Just do your job. Don’t worry about us. We don’t need Time Acceleration,” Zhou Wen said after some thought.

“If you don’t use Time Acceleration, I’m afraid you won’t make it in time, right? Although there’s supposedly twenty-four hours, the torture chamber only opens once every hour. In fact, there are only twelve hours. There’s not enough time to withstand 239 punishments in twelve hours,” An Sheng said.

“I have my ways.” Zhou Wen didn’t explain further.

“Let him be,” An Tianzuo said indifferently.

When the time came, the torture chambers opened. Li Xuan and Lu Bushun walked towards the first torture chamber at the same time. The torture chamber stated ‘Saw Punishment.’

“You first.” Li Xuan and Lu Bushun arrived at the door. Seeing that Lu Bushun had no intention of giving way, Li Xuan made way.

Lu Bushun didn’t stand on ceremony as he entered the torture chamber. There was a steel saw with a wooden head in the torture chamber. The moment he entered, his body was chained to a log. When the saw landed, it began to slice his body into two.

Lu Bushun’s expression remained unchanged. The saw pulled back and forth, sawing open his stomach and revealing snow-white fat. However, after the sawing, his flesh automatically healed at an unbelievable speed.

The saw moved back and forth from his body. It should have sliced his body into two, but after the saw finished one cycle, his body completely healed without any injuries.

What an amazing self-healing ability! Even Zhou Wen was surprised by Lu Bushun’s self-healing ability.

After Lu Bushun came out, he gave Li Xuan a provocative look.

Li Xuan was amused as he gave Lu Bushun a friendly greeting. “Your self-healing ability is pretty good.”

“It’s alright.” Upon hearing Li Xuan, Lu Bushun stopped provoking him.

“There’s not much time. Continue.” An Tianzuo didn’t wish to waste a second as he urged Lu Bushun to continue heading to the next torture chamber.

Li Xuan walked into the saw torture chamber and with a flash, he was tied to a log. The steel saw also landed.

Others only saw the steel saw fly into the air, but Zhou Wen could tell that there was a white-robed ghost holding a saw on both sides of the steel saw. It directed the steel saw towards Li Xuan’s body.

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