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Chapter 891: Molested

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This snake’s face remained calm and expressionless as he unleashed that horrifying strength on him, as though he wasn’t the one maniacally tightening his tail.

His strength was like a sand stream, holding one in a deathlike grip and making its victim unable to budge an inch. The more one struggled, the greater that strength rebounded.

Only at the sight of Winston did Mitchell realize that this snake beastman was also here to seek the antidote from him.

There were no animal stripes on his face. Just like Muir, his powers were that of a beastman above with four stripes.

“Even if you obtain the antidote, you won’t be able to rescue the female baby!”

Mitchell spat out these words with the last of his breath, a calm expression on his face, and not even putting up a struggle. The only telltale sign of his dreadful situation was his increasingly terrible countenance.

The snake’s tail stopped tightening. That snake beastman with the head of striking red hair gently pursed his lips and spat out words that seemed to carry a chilly air, causing the heated stone castle’s temperature to drop several degrees.


With that, Curtis retracted his tail and tossed the scorpion king away.

Mitchell was slammed heavily against the stone wall, then heavily against the slab stone, making him spit out a mouthful of blue blood.

Mitchell wiped away the traces of blood at the corners of his mouth. Glancing sideways and seeing the duo standing up, he waved his hands.

The scorpion beastmen in the house retreated at once.

Mitchell calmly walked to his throne and sat down. However, the instant he sat down, his expression contorted for a fleeting moment.

He curled his lips, revealing a smile that reeked of insolence.

“The female baby is very lightly poisoned. If you were to save her using my highly concentrated antidote, you will definitely kill her.”

Ssss~ Curtis flicked out his tongue, exuding an even colder aura now.

Winston grabbed his wrist and stood out.

“We don’t wish to take your life. We only want the antidote.”

“I promised another admirer of Bai Qingqing that I would give you people the antidote as quickly as possible. Go back and wait.”

“Time,” said Curtis, a beastman of few words.

Mitchell gazed at the box containing the antidote and, after falling silent for a moment, said, “I can’t guarantee this. I have to slowly control the concentration of the antidote. It can’t be rushed.”

As a fellow venomous beastman, Curtis had a good understanding of the venom’s instability. Many factors would affect their control of the venom; it was indeed something that couldn’t be said with certainty.

If they pushed this scorpion beastman too hard, it would definitely affect his control of the concentration of the antidote.

“Get it done before the full moon. Or else, I will personally come and collect it.” Curtis tossed him this final statement, before turning around and slithering out.

Winston nodded at the scorpion king, then left as well.

Mitchell instantly leaped up, as though there were springs installed on his butt. Holding his butt, he continuously gasped in pain.

Damn it! Why were Bai Qingqing’s spouses all so perversely formidable?

At the thought of that sickly-looking leopard, however, Mitchell felt slightly heartened.

But if he were to find out the age of the “sickly-looking” leopard, this emotion would likely dissipate into thin air.


Bai Qingqing waved a hand in front of him. “Earth to you!”

Mitchell snapped out of his trance and grabbed her hand.

As he caressed it, Mitchell said in a natural, melodious voice, “So soft, so warm, so smooth, so petite…”

The repeated use of the word “so” made goosebumps stand up all over Bai Qingqing’s body. She quickly retracted her hand.

Mitchell naturally couldn’t bear to part with that touch, so the duo started a round of tug-of-war.

Mitchell’s hand, which was like a large pincer, made Bai Qingqing feel a sense of pain from the tug-of-war. Despite crumpling up her petite face, she refused to give up.

The black crystal at Mitchell’s chest suddenly sparkled, making him momentarily dazed. Only then did Bai Qingqing manage to extract her hand from the scorpion’s claws and fell sitting on the floor.

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