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«Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 1862: Suppress!

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Chapter 1862: Suppress!

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Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

“How is it possible?”

“Abysmal Palace has a stronger foundation than Lineage of Star and we Sir Gods never once possess Chaotic Divine Treasure. What did Lineage of Star do to deserve this? Their two Sir Gods have Chaotic Divine Treasures?”

The experts from Abysmal Palace couldn’t help but exclaim.

One should know that Chaotic Divine Treasure was extremely rare in Eternal Chaotic World. If an ordinary Emperor God didn’t have any background or opportunity, he wouldn’t get Chaotic Divine Treasure, let alone a Sir God.

In Eternal Chaotic World, Sir Gods who had Chaotic Divine Treasures could be counted on one’s fingers. Either these people were lucky or they had powerful background.

However, the two Sir Gods from Lineage of Star had Chaotic Divine Treasures.

Since when did Lineage of Star become so wealthy?”

With the addition of Chaotic Divine Treasures, Hall Master Gu Xin and Hall Master Nie Yin who were originally powerful, especially Hall Master Gu Xin. who was a Peak Sir God. When they attacked with thirty bronze-armored Dao soldiers, they could suppress the fifteen Sir Gods from Abysmal Palace.

“Haha, this feels great!”

“Continue, let’s continue!”

Hall Master Nie Yun was extremely excited. He carried a grey rod and the grey rod gave out an ancient yet vast aura. Because of the grey rod, his overall power increased by one notch. Even if he were to fight with an Emperor God Sir God, he wouldn’t be fearful.

From the bottom of their hearts, Hall Master Nie Yun was grateful for Jian Wushuang.

After all, the grey rod in his hand and the Chaotic Divine Treasure that Hall Master Gu Xin was using were both from Jian Wushuang.

Jian Wushuang had obtained many Chaotic Divine Treasures from the ancient battlefield. He told Hall Master Yuan to rope in some experts with the Chaotic Divine Treasures. Hall Master Gu Xin and Hall Master Nie Yun were his people, Jian Wushuang, of course, wouldn’t be stingy, but gave them the most suitable Chaotic Divine Treasures.

In the fight, the two of them gave play to their full fighting power.

In the three battlefields, Lineage of Star had the upper hand in two. The other one was in a stalemate.

Overall, Lineage of Star already had the absolute upper hand.

Just then…


A head flew off directly when the eyes in the head were wide in disbelief.

The scene struck fear into many experts from Abysmal Palace.

“Sir God You Xin!”


“Be careful!”

The experts from Abysmal Palace were terrified and furious.

“Gu Xin, well done!” Hall Master Nie Yun was filled with excitement.

The fight had been going on for quite a while and finally, there was an expert who died. The person was from Abysmal Palace.

At first, Abysmal Palace had had the lower hand. Then, there was a Sir God from their side who had been killed. Hence, they were in an even worse situation.

But as the first expert died, the second and the third were definitely not far away.

The massacre continued.

After Sir God You Xin was killed by Hall Master Gu Xin, the second Sir God was killed very soon. He was killed by Hall Master Nie Yun and two bronze-armored Dao soldiers.

Then, there was the third one.

The remaining experts from Abysmal Palace couldn’t stay calm anymore.

Everyone looked at Palace Master Wu Luo, expecting to see Palace Master Wu Luo to turn the table around.

However, when they saw Palace Master Wu Luo’s situation, the experts from Abysmal Palace were dumbfounded.

Palace Master Wu Luo had already lost his aloof carriage and appearance of a sect master. On the contrary, his body was unusually in a fix and his face was pale. Although he wielded the two hammers with his all, he was suppressed by the besiegement of four Hong Jun Golden Sword.

“How could it be?”

The experts from Abysmal Palace found it unbelievable.

One should know that Palace Master Wu Luo’s position in Abysmal Palace was only second to Abysmal Saint Master.

He was an absolute super expert on the twenty-fifth place on Heaven and Earth Supreme ranking list.

However, such a super expert was completely suppressed when he fought head-on with Jian Wushuang.

“D*mn it!”

Palace Master Wu Luo already noticed the surrounding battlefields. He saw that three Sir Gods from Abysmal Palace had died one after another. His face grew grave and he felt aggrieved.

He felt really aggrieved. He was a Peak Emperor God but he was suppressed by Jian Wushuang. If it were to spread, it would become a joke.

“Dan Tu, Luo Xian, the two of you hurry up and rush over to the other battlefield,” Palace Master roared.

Emperor God Dan Tu and Emperor God Luo Xian were looked cold. They wanted to shake off the silver-armored Dao soldiers long ago.

However, even though the two silver-armored Dao soldiers weren’t powerful, they kept pestering them and didn’t give them any chance to be free from them. Most importantly, the two silver-armored Dao soldiers were two obstacles that wouldn’t break nor shatter. They couldn’t do anything about the Dao soldiers.

The two of them felt helpless when they heard Palace Master Wu Luo.

“Palace Master Wu Luo.”

Jian Wushuang smirked coldly and looked at Palace Master Wu Luo, “At this moment, you still have the gall to bother with the others. You’d better plan for yourself.”

Jian Wushuang said and there was suddenly a billowing divine power that swept out.

Not only divine power but also ferocious bloodline power. They concentrated to a brand new level.

Jian Wushuang stared at Palace Master Wu Luo as his gaze turned cold.

“Moon Picking Skill!”


Divine power and bloodline power exploded entirely.

At the same time, the boundless spacetime power swept out too.

The strongest secret skill of Ancient God, Moon Picking Skill, relied on Spacetime power as well.

The higher his comprehension of Spacetime Doctrine, the fiercer the secret skill when he performed it. Then, Jian Wushuang was performing the secret skill with his all…

The void suddenly shook vigorously.

Palace Master Wu Luo was originally in a fix because of the pressure from Hong Jun Golden Sword. Then, he suddenly felt the surrounding universe and the spacetime pressing down at him in madness.

The pressure shook heaven and earth. In an instant, his movements were severely hindered.

“Ancient God’s Moon Picking Skill?”

Palace Master’s eyes dilated and he recognized the skill. He immediately harrumphed coldly and a huge spacetime whirlpool swept out.

The spacetime whirlpool swallowed everything in the surrounding and wanted to swallow the entire spacetime and the entire universe.

With such devouring power, it reduced the effect of the surrounding universe and spacetime towards him but his speed was still diminishing drastically.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The four golden lights burst out one after another.

Palace Master Wu Luo blocked with his all. However, he only managed to block three of them under the pressure of the universe and spacetime.

The remaining one hit his body without any hindrance.

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