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«Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 2236 Emperor Bai Makes his Move

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Chapter 2236 Emperor Bai Makes his Move

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“Again? It’s only been half a year!”Jian Wushuang was the first to receive the news, and at the same time he knew where the Black Water Dragon was.

A vast Star Map appeared in front of Jian Wushuang.

“Divine Blade City, here,” Jian Wushuang looked at one of the cities in the Star Map. “It’s within Emperor Bai’s domain, and he’s not too far from it as well, he’ll only need to jump through two wormholes to reach it within half an hour.”

“Half an hour…”

Half an hour was extremely long for a slaughter.

But the Black Water Dragon would definitely need some time to devour all the cultivators within the Divine Blade City.

“He should be able to make it,” Jian Wushuang clenched his fists and headed for Divine Blade City.

He was too far from the Divine Blade City, even if he rushed through wormholes he would need to change constantly, and that would take some time.

He could only depend on Emperor Bai.

Emperor Bai naturally rushed over to Divine Blade City as soon as he could.

The enormous Divine Blade City was completely covered in ice and frost as the aura of coldness rolled over the city.

Countless cultivators could sense the danger, and started running for their lives, but they were no means faster than that cold breeze.

In the end, all the cultivators froze like sculptures.

The hidden Almighty had no way to resist it either.

The Black Water Dragon opened its mouth once again, But there was no more coldness, only a terrifying swallowing power.

The swallowing power sucked in countless numbers of frozen cultivators.

Bizarrely, the buildings and trees in the city were unmoved.

The Black Water Dragon obviously only wanted cultivators.

More than half of the cultivators had already been eaten up within a moment of time, yet it continued to devour.

But at that moment:


Within a hidden space in Divine Blade City, a bright light lit up, and a figure stepped out of the wormhole, immediately appearing at the Void above the city.

As he looked around, Emperor Bai only saw the frozen city, and that Black Water Dragon devouring the human cultivators in a frenzy. A great murderous intent rose from Emperor Bai.

“Beast!” Emperor Bai roared and immediately appeared in front of the Black Water Dragon.

The Black Water Dragon could sense something, and its cold eyes flashed across. It shook its giant head around, replacing the terrifying swallowing power with the previous aura of coldness.

The devastating aura of coldness could freeze even an ordinary Great Emperor.

Even Second Stage Great Emperors could do nothing but protect themselves from such coldness.

But, the Black Water Dragon was now facing Emperor Bai!

Emperor Bai was recognised as the strongest within the Eternal Chaotic World. Even though Jian Wushuang’s powers may have exceeded Emperor Bai’s after his opportunity, but he had not displayed them in front of others, therefore maintaining Emperor Bai’s position as the ultimate alpha.

“Hngh!” A simple sneer roared across the heavens like thunder.

Boundless golden Divine Power rolled over the lands and formed a giant golden Divine Power Sea.

The golden Divine Power Sea was in full swing, destroying the Black Water Dragon’s aura of coldness upon contact.

Emperor Bai was situated at the core of the golden Divine Power Sea. With a clench of his right fist, boundless golden Divine Power was concentrated in his hand.


A brutal punch was let out.

The Black Water Dragon did not know how terrifying Emperor Bai was. At that moment, it opened its mouth and revealed its sharp fangs. It had intended to bite and crush Emperor Bai to death.


A loud bang, then a crackling sound, as if something sharp had burst.

Emperor Bai’s fist full of Divine Power had struck one of the Black Water Dragon’s fangs. That terrifying power immediately broke its fang, leading to a painful howl on the Black Water Dragon’s side, blood gushing out of its wound.

The Black Water Dragon’s body was also blasted far away. After it had recomposed itself, its eerie eyes exposed a trace of fear.

It was apparent that it had truly learnt how horrifying the human cultivator in front of it was.


Without hesitation, the Black Water Dragon turned into a dark flowing light and frantically attempted to escape.

“Escape? Not on my watch!”

“How could it be that easy?” Emperor Bai said coldly.

At that moment, Divine Power rushed out of Emperor Bai’s body, expanding the already vast golden Divine Power Sea, encompassing the Black Water Dragon as well. From the Sea, golden hands rushed out and grabbed the Black Water Dragon from all sides.

Some of it caught the Black Water Dragon’s tail, some caught its body, some caught its four claws…

The golden hands pounced on the Black Water Dragon, giving it no chance to escape.

“Hou! Hou!” The Black Water Dragon let out a frenzied howl, filled with anger, but also with fear.

Evidently, the Black Water Dragon sensed a life-and-death crisis, and frantically roared for help.

Sure enough, after it roared…

At a plain not far from the Divine Blade City, the eerie man in black armour, who had been sitting down, opened his eyes suddenly.

“Crap!” The eerie man immediately got up and rushed for the Divine Blade City in front of him.

Previously, the eerie man had walked the plain at a pathetic speed, but now he was zooming.

In the Divine Blade City.

Emperor Bai’s murderous intent was strong. Under the boundless golden Divine Power Sea, the Black Water Dragon had nowhere to escape. Emperor Bai struck it again and again, forcing the Black Water Dragon to use its own body to block the attacks.

Though the dragon’s body was tough, it was not at its peak. Emperor Bai’s attacks were strong and merciless, leaving the Black Water Dragon severely damaged and scarred.

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